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Nursing Ethics

My Nursing Ethic

PASSION: Why am I here?

I am here to learn and become a better person through the service and love of others. I am here because I need to earn money to stay alive and nursing provides that type of material sustenance. I am passionate about many things, and I like to accomplish goals that are challenging and transformative in nature. There are many aspects to nursing and nursing school that provide the necessary components to the things that can make me a better person, in mind body and soul.

I am also here because I love to serve others to satisfy my own personal needs. I feel better about myself when I am helping others. This may seem selfish in some ways, but those that need my help will surely welcome it if they are willing. I am passionate about making this world a better place while I am living in it...


Mostly what moves me to act is a natural impulse to live and breathe and experience life as it comes to me in many different fashions and colors. Nursing is merely a pathway of experience. Doing my best and providing my own personal creative insight to the art and science of nursing is essentially what motivates me to act and provides the necessary motivation to continue my studies and journey on in my pathway to redemption and transformation.

INSPIRATION: What keeps me in motion?

The things that inspire me are very difficult to describe in words. In many ways I do not even care to understand how and why my inspiration affects me in the way that it does. For me, my emotions, keep me in motion. I feel that is the necessary function of the emotive behaviors that arise out of me from time to time. Emotion, for me, is energy in motion. Inspiration and emotions have a unique and special relationship to one another for me as I take what I learn and use it to the best of my abilities.

My true inspiration comes from my mother who loved me very much as a child and taught me it was better to give then to receive. A special prayer by St. Francis of…

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My personal background is one of Christian faith where I strongly believe that my salvation and destiny is determined through the understanding of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This philosophic stance is common in my area where I grew up and my family traditions are strongly rooted in this religious stance. My morals, ethics and spiritual values all arise out of this Christian ideal where love, forgiveness and service are emphasized as important factors in life and death.

While there are many problems with organized religion, I have found that a simple Christian attitude based on loving principles are the best means of achieving peace of mind through the exploration of personal ethics and morals. Used as a practical tool, Christianity can serve many in the medical profession when applied in the correct frame of reference.

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