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Organizational Behavior

One of the most immediate changes that happened in my college just recently is the introduction of online library services that allows me to access important resources I need for my studies more easily anywhere I go. Similarly, technological change has brought about significant changes that made my tasks at the firm more manageable and faster, allowing me to perform optimally. Evidently, environmental forces greatly influence changes among organizations more than internal forces that act within them.

Organization interventions are activities initiated by the manager to induce planned change in developing problem-solving techniques and strategies for efficiency of tasks in handling change in an organization. In this context, it is evident that change is the key to the implementation and success of intervention, mainly because change is the inevitable result of intervention.

The concept of total quality management (TQM) is possible to be implemented without initial diagnosis of identifying whether the intervention is appropriate because TQM precisely seeks to discover the effectiveness of change through continuous improvement, and continuous improvement does not necessarily entail continuous diagnoses as well to determine its effectiveness. Ultimately, the clients/customers determine whether a product or service
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of the organization is efficient and of good quality or not.

4. Using more than one form of intervention in OD programs is necessary in order to identify whether the intervention is effective in eliciting change within the organization, making reinforcement better and more useful for further implementation of the intervention program.

5. Downsizing in the organization by reducing the labor force brings into surface issues concerning the plight or future of its laid-off workers, as well as ascertaining whether retained employees will remain loyal and as effective as they were prior to the implementation of reducing the labor force.

6. In designing a new training program for an up-and-coming competitive firm, it is necessary to employ new principles concerning the provision of employee rights, opportunities and responsibilities. It is vital that the training program provide an equal focus on both employee-employer issues, which will allow employees to enjoy privileges from the organization while they dutifully accomplish their tasks and responsibilities for the organization.

7. Reason would be an effective approach for managing change if an organization is homogenous -- that is, its members have the same set of values and beliefs similar to the organization's. However,…

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