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Organizational Behavior

The author of this report has been asked to offer a brief research report relating to behavior in organizations. The proposed question is a two-parter. The first question asks the author whether an individual's behavior truly affects the behavior of others within the organization. The second question asks the author whether the organization itself is the impetus for a person's behavior changing. Just based on personal perception and opinion, the author of this report generally thinks that this is not an "either/or" question. Rather, it is more likely a question of what ends up happening in a given instance and that the final answer could be either (or even both) of the concepts listed above. While organizational culture and presence can influence behavior, the individuals of an organization can themselves affect others in their own ways.


Rather than rely on anecdotal evidence and personal arguments, the author of this report is going to answer the questions above through a scholarly literature review. When it comes to individuals affecting others, this is one of the major reasons why performance management is used and employed. While whether the person gets their job done is certainly relevant, it is also important to key in on how the...


For example, if a man in an office environment is prone to be loud when they speak and slam things around (even in a mild fashion) like doors and objects, the perceptions that will be levied against that employee will not be kind and the influences that will be brought to bear from that employee to others will be less than positive. As such, it would be predictable (even expected) that the employer would notice what is going on and correct the behavior. This whole paradigm takes on a whole new light when talking about public sector employees. Indeed, that sector is much more about serving the public and tends to be more thankless than other occupations. As such, performance and attitude management of individual employees (as well as the larger whole). A point is made by many that a strong organizational culture is necessary to keep employee behaving as they should just in case they are prone to wander from a motivational or behavioral standpoint (Campbell, 2015).

When it comes to the paradigm that connects individual employee behavior and the control or influence exerted by the organization, one major question comes to the mind of at least some researchers. The question posed is whether customer stewardship and agency control are competing factors or if they complement one another. The pertinent question involved with one study was…

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