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advertising agencies namely Fletcher-Martin-Ewing (FME) Grey Worldwide and Kilgannon Mc Reynolds.

Agency: Fletcher-Martin-Ewing (FME)

Fletcher-Martin-Ewing - FME functions as an integrated agency from Atlanta, with a wide range of activities on the advertisement and marketing spectrum. They cultivate the appreciation that brands reach their audiences through a lot of channels apart from advertisement in the present era of proliferation of communication channels. The integrated approach of FME assures consistency of message delivery in every area of communication.

Core Competence:

Branding and Advertisement: FME assists the clients in discovering their brand by finding out the contribution they make in the lives of their target audience. This approach is spearheaded by the Account Planners who devote their total time observing and talking with consumers, influencers, customers and personnel. The Planners at FME represent the audience viewpoint right through the strategic planning and creative process. The workforce handling the creative work is focused on creating advertisement messages, which are distinctive, appealing, and above all relevant to the audience. (Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin Capabilities)

Direct response: - FME is equipped with a diverse range of direct response services comprising mail, broadcast, print, and Internet and database consulting services. The activities include acquisition, stimulation, retention, lead generation and generation of traffic. The direct response initiative is headed by an expert with a 15 years industry experience in creating consumer and business-to-business - B2B direct response campaigns.

Public Relation: - PR initiatives at FME are the fastest within the region with the mission to serve the clients in managing their goodwill, promoting their products and services, managing change and promoting social responsibility.

Internet Marketing: - The group handling FME's Internet marketing gives strategic business planning, planning and development of website and enhancement. The organization is proficient on direct response with banner ads, permission-based communications, e-newsletters and e-publications. (Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin Capabilities)

Sales Promotion & Sponsorship Marketing: - Among the various service departments, sending retail and B2B results by way of sales promotion and event marketing has been the core competence of FME since the past 20 years. The organizational experience comprises of promotion development and implementation, sponsorship in sporting events, sponsorship tie-ins, launching of new products, setting of new products and promotion of trade events.

Media Planning and Buying: The media strategies within the organization are based on insights of outside-in methodology to planning. Every FME media plan is tailored to the marketing requirements of every individual client, audience and market. The clients continuously deliver save up to 15% of the media budgets lower compared to the industry average. This feasibility in costs is increased by media schedules of enhanced quality with the observance to increased post-buying norms compared to what the industry supports. On the aggregate, slot bookings on TVs deliver between 95% and 105% of achievement as against industry standard of 90% to 110%.

Strategic planning: - Due to the implementation of the patented FME Brand Quest planning process, the company finds insights which not only transforms the communication plan, rather the manner in which the business is performed.

Crisis Management: The Agency has a well equipped crisis management team -- the Message Masters which employs established processes to build a crisis plan which includes all the potential to efficiently manage any nature of important occurrence. The organization has a mechanism known as the 'operating concepts' the plans characterize roles and tasks, recognize resources (Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin Capabilities) The basic philosophy at FME remains that brands are discovered by the organization rather than creating them. The brands are discovered by delving into the client companies and the cultural influences revolving around them. At FME it is the principle that just knowing the audience is not enough, it is important to discover why they are, what is their dream, their like and dislikes. The insight gives them to create an emotional bond with the audience. The Agency recognizes the role the brand plays in the lives of the audience and identifies means to find a place to fit in. (Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin Philosophy)

FME has a diversified and impressive list of clients the major ones being Arby- the nation's biggest quick service restaurant chain; Holiday Inn- the famous hotel chain; Incharge Institute of America -- national non-profit organization offering professional services in personal finance education and credit counseling; Precept -- the golf brand of Bridgestone Sports etc. (Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin Client List) The Agency is headed by Andy Fletcher as President and CEO considered among the industry's leading specialist in marketing strategy development. He has contributed his efforts to major brands including GE, First Data Corporation, Learjet, and Northwest Airlines. (Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin People) Besides, the other personnel of FME include Tim Stapleton, Chief Creative Officer; Beverly Andersen, Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning; Don Coyle, Executive Vice President, Media Director.

Agency: Grey Worldwide


In the period of uncertainty the agency has adhered to the singular purpose that has been a guiding factor for the company in order to build the brand value of their clients. It has been the constant focus of the agency to understand the needs of the clients, assessing performance through their growth and the success by the trust reposed on the agency by the clients. This lasting power is entrenched in the soul and permeates the vision of the agency making the client relationship long and strong giving a distinctive image for the company. (Grey Global Group's purpose is singular) The Agency has 10,500 employees and operates in 83 nations with revenue earnings of $1,307 million. It has single-mindedly focused on smart solutions which create Brand Values for their clients. Since the early days of its setting up, Grey has been preoccupied with comprehending the causes of consumer behavior, and the Agency has initiated a lot of strategic tools which has become the ruling standard of the industry.

The Agency is devoted to offer the highest standard of business conduct in the inter-relationships and also with the clients, suppliers, shareholders and others. The major areas of concern for the Agency has been advertisement, one-to-one brand communication, healthcare marketing, public relations, online communications, media services, integrated branding and design, sales promotion, youth & entertainment and marketing to Hispanic customers. (Grey Matter™: Left Brain... And Right Brain)

The approaches to the functionalities include (i) Thinking innovatively: performing it differently, standing out from competition and conventional endeavors. (ii) Having a vision: - creating a plan and sticking to it properly. (iii) Communicating in a judicious manner: - minutely selecting the appropriately the right target segments. Communicating to everybody concurrently does not become effective any longer. (iii) Increasing customer loyalty: - providing and promoting values which differentiate and enhance the manner in which we are perceived vis-a-vis the competition. (iv) Making a long-term impact: - Being consistent and maintaining persistence over a long-term period. (v) Developing an identity: - Promoting something totally different and useful in the mind of the target. (vi) Strengthening relationships: Ensuring that sales among the existing customers get the maximum, as also drawing new clients. Listening to feedback: This involves partnering with customers in a collaborating manner; known as customer co-creation. In this approach, products are manufactured with the active participation of the customer in the entire creation process. (Grey's Anatomy: An inside Look at Grey world Wide Atlanta)

Core Competencies:-

Grey Worldwide is a part of the Grey Global Group which one of the biggest marketing communication having yearly billings of more than $11 billion and 150 offices globally. Whereas the competitors of the agency have different advertisement agencies, PR Firms and other allied associates, Grey has just brand in every discipline. This gives capability to focus which is unique in its own way. A new research tool known as Emotional Triggers is the among the first research technique which is able to find out which are the emotions truly drive buying decisions in every category. It allows us to use emotions strategically and not in an arbitrary manner and results in the better communications that grow brands. The clients of Grey include Bell South, Coca Cola, Southern Company, Georgia Pacific, National Services Industries, PETEK, Shaw Industries, and Check Free. (Grey's Anatomy: An inside Look at Grey world Wide Atlanta)

Joel Babbit is the Chief Creative Officer and Mark Goldman is the President. The other executives of the organization are Helen C. Wanamaker, Senior VP and Managing Director, John Mattingly, Executive Vice President, Integrated Creative Director, Michael Bald, Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President. (Grey's Anatomy: An inside Look at Grey world Wide Atlanta)

Agency: Kilgannon Mc Reynolds


The philosophy of the Agency of to find, retain and grow. The brand image is designed by the Agency and advertisements and public relations campaigns built to find customers from the existing customer base and also from outside. The Agency creates messages which assist in retaining customers, build their loyalty and create programs to aid in the growth of sales among the existing customer base. However,…

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