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¶ … nursing organizational chart obtained was from this website,

UNM has a Nursing Division meant to solve and identify the most significant questions concerning human health within the community, through care, service, scholarship, and education. The hospital itself has various sections dedicated to services like Nursing Education, Children's Psychiatry, Progressive Care Units, and Surgical Services. It is a hospital part of a university and serves to teach students as well as serve the community. The organizational chart from the hospital reveals various departments dedicated to research and nursing education. It also has departments for patient care.

Organizations set up structure within their facilities in specific ways to achieve various objectives, and the structure of an organization assist in or delay its progress toward achieving these objectives. Organizations big and small can accomplish higher sales as well as other kinds of profit by correctly matching their requirements with the structure they utilize to function. There are three central kinds of organizational structure: divisional, functional, and matrix structure. The hospital at UNM has a divisional structure that can also be labeled hierarchical.

This is because it has a


Hospitals in general favor this kind of organizational structure. This is due to the fact people can easily be recognized based on this structure. It also allows for faster communication between each section of the organizational structure.

A characteristic organizational structure of a hospital is as earlier mentioned, a combination of divisional structure and hierarchical, since chains of command exist and where some levels situate under another level, nonetheless employees are placed in divisions or departments tasked with their own schedules and job duties. At the top of such a structure are the administrators, next are the information services, including therapeutic services, existing at the same level. Diagnostic services remain alongside such divisions, beside the support services. It is almost like a pyramid.

Patient-centered care requires precise action and effective communication. The organizational structure set up within a hospital does just that.

Further, this approach to care recognizes that the perspectives and information provided by families, children, and young adults are essential components of high-quality clinical decision-making, and that patients and family are integral partners with the health care team. This policy statement outlines the core principles of patient- and family-centered care, summarizes some of the recent literature linking patient- and family-centered care to improved health outcomes, and lists various other benefits to be expected when engaging in patient- and family-centered pediatric practice. ('Patient- and Family-Centered Care and the Pediatrician's Role', 2012, p. 394).

Effective decision making lies at the heart of patient-centered care. One cannot do that if they remain unsure of their tasks and responsibilities.

Information systems help maintain an organizational structure like that seen in a hospital because it makes transactions and record keeping easier. People assigned tasks to obtain patient information and relay…

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