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opportunities, including education, employment, and entrepreneurship that immigrants have in America.

America provides opportunities for all races:

America guarantees that one will not be discriminated on the basis on of his race,

National origin, gender, age etc.

All citizens in America have the right to an equal education, which includes a bilingual education.

Teaching immigrants the English language on an academic level allows them to communicate on a level equivalent to other professionals in the work place.

Immigrants who learn the English Language on a communicable level gives him or her the same equal legal rights as natural born Americans, for example-no hidden surprises in legal contracts.


Foundations help immigrants start up their own businesses in America.

Immigrants, upon receiving citizenship, have the same rights to own businesses in America as Native Americans.

Immigrants of other countries are allowed to contribute their uniqueness to this country when they open businesses that are an extension of their own identities.

Many immigrants find hotel chains and restaurants as a stepping-stone to business ownership in America.

111. Are immigrant's rights in jeopardy in America?

Since the September 11th attack, the U.S. government has been reconsidering the rights of the immigrants in America.

Many immigrants in this country are good citizens whom have never caused trouble.

Do immigrants have more rights then U.S. citizens in America?

Many immigrants are saying they are or have been discriminated against at one time or another.

Rights are not automatic, sometimes both U.S. citizens and immigrants must fight for equal rights.

The American Dream.

America is the number one country because of its equality for all citizens.

Taking away the rights of immigrants is violating the constitutional rights.

America cannot take away the rights for immigrants and not the natives.



Many people from all nations come to or eagerly wait for the cherished opportunity to come to and live in America. America provides unique opportunities for ambitious individuals, regardless of national origin, who are thriving to succeed in his or her chosen profession. Although other cultures are very hardworking and have the physical stamina that never fails to amaze any native American, those coming to achieve the American dream is not for the emotionally weak or fainthearted. The American economy provides the opportunity, but just as native-born citizens, they must work hard for it; and sometimes it takes persistence, dedication and many disappointments. Those who do reside in America have opportunities they will never find anywhere else. The purpose of this report is to research the many different opportunities, including education, employment, and entrepreneurship that immigrants have in America.

The Constitutional Rights:

The fourteenth amendment guarantees every U.S. citizen or naturalized U.S. citizen will not be discriminated or denied opportunities based on their race. Everyone will be granted the same privileges in the United States that are granted to white Americans. 1) The objective of these laws was made to protect minorities as well as people above forty, women and pregnant and married women. The United States congress have determined that individuals who have these characteristics are the most susceptible to discrimination and need special laws to protect their natural rights.

1) Many people believe that only minorities are discriminated against, but this is not necessarily true.

Even with the guarantee of rights for all citizens in this country, many minorities were still not getting equaled privileges due to their lack of ability to communicate. 2) All of the education, experience and sharpest knowledge have limited potential if communication is a barrier.

Communication is mandatory if official business agreements and contracts are to be truly fair on both sides. If immigrants come to America and are not fluent in the English language, then many opportunities are automatically denied to them. 3) Many immigrants will opt to turn away from investments, major purchases, franchises and many other privileges this country has to offer them because it is less frustrating to accept a lower quality of life then to attempt to communicate with highly educated citizens on a professional level. In these particular cases, immigrants are not deliberately denied equal rights, but they are missing out on equal opportunities and privileges they were promised on receiving their citizenship. Only recently has it been recognized as an indirect violation of their constitutional rights. To solve this problem, many bilingual programs are now being offered to immigrants who do not know how to speak English. Many of these programs are free, available to adults and children.

Many times a requirement for citizenship in America is the ability to communicate in English on an academic and professional level. "America is very strict in having as a condition of citizenship the ability to communicate in English. Americans don't think that insults anyone, only enriches them" (Kelley, 2002).

America is the only country that does not require at least one other language upon completion of their basic education programs. Many of the bilingual programs that are offered specialize in allowing the students to preserve their own native language while learning the English language.

2) More often then not, it is ones demeanor, not abilities that determines wages, equality, and fairness. 3) If an immigrant wishes to participate in any activity, business or recreational, it is a right to have the conditions explained to them they understand it, but many times, people will give non-verbal signals they do not want to be bothered. The immigrant has a right to stay there and demand it be explained to him in a way he understands.

Taking the precautions to allow immigrants to preserve their native language is essential to keeping their true identity.

Although immigrant's equal rights are not deliberately denied due to the lack of ability to communicate on an equal level, the attack on the self-esteem and the rejection that is felt has the same emotional impact as one feels if he or she is deliberately denied equal rights.


Once immigrants become fluent in the English language, they have many more opportunities opened to them. Just as they have many programs offering English as a second language, there are programs that help immigrants learn to establish their own successful business. In this essay, we will focus on one; 'The Berkely Foundation' Many business and community development leaders started this business in 1999. Their objective is to help new immigrants that have a lack of economic services, but with ambitious dreams.

The foundation helped many of these immigrants who have the training for higher skilled professions, but found themselves working as housemaids or janitors. In their original country, they were able to get the education required for white-collar professions, but for one reason or another, unable to translate their skills over in America. Lack of communication, lack of persistence, or uncomfortable feelings of mingling with other Americans can be a few of many reasons for this.

In order to help the immigrants utilize their skills, the foundation provides training that includes financial literacy, marketing and technology. The course lasts for about three years. To qualify for this program, the immigrants must have lived in the United States for at least five years and must be willing to make a long-term commitment.

We want people who are committed to building their life in this country, it's important they have roots here already says the company director" (Sarker, 2002).

Upon citizenship in America, immigrants have the right to own and operate their own businesses, and this includes women. In some other countries women do not have any individual status; her status depends on her husband. In America, everyone is encouraged to acquire his or her own identity. 4) If a woman gets married, she has the freedom to choose another direction that is not relevant to the profession of her husband. Although most immigrants feel they must get married (by personal choice), in America, a woman can still achieve the same status as a man.

Throughout American history, this country has benefited tremendously from the extraordinary contributions made by the ingenuity, work ethic and profound sense of patriotism of legal immigrants" (Frost, 1999). 5) Immigrants, regardless of gender, are allowed and encouraged to contribute their own uniqueness from their culture to this country. Only in America can a variety of services and products be available from all nations. Manicure and pedicure shops, Vietnamese, Chinese and Middle Eastern restaurants, oriental shops that sell home decorations, dishes and clothing stores that sell clothes, hair ornaments and shoes are a unique derivative of other cultures. The immigrants who open up businesses that are an extension of their own identity bring other cultures to us. These businesses have an increased chance of being successful in larger, metropolitan areas.

4) Many nations feel that a woman who is single has an immoral character. Also I feel there is a lot of jealousy in older married women. Women will get married to conform to the rules of…

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