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Bangkok, the capital of the country, can present the visitor with an out of body experience, with a focus on religion, history and a larger-than-life temple.

In contrast with Thailand, Brazil is just a few hours' flight away, and in the same time zone as the East Coast of the U.S. In Brazil, one could visit any of the three large cities: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo or Brasilia, the capital. Rio the Janeiro is the must-see, tourist attraction, a vibrant city both during Carnivale and out of season, with fantastic temperature year-round. Sao Paolo, however, offers a big city, New York-esque experience, for those who want to enjoy culture and food. These few destinations, counted here and divided into categories, present any couple with a fun, exciting itinerary that can be relaxing, fast paced, or culturally resplendent.

Last to be included here is a list of hotels where one can stay and enjoy these wonderful cities and countries.

France: Hotel le Bellechasse (Paris), or Hotel Francois 1er (Paris), both very evocative of French Style in the City of Lights and both very romantic.

Ireland: Hampton Hotel (Dublin), for a very clean yet comfortable look.

Turkey: A'jia Hotel (Istanbul), or for more space the Deris Bosphorus...



I have included in my letter to you an excerpt from my travel-based blog. This blog offers monthly updates, complete with detailed descriptions, advice, and pictures, as well as answers to various questions about destinations featured. The blog is unique in that it provides subscribers with customized itineraries, such as the couples-focused one presented above.

Furthermore, the blog also offers real-time answers to questions about various travel related issues, as I take this blog very seriously, for I love travel. Thus, I believe that my blog could offer the beginnings of a specialized travel itinerary for interested customers, and therefore should be featured in your magazine.

Another unique feature about the constant communication with the clients is that it provides the blogger with constant feedback, especially when it comes to the advice provided, such as the list of hotels, above. Because of constant feedback, the blog can include tidbits not featured on other websites about these hotels, such as how the amenities were, and what customers felt when they stayed there (whether relaxed, anxious, etc.).

Lastly, I believe that in addition to these tidbits, from my blog, being invaluable for your customers, they could create partnerships with the hotels and attractions mentioned within, thereby bringing in revenue for your company, as well as the blog, and could even offer discounts and other offers to the readers and clients for these amenities.

I hope my letter will be considered.

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