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Through simple observation, it could be concluded that morale in Operator Services is higher as a result of the motivational seminars.


Although the new employees are receiving adequate preparation for work in the department, the existing employees are not receiving the same high quality of training. This may influence the fact that even though customer retention has somewhat improved, customers are still choosing to change phone companies. Another weakness of current operations is that no measures have been put in place to assess the progress being made with regards to the changes implemented by Ms. Smith.

Proposed Changes propose to make three major changes that I believe will significantly improve the productivity, morale and competitiveness of Operator Services:

It will become mandatory for all employees, both new and old, to complete the training modules designed by Ms. Smith. This will instill consistent skill-sets within each employee and will provide all staff with awareness of the high level of customer service expected on each and every contact with clients. In order to facilitate this change, I will request the hiring of a Learning Services Manager that will focus solely on the training of employees.

The productivity and skill levels of each employee will be assessed on a regular basis through testing procedures, including listening to their contacts with clients.

In order to improve client relations, I will develop a survey to be administered to existing customers that examines their experiences with Operator Services and how we could improve in order to serve them better. I think this will ultimately result in the further retention of customers and ultimately a growth in our client base.


Operator Services at ConnecTel has great potential, and is already on its way to successfully improving its operations. I am excited by the prospect of leading a team that will demonstrate marked improvements in client satisfaction not only for the department itself, but for all of ConnecTel. I think my education and experience have appropriately prepared me for the role of Operator Services Manager. Thank you for considering me for this position, and I look forward to hearing from you with regards to…

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