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Employees handle a large amount of private documentation and must uphold the law of confidentiality legally and ethically.

Despite the stress on confidentiality of client information, communication flow is still important to the organization's ability to get work done. / Thus confidentiality in the service of customers, not in the service of secrecy is the organizational mantra. Additionally, communication is not simply fostered in the organizational culture's common professional dress. Because communication skills are so integral to the organization's work, when dealing with other nations over the phone, creating better communication styles in its employees' dealings with one another has become an integral part of the organization's standard operating procedures and mission statement. There are regular updates regarding company policy for employees and weekly staff meetings to foster a healthy and open communication flow between staff and management. No one need ever feel out of the loop. The organizational flow thus is kept timely through the frequency of Internet and intranet communication, yet the organization never loses touch with the 'face-to-face' relationships within the office. Conflicts are taken care of through face-to-face facilitation as well, in a timely and personal manner.

The organization's mission statement is that it is always, "improving
...The company offers tuition assistance and covers medical expenses and travel expenses, such as the bill for parking fees, monthly trail pass, or transportation tokens. Thus care and solicitude for employees is demonstrated in concrete, physical terms. This shows a respect for the employee's personal health and intelligence. The company does not merely say it respects education. It fosters education across the world and in its worker's daily lives. The company does not merely say improved health care is important; it makes sure that all of its workers have adequate access to healthcare. When workers feel respected within the context of an organization's culture, and know that they are enjoying some of the same benefits as the customer of the organization, they are more apt to go 'the extra mile' when things become especially hectic in the office. Year-end bonuses and rewards to especially dedicated employees are always forthcoming.

Perhaps the only 'downside' to such a diverse, professional, and cohesive organizational culture devoted to service, healthcare, and cultural exchange is that there are few colorful stories to tell about managerial or employee incompetence. Rather, the common 'buzz' in the office is always positive, about how well the company treats its staff.

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