Nursing Research Implementation Need For Research Paper


In some cases there are administrative issues that are insurmountable and stand on the way of implementation of major researches in the nursing quarters (WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, 2006).

In some cases there are problems with the research itself and the suggested innovations. This can be in the form of inability to replicate the research findings, the methodologies used could be inadequate, availing results that are grossly conflicting and lack of justification of the results.

In other cases, the findings could be shelved due to the lack of proper communication to the targeted nurses or institutions. The communication could be too complicated and hence blurring the readability and clarity of the intention of the research.

Measures that have been taken to facilitate nursing research utilization

The measures that have been taken to ensure that the final outcome of the research is implementable and is implemented starts from the research planning, to the research process itself, dissemination of the research findings, procedures and the research institutions themselves.

There have been consistent emphasis on the following of the framework that have been set up for the nursing researches, getting technical assistance if need be before commencement of a research and involving the relevant bodies concerned in the health department. This will ensure that the researcher is equipped with the most essential skills and requirements so that he is able to commence on the correct premises and avoid running into legal, logical, ethical or content drawbacks that may eventually render the research outcome irrelevant or inapplicable.

In the process of conducting the research, there is need to ensure that the research proposals are of high quality, the relevant support from the institutions throughout the process is maintained, there is a timely research doing to avoid irrelevancies or being outdated, encouraged use of easily understandable research methods and designs and the presentation of the findings and recommendations have been all emphasized.

At the organization and departmental levels, there have been encouraged the research culture with some hospitals and health...


There are several funds and funding bodies that are dedicated to financing and assisting in logistics and advice and training for those willing to get into researches pertaining to the nursing discipline which is a boost to the research field (Pimjai Sudsawad, 2007).

The idea of research work and research finding application in the nursing profession has long been a concern across the board therefore the effective application of the findings entirely depends upon the commitment of the institutions, researchers and the individual nurses in a collective manner and cannot be achieved individually.

For any research to make sense and be beneficial to any individual then there must be clear understanding of the findings and a commitment and willingness to implement by the managers and the people responsible for the various positions in the nursing profession.

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