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A person's health is an ever-changing state of being resulting from the interaction with the environment. Optimum health is the actualization of both innate and obtained human potential gained through rewarding relationships with others, obtaining goals and maintaining expert personal care. Adaptations can be made as required to maintain stability and structural integrity. A person's state of health can vary from wellness to illness, disease, or dysfunction. Professional nursing is founded on the need to promote wellness practices, the attentive treatment of persons who are acutely or chronically ill or dying, and restorative care of patients during convalescence and rehabilitation. It also includes the education and measurement of those who perform or are learning to perform nursing responsibilities, the support and communication of research to enhance knowledge and practice, and the management of nursing in healthcare delivery systems. Nursing practice centers on the application of a body of knowledge in order to maintain, restore, or enhance the interactions between people and their environment. Overall, therefore, Fitzpatrick notes that transition is one of the most important issues of nursing theory. It comes from and is related to the basic metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health and nursing (Davidson, 2002).

Further, a fundamental part of nursing is concerned with concepts, categories, and classification systems. Under her theory, healthcare research moves from total reliance on mortality and clinical episodes to the use of patient-centered measures...


Studies include questionnaires or interviews on health and well-being and interventions from the patient's perspective. In a systematic review of these measures, Fitzpatrick and colleagues identify seven types: 1) disease specific; 2) site or region specific; 3) dimension specific; 4) generic; 5) summary items; 6) utility and 7) individualized. This body of knowledge is continuously developed and refined as an outcome of scientific, historical, philosophical, and ethical inquiry and clinical evaluation. Nursing knowledge is generated about health through behaviors of persons across their lifespan. Clinical evaluation furthers nursing knowledge through the testing and validation of interventions that are used in nursing practice, education, and administration. Nursing shares, with other health professions, a commitment to the patient's well-being and a professional code of ethics. Most recently, nurses have refined their principles to empathize an increasing commitment to human rights and patient protection that fits into the paradigm of ongoing assessment, database management and technological advancement (Davidson, 2002).

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