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4. Number of vendors

The article editing operations would be offered by the same vendor offering the research operations.

4.5. Timeline for the contracting process

In a context in which the magazine is published once a month, the editing of the articles would be expected to be completed within a week, normally the third week of the month, after the two weeks of research are completed.

5. Photography Operations

5.1. Preliminary performance targets

The foreign contractor in charge of photography operations is to ensure that the following performance targets are met:

The photographs are clear and reveal the touristy destination

The photographs are relevant to the article presented

The luminosity of the photographs is adequate

The interference of the photographer is minimal. It is as such accepted that the photographer addressed luminosity or clarity issues, but he cannot insert new elements in a picture.

5.2. The type of contract

For purposes of efficiency, the photography operations would be conducted simultaneously with the processes of research. Some of the costs incurred by the photography operations are predictable -- such as costs with the usage of the camera -- but most of them are not predictable and depend on the costs incurred by the photographer, such as trips to the respective travel destinations. This means that the basis of the photography operations would be set against cost reimbursable contracts.

5.3. Vendor evaluation criteria

The criteria based on which the photography services vendor would be selected refer to the following:

Cost efficiencies offered by the vendor

The vendor's previous expertise with photography for travel promotion purposes

The vendor's previous expertise with contracting services

The high quality of the photographs and the commitment of the vendor to maintaining and even enhancing the quality

5.4. Number of vendors

The photography operations would be offered by the same vendor who offers the research and article editing services. In the situation in which this vendor is not specialized in photography, a compromise solution would be sought.

5.5. Timeline for the contracting process

As it has been previously mentioned, the vendor would take the photographs during the two weeks of the research operations. Throughout the third week of the month, the photographer would arrange and edit the pictures and would prepare them for insertion in the articles and for publishing.

6. Website Creation Operations

6.1. Preliminary performance targets

The performance targets initially identified include:

The website represents the operations of the company as these are indented

The website represents an effective means of communication between the company and its customers / prospective customers

The website promotes the company's products and services

The interface is user friendly, the functionalities of the websites are complex

The website is both appealing as well as it is informative

6.2. The type of contract

The creation of the website commences at clearly established demand and offer specifications. The travel company states what they want the website to include, how it should look, what functionalities it should have and so on. The it company presents the conditions of realizing the customers' demand and a price is set. This particular contract would be constructed on fixed costs.

6.3. Vendor evaluation criteria

The foreign company creating the website has to meet the following requirements:

Offer the company a significant cost efficiency

Possess extensive expertise with website development

Possess expertise with outsourcing contracts

Be high capable from a technologic standpoint

Be responsible and trustworthy

Be committed to the high quality of the services offered and determined to enhancing them

6.4. Number of vendors

The website creation services would be offered by a second vendor, specialized in this particular type of products and services.

6.5. Timeline for the contracting process

The creation of a website is a complex endeavor and the estimation of a timeline for the process is a difficult task and depends on numerous variables. Assuming however a medium complexity of the website, a team of two technicians working on the website and the acceptance of the fact that bugs would occur and that ongoing improvement and maintenance would follow, it is estimated for the first version of the website to be running within two weeks.

7. Website Maintenance Operations

7.1. Preliminary performance targets

The website maintenance operations are initially expected to comply with the following requirements:

The website is continually updated to include new promotions

The website is continually improved in order to present the users with more functions

The technicians maintain communications with the users in order to identify their concerns, complaints and suggestions

New technologies are integrated within the website.

7.2. The type of contract

The maintenance operations represent a paradox within the combined business and information technology community as they are both continuous as well as sporadic. Continuous maintenance operations refer to small improvements in the website, such as the identification and resolution of a functionality or interface bug. Sporadic maintenance occurs when significant improvements or changes are generated upon the website. Both the ongoing and the sporadic maintenance operations are generally unforeseeable. This means that their costs cannot be estimated before hand. Given this context, it becomes more relevant and adequate to implement a reimbursable cost contract.

7.3. Vendor evaluation criteria

The foreign entrepreneur offering the website maintenance services will have to comply with the same requirements previously stated for the vendor who will offer the website creation services. In addition to these however, he will also have to remain constantly alert to changes impacting the it community and the organization in order to integrate these emergent features within the website.

7.4. Number of vendors

The maintenance of the website would be ensured by the same vendor which is creating the website as this vendor is best familiarized with the website and the company. The introduction of another vendor for maintenance would increase the complexities of the process and would generate additional costs. Overall then, in a context in which this vendor offers website creation and website maintenance services, and the first one offers research article editing and photography services, the American organization would sign contracts with two individual purveyors. Within the overall contract, stipulations would be included to clarify the specific means of payment for the individual operations offered.

7.5. Timeline for the contracting process

The website maintenance operations are ongoing processes. They occur whenever a new need is identified -- such as a new functionality requirement from the customers -- or when new opportunities arise -- such as the development of a new technology. The creation for a website maintenance timeline…

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