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The lack of cultural sensitivity and focus led to EuroDisney only attaining 5% of their anticipated volume on opening day. If all of these problems with the marketing of the concept to the government, selection of leaders, definition of concessions and rides weren't enough, the pricing was outside the range of what many French families could afford. In the first years of its existence, Disney partnered with high-end rail service Eurostar to get families from England, which had a strong conversion rate with the British Pound, to visit. This further angered the French, and also made Disney appear elitist, which is a big problem in France, which prizes its egalitarianism. It has since cost Disney well over $1B to manage their way out of this problem (Curwen, 1995). Microsoft Windows Vista

Introduced in January, 2007, Windows Vista is easily the worst operating system produced in the last ten years. It is an amalgamation of features, many of which were incomplete at the time this operating system shipped, yet were included anyway to make this product appear more fully featured. The lack of product focus has led to this operating system being recalled by many Fortune 500 companies including Dell, a major Microsoft OEM. The quality problems became so bad that corporations began...


First, the company made massive commitments about performance and usability, only to find its EOMs and enterprise accounts request downgrades. Second, it was supposed to use performance-based memory management, yet reverted back to hybrid memory use, which causes system crashes (Weiss, 2006). Third, the usability and navigation are counterintuitive and very difficult to master. All of these factors, and the lack of recognition of them by Microsoft, led to a near-revolt against this operating system in companies who were also in the software industry (Weiss, 2006). Technology executives who had been die-hard fans to the Microsoft brand were advising their friends to by Apple products as a result. Microsoft took a serious hit to their credibility with the mismanagement of Windows Vista.

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