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This engaged the whole class, regardless of their previous comfort level with mathematics. Graphing was also helpful for students to visualize what things really 'meant' in terms of the numbers they were studying.


Solving word problems as a class in a hands-on fashion forced all students to communicate with one another about mathematics. This increased student comfort levels and generated a collective interest in the mathematical solving process.

Students were given stories that illustrated mathematical concepts to read and asked to tell their own 'stories' to show they could understand mathematical concepts in a qualitative fashion. They were often asked to interpret graphs using verbal descriptions.

One of the most popular activities was the use of online research. Students were asked to research concepts on the web, such as examples of fractions, proportional rectangles, or the use of certain calculation techniques, and report back on their independent research the next day. This also fulfilled the need to encourage students to communicate about mathematics on a personal level.


Students were encouraged to see how

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