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I will use AIDSCAP Nepal as my organization. AIDSCAP has a mission to reduce the incidence of AIDS/HIV among Nepalese sex workers. The organization is not competitive in nature -- it is not a corporate but a not-for-profit entity. It is funded by USAID, so there might be some element of competition for funding that demand it show results for its efforts, but ultimately there is not much competitive posture for AIDSCAP at all.

Strategic thinking is essential to successful performance of any organization (Goldman, 2007), so the leaders of the organization must set a strategy that takes into account the external and internal environments. This is the case even when the organization is not engaged in active competitive, something that AIDSCAP as a not-for-profit entity does not engage in.

An adaptive strategy is defined as one that deals with the environment and its challenges by expanding the scope of the organization, reducing the scope of the organization or maintaining the scope. Martin (2014) argues that an adaptive strategy is essentially a cop-out, that there has always been complexity in the external environment. But for AIDSCAP, one of the major threats that it faces is a loss of funding, and in that USAID will set its budgets annually, so the program must justify its existence every year in order to maintain that funding. This does inherently require an adaptive strategy, every year. For example, if AIDSCAP is able to succeed in its mission with sex workers, then it can expand its scope to include all Nepalese, thereby taking its operations to eliminate HIV / AIDS in Nepal altogether, or at least bring it under control.

The organization is not looking to expand its scope outside of Nepal -- it is not seeking a market entry strategy as AIDSCAP continues to be concerned with its existing work in central Nepal. In terms of...


Service delivery is a key aspect of what AIDSCAP does. How it approaches the delivery of its service is one of the key factors that affects the effectiveness of the service. Waits (2000) argues that service delivery can be a moving target, but by using clusters it is easier to understand the target market. For AIDSCAP, this approach will be valuable when it needs to move beyond the sex workers and start targeting AIDS prevention for those who are not prostitutes or johns. By clustering the potential victims of AIDS/HIV, the organization can put itself into a better position to understand the drivers of risk-seeking behavior and therefore develop better strategies to either eliminate those behaviors or mitigate the damage thereof.

Student #2. The strategic thinking map illustrates the different types of strategic thinking that are available to the organization. One of the most important aspects of this for managers is that they need to understand which types of strategic thinking are most valuable for them at the given point in time. For example, AIDSCAP in Nepal does not need to think about competitive strategies, because it is not competing against anybody. It should consider, however, implementation strategies.

It needs to set unit action plans. Action plans are defined as "project plans designed specifically to deliver an objective" (Poister, no date). AIDSCAP has a clear objective, which is to reduce the incidence of HIV / AIDS in Nepal. The organization has begun its efforts by focusing on the most at-risk group, the migrant sex…

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