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Drug Testing Policy at Northern Lights Nursing School Because student nurses should be fully engaged with their academic and clinical preparations for employment the healthcare field, their sobriety should be assured and their cognitive abilities should not be impaired even to the smallest degree. The American Nurses Association estimates "…that six to eight percent of nurses use alcohol or drugs to an extent that is sufficient to impair professional performance" (NCSBN). Therefore, prior to admission to this institution, all prospective students are required to undergo a drug screening test. Moreover, students are required to pay for their drug screening and must have conducted this school-approved screening at least three weeks prior to admission to the nursing program.

The Drug Testing Policy at Northern Lights Nursing School

The personal and the psychological integrity of every student in this institution is important. Substance abuse is a known disease, and those...


Should a prospective student be identified -- through the thorough screening program the School utilizes -- as having used an illegal substance that individual will be denied admission to the nursing program.
As to correct behavior once a student is enrolled in Northern Lights Nursing School, any unlawful possession, distribution, or improper use of illegal substances while a student at this school will be grounds for termination. Prior to termination a hearing will be conducted with the dean of students, two faculty members, and an on-campus security officer, allowing the student to fully explain how and why the infraction occurred. In some circumstances a student may be given a second chance and put on probation, and that student will agree to submit to…

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