Outdoor Advertising and Sponsorship of Events Research Proposal

Excerpt from Research Proposal :

TM1: Outdoor enthusiasts

TM2: Athletes

TM3: Parents and adult students (high school and college)


TM1: Consumer sales promotions should include coupons that can be redeemed during particular seasons in which outdoor enthusiasts are more likely to be motivated to purchase equipment for their outdoor activity. This will allow consumers to feel that they are making a good purchase at a good price.

TM2: Consumer sales promotions should include discounts/sales for seasonal sports equipment that correlates with the time just before when that seasonal sport will begin. This will allow sports players to obtain the materials they need to stat competitive while feeling incentivized to purchase from the store by the sale.

TM3: Consumer sales promotions should include a points program, so that continual shoppers can earn points on their purchases which can be redeemed for a future item once a target point goal has been reached. This will allow shoppers to be more loyal to the store as they feel they are building towards a reward.


Two types of media that might be the most effective in reaching each of the target markets are 1) outdoor advertising (billboards and signs at stadiums or along highways where a store outlet is located nearby) and 2) digital advertising (Internet, TV spots).

Two types of media that might not be effective are 1) interactive media in which users have to engage with the media to obtain information from it and 2) email advertisements which typically go to spam accounts and are not seen by shoppers.

The rationale for using outdoor advertising is that the shoppers of the products of the store are outdoor enthusiasts (Case 2: Marketing Sports Equipment, n.d., p. 362), so they are likely to be outdoors more than they are indoors. They are likely to be at professional sporting events where signs can be seen; they are likely to be driving along highways in the country side where a billboard might be most effective. They are also most likely to use their phones or laptops for making shopping decisions, since this is the 21st century and it is a Digital Age.

On the other hand, interactive media still requires more attention than most people want to give and spam emails are rarely seen by individuals so really are an ineffective use of resources.



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