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As if to say scientific achievement and technological advancement work together with agriculture and mining to produce. Each complements and supports the other with Integrity watching over all. There was a speech given by Ayn Rand about the New York Stock Exchange about money from Atlas Shrugged?

The interpretation was if you think money is the "root of all evil," think again. Why would someone make such a statement. Why not say "what is the root of money" instead. Money is nothing of itself, it is a tool used by men in exchange for goods and services. Money cannot exists without man. It is the principles of man that determine how money is traded. They give money power or value based on the decisions they apply to the tool. He further states that "Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears, or of the looters, who take it from you by force. Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil"…(Rand: Durante, 2011).

Man's wealth is produced by how they apply their minds to industry, this is how money is produced. When a person invents something of value and others are willing to purchase it, this is industry. What is evil about the application of mental effort. Is this wrong when others chose not to apply themselves and remain ignorant or unproductive. Should the ambitious be punished for their ambition and the lazy rewarded (Johnson, 2010). In the final analysis Rand states the purpose of capitalism best stating that "Money is made - before it can be looted or mooched - made by the effort of every honest man, each to the extent of his ability" (Rand: Durante, 2011).

Understanding how ancient Roman contributed to the American legal system and government. Roman civilization had spread throughout Asia Minor, Israel, Egypt and Northern Africa, Europe and the western Rhine River to the Danube and Romania (Rome and Roman Empire, 2011). The lands were conquered primarily through military invasion of other lands. The Romans would adopt certain parts of the cultures such as language, local lore such as mythology and various established cultural traditions. Among them fine art, architecture and religion. There are many ties from Rome to the Western culture such as the legal system, and the Latin language for example (Rome and Roman Empire, 2011).

Our Republican form of government is based on the Roman legal system. This contribution bases government on a Senate and many agencies along with officials that oversee the rulings. Rulings or laws concerning collecting taxes, judging the people, organization of the religious culture, foreign trade policy, and spending government monies. Most often those allowed to sit in these positions consisted of the wealthiest landowners and members of royal families (NYSE Euronet, 2011). This is often true in Western Society. Consider the Rockefellers', the Bells', Fords', Vanderbilt's', and the Kennedy's for example. The various assemblies were designed to represent the people in disputes concerning government and building societies. Only men who were citizens could vote and were often controlled by the ruling class of patriarchs. There were limits set on the number of years a person could be in office, after which time...


Similarly membership in the NYSE required purchasing a seat often affordable only to the wealthiest citizens. Only recently in 2006 did the organization become public and invited all citizens to invest in the member companies.


The sculptural art pediment of the NYSE is a clear representation of Roman government having an affect on the establishment of early American financial structure. Looking back and understanding the early beginnings of how the NYSE came to be helps to create a vision of the NYSE as a landmark that showed how others viewed America. It showcased to the world how capitalism was the American Way. Demonstrating that nearly anyone could come here and find their fortune. If willing to work hard to maintain their integrity and commitment they could become pillars of the nation's foundation. Those interested in becoming the top leaders in the fields of science, industry, inventions, transportation, and how to obtain the capital to succeed realize that the NYSE is a field of dreams. Being around so many wealthy corporations and people who were poised to capture or distribute their holdings to anyone with a profitable idea was beyond tempting. So they came, immigrating to America, many with their life's savings from every nation to earn their fortunes.

The early 19th century was a tremendous time of growth and prosperity for America. The industrial revolution had placed the United States in the forefront of the entire world as the wealthiest nation. This generated tremendous opportunities to make their mark in history in just about any field related to building the country. The NYSE was the symbol of the times. Showing the power and ability to back up substantial investments in the infrastructure of the U.S. By building the NYSE. This demonstrated to all nations that New York was the financial capital of the entire world. Every nation was eager to invest in America, realizing that fortunes could be made daily through trading and investing in its development. All eyes were on America and there was no other nation quite like her. People were coming to America by the millions to try their fortune in business and finance. The NYSE building represented America at the height of its civilization, much like old Rome. The world watched as America became the most powerful country in the world.

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