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That discrepancy is the one between Suffolk and Nassau. if, as it was previously speculated, it were to be stated that the larger the population the more likely it would be that the murder rate would be higher, then Suffolk would have a slightly higher number and rate of murders than Nassau, and that is not the case. Table a.1 shows that Suffolk with a higher population base than Nassau by over 100,000 individuals has almost a fifty percent lower murder rate per thousand than does Nassau.

Other factors therefore must be taken into account than just the number of citizens a certain county contains. These factors might include such things as geographic area, inviting the question of how large are these counties geographically, and how do they compare in size to each other.

If Kings and Suffolk counties are relatively close in size and Kings contains over 1mm additional people, then one might be able to say that the living conditions of Kings county were much more crowded. The living conditions of Nassau county may be much less crowded geographically, and that could be a determinant in the discrepancy in murder rates. Additionally, the county of Suffolk may be much larger
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in geographic area than is Nassau, and therefore the citizens there do not feel an overwhelming claustrophobia and are much calmer and easygoing than the people in Nassau.

Again, however, determining whether people live in a much calmer environment than do their neighbors in an adjacent or nearby county is an idea of pure speculation at this point and it becomes a very difficult matter to discern without completing additional studies and research.

The figures contained herein are great for a base discussion on murder rates per 100,000 people in the four most populous counties in New York, but it does not lead to any succinct or complete answers to any of the obvious questions that can be asked.

What these particular numbers show are that as a general statement it is much safer to live in or travel through Queens, Nassau and Suffolk combined than it is to live in Kings County. Any other statement besides that is a statement that cannot be substantiated with this study or the numbers contained therein.

It is concluded that providing these numbers are a good beginning, but not necessarily a complete report on the murder rates per…

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