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The seven variables that have been termed as "levers" by the authors all start with the letter 'S'.

Following are the things included in the seven variables:






-Shared values and -Style.

Structure is explained as the skeleton of the organizational chart or an organization. Strategy has been identified by the authors as the path or plan of action that is taken in order to achieve some goals and target over a period of time. Systems are defined as the routine process and procedures that are carried out within the firms. Staff is further divided into the personal categories within the firms (e.g., engineers). The skills refer to the capabilities possessed by the staff that is working within an organization. Style is defined as the way in which the managers behave or act in order to achieve the organizational goals. Shared value variable basically comprises of the concepts or the principles that the members working in an organization share.

In the McKinsey 7S Framework the external environment has not been mentioned.

Synopsis of the Situation at Whole Food Market

When we talk about natural and organic foods the name of Whole Food Market has to come up. It is a food store chain that has over 100 stores but its goals is to be one large store instead of many smaller stores. It is the vision of Whole Foods to make the next generation aware of the healthy foods by making it available to them and being known for their quality products. They want the customers to think of their homes when they come to shop at the Whole Foods.

The biggest concern of the Whole Foods at the moment is to be able to kepp up with the increasing demand of the healthy food by the people as people now-a-days are becoming more and more health conscious. Also, with the increasing customer base it is essential for the Whole Foods to be able to have fresh food in stock. However, the growth opportunity seems to be promising as more and more people are now entering the consumer market (Harasta and Hoffman, 2007).

Another major problem for the Whole Foods is to find good spots for their stores as the number of families with both the parents working is increasing day by day and for this reason people prefer having to make just oe stop for all the things that they need to buy like Target and Wal-Mart (Harasta and Hoffman, 2007). Therefore, it is important for Whole Foods to find quality locations for their outlets.

Solution and application of McKinsey 7S framework

Brand advertising and promotions should be increased by the Whole Foods in order to build the brand awareness (Meador, et. al.). Loyal customers should be more focused upon so that they could generate more customers with the help of word of mouth. The store should focus on the whole concept of healthy foods and healthy eating instead of just their own brand name as, eventually this too will increase the customer base. The Whole Foods should also broaden their food line as this too will increase their customer base (Lee and Linowes, 2009).

There it is the recommendation of the paper to make use of the 7S framework as it will enable the Whole Food managers to monitor and access the changes taking place within the organization. The framework will also help the company in performing better once the seven elements are aligned and made use of in a mutual manner.


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