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David Karp Analysis of Strengths

Words: 2107 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16855976

In many ways, the story of David Karp resembles that of any eccentric tech entrepreneur. He wears plaid shirts, eschews mainstream brands, and lives in a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Karp was obsessed with coding when he was a kid, dropped out of school to start his own business, leveraged his social relationships, and is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. David Karp’s success can be attributed to his visionary obsession, his social networking skills, and his willingness to change.
The story of David Karp’s success is replete with ups and downs, and even a few crashes, but surprisingly few burns. Every challenge that Karp has faced has been a challenge he has met with aplomb. Karp does not operate the way typical managers do, but few of the world’s great business leaders or entrepreneurs do play by the books. Like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, David…… [Read More]

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