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Digital Advertising Essays (Examples)

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Digital Media and E-Commerce as
Words: 397 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 80867531
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Digital media then becomes an essential part of any channel management strategy in that it delivers a virtual experience of the product before it is purchased. Visit any auto manufacturer, hotel or realty site and you'll be able to virtually tour the auto, hotel room or property of interest online. All of these virtual visits are meant to alleviate anxiety and increase trust with consumers leading to them purchasing products more readily than before. Digital media in its many forms is accelerating sales cycles as a result.


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Josh Bernoff, Charlene Li. (2008). Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42. Retrieved August 3, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1458948591).

Terry Daugherty, Hairong Li, Frank Biocca. (2008). Consumer learning and the effects of virtual experience relative to indirect and direct product experience. Psychology & Marketing, 25(7), 568. Retrieved August 4, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1497435411).

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Advertising and Psychology The Direct Link Between the Two
Words: 2590 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96104583
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Advertising Effectiveness and Consumer Memory

The relationship between psychology and advertising is not a new one -- in fact, it is fundamental to the birth of modern advertising in America. Edward Bernays, the father of marketing, was the nephew of none other than Sigmund Freud, and used Freud's sense that "man was motivated by passion" to manipulate the senses of consumers and plant seeds of desire within consumer memory (Jones, 2000, p. 283). Since the days of Bernays, all evidence indicates that marketers have utilized cognitive psychology in order to assist advertising effectiveness in relation to consumer memory. This paper will discuss this evidence and research surrounding this association and critically analyze and discuss it.

A Complex elationship

Developing brand awareness and brand loyalty are two of the biggest factors in successful marketing. Establishing either requires an effective campaign that essentially implants the brand in the mind of the consumer…


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Digital Communications Could Be Described as Being
Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36943817
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Digital communications could be described as being borne from the first electronic transmission of words via a wire uttered by Alexander Graham Bell. Those words; "Watson, come here. I want to see you" (American Treasures, 2010) will live on in historical fashion as a changing of not only the manner in which individuals communicate, but the changing of an entire world. From that era to today's digital communication accessibility almost anywhere in the world took nearly 140 years yet advanced society light years into the future.

In today's modern communication modes there are a wide variety of methods for communicating not only the spoken word, but the written word, text, images, pictures, books and entire libraries of information at a press of a button. There are also a number of digital methods for transmission, including but not limited to; TETA (terrestrial trunked radio), the Internet via Widebrand and Broadband, and…


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Transcript Analysis Digital Reach A
Words: 1677 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54571251
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The company emerged atop the buzz trouncing Samsung's Galaxy and Apple's iPhone (Siren).

Overall, Nokia's global outreach is especially impressive; they have traversed the digital revolution through subtle online marketing strategies geared towards creating a formidable marketing framework to enable the company reclaim its rightful place in the global market. Commentators and researchers alike have commended Nokia's aggressive marketing strategies noting that other mobile manufacturers should emulate it. There is still some room for improvement for the company. For instance, they should put on ad campaigns for online sweepstakes, quizzes and competitions. They should also liaise with mobile service providers such as Sprint and Verizon to bring up special offers (Niccolai).


As the world transforms into a small digital ICT village, marketers have expressed the need to alter the traditional mode of reaching out to consumers. This has called for a paradigm shift in marketing and advertising strategies for…

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CBS Outdoor Displays Digital Ads
Words: 2766 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30664680
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External and Internal Environments

External & Internal Environments Business

CBS Outdoor Americas Inc. (NYSE: CBSO) leases ad space in the category known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America (oss Sorkin, 2014). CBS Outdoor went public in April 2014 and separated from CBS ?Corporation (NYSE: CBS.A and CBS), the broadcaster and owner of Showtime, as the final step following its initial public offering (IPO) (oss Sorkin, 2014). The shares of CBS Outdoor rose 18% since the IPO in March 2014 (oss Sorkin, 2014). CBS Outdoor offers a range of outdoor advertising options that are designed to target somewhat different markets: Billboards, bus and railroad media, mobile billboards, specialty advertising signs, sports media, street furniture, and walls (oss Sorkin, 2014). A specialty of CBS Outdoor is an extensive multi-media digital inventory in many of these markets, and highly sophisticated mobile interactive capabilities that extend to all…


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Future of Advertising and Its
Words: 3524 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31911290
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Behavioral analytics are making it possible for companies to combine personas and social networks, gaining invaluable insights into the performance of promotional programs in real-time. In addition to all of these benefits, analytics will make it possible for marketers to fine-tune each element, offer and even digital channel used in the presentation of a promotional offer to a specific audience. By combining all available sources of analytics, marketers will be able to have a 360-degree view of customers while also aligning their promotional strategies to each phase of the buying process with much greater precision than has ever been possible before (Acker, Grone, Blockus, Bange, 2011).

Impact of the Internet on Advertising

In strategic terms the Internet has made digital marketing, promotion and advertising strategies more precise and measurable. The proliferation of analytics applications, many of them Cloud-based, are revolutionizing how marketers plan and execute their promotional, advertising, and services…


Acker, O., Grone, F., Blockus, a., & Bange, C. (2011). in-memory analytics - strategies for real-time CRM. Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, 18(2), 129-136.

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Marketing Terms Advertising - A
Words: 1736 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57600592
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Integrated direct marketing -- a strategy that incorporates several different media or messaging channels around a common message, much like Disney's use of this technique to promote their movies and DVDs in conjunction with their amusement parks and stores.

Internet (the Net) -- a global network of system connections running on the TCP/IP protocol that has millions of websites that when taken together form the Internet.

Marketing Web site -- a website dedicated to accomplishing goals of initiating and sustaining interest in a company, the marketing web site often lists the unique value proposition of a company, its key customers wins, and future direction.

Online advertising -- a highly effective form of advertising that concentrates on making advertising messages salient and relevant to prospects.

Online marketing -- the use of the Internet and its many applications on social networks to market new products and services globally.

Telemarketing- a marketing and…

Digital Marketing Details and Plans
Words: 2888 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89655806
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E-Marketing Implementation

What follows in this report is a narrative and summary of the e-marketing strategy as it will be implemented for Namshi and their online e-commerce portal. Of course, e-commerce is the present as well as the future and thus Namshi will want to make sure to have an e-commerce portal that has all the right facets and parts, including the right marketing. The items that will be included in this broader plan include the strategies and tactics that will be used to achieve the desired objectives, customer service/loyalty avenues, timeline for the promotion strategies in question and what the future holds when it comes to all of the above and beyond.

Key Issues

There are a number of key issues that Namshi must deal with as part of its e-marketing strategy, in addition to its broader e-commerce strategy. The facets and factors that must be dealt with include…

Digital Perceptions Is a Four-Year-Old Company That
Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79704206
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Digital Perceptions is a four-year-old company that manufactures digital cameras that are sold to retailers at a wholesale price of $150 each. It employs 100 workers that work 20 days per month and produces 6,000 units of output. The firm's total expenses per month exceed the total revenue. Retained Earnings has declined $100,000 as loses have been apparent every month for the last six months. Fair market value of the total assets is $350,000. Total long-term liabilities are $250,000. Last year's Annual Income Statement showed a profit of $50. ecause of the company not being able to pay the monthly bills, the credit rating has taken a decline in the rate. The major competitors are Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, and Fuji.

Environmental risk factors include a recession, rising interest rates, deterioration of the financial markets, rapid declines in product prices, and financial difficulty of customers (Annual Report 2010, 2010).…


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Advertising Is to Make the
Words: 2591 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15920729
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Barbie doll top ten viral commercials as of 2013 rely mostly on You Tube, Dailymotion, Facebook and Twitter.

The third doll brand, subject to this study is Bratz. As evidenced from the four commercials assessed in the course of this study, Bratz deploys a slightly different mode of advertising, which involves marketing adult entertainment to kids. Social psychologists have argued that this strategy is very effective within the realm of modern-day material culture. Adult entertainment, which often involves depiction of violence, sex, strong language and obscenity, has become very popular among children

. For Bratz, one of the most popular commercials involves cowgirls in Texas fighting crime modelled along the risque film group Charlie's Angels. The use of guns to depict violence is central to this commercial, which has since increased the brand's digital reach through pervasive advertising on TV and in the internet. In a similar commercial, Bratz acquired…

Meyers, Laurie. "Dangerous dolls? Psychologists push back against market forces and products that sexualize young girls." American Psychological Association September 2006, Vol 37, No. 8

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Swarovski's Customer in the Digital
Words: 5507 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 43047950
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Based on the attributes of luxury brand, the luxury brand requires special marketing strategy to achieve brand objectives. The strategy assists in developing global brand reputation as well as forming brand awareness within the global competitive environment. (Moore and Birtwistle 2005).

In the contemporary marketing environment, experiential marketing has become a cornerstone of marketing, and retailing for luxury brand. Experiential marketing is the technique of viewing consumer as an emotional and rational being who aims to achieve pleasurable experiences. (Atwal et al. 2008). Typically, experiential marketing offers customer memorable experiences in order to achieve customer satisfaction and competitive market advantages. The experiential marketing uses different tools to create the memorable experiences for customers. For example, experiential marketing organizes entertainment for customers in order to educate them, allow them to escape the reality, as well as giving them aesthetic objects or places to see. Experiential marketers use different tools to create…


Atkin, D. (2004). The Culting of Brands: When Customers Become True Believers. New York: Portfolio.

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Swarovski's Customer in the Digital
Words: 10512 Length: 38 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 31675381
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Consequently, marketing efforts become more and more important.

Glyn Atwal and Alistair Williams (2009) for instance argue that the creators of luxury products have to use marketing efforts to identify new customers' needs even before the customers become aware of these needs. In other words, they have to "stay in front of luxury consumers" (Atwal and Williams, 2009, p.338). And in order to do so, the luxury products manufacturers strive to create positive experiences for their customers in order to inspire them and to stimulate their purchase decisions.

Otherwise put, in the context of luxury products, experiential marketing is growingly present and critical and this is due to the complex nature of the luxury sector. Here, the producers seek to transmit the image of high quality, product authenticity, as well as performance. However, aside from these statements, the luxury products must also transmit and sell a customer experience; and this…


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Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 6661 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 95314298
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Safeguarding the privacy of the respondents is vital. Setting a certain criteria to guarantee the security and privacy of the respondents will be useful like informing the respondents that their names will be kept confidential, their location and company will be mentioned only if they give their consent, participation is completely voluntary, and it cannot be imposed. In any way, no such information will be publicized that can help to identify or recognize the respondent unless the respondent himself ask for publicizing his personal info.

Interview Questions

1. How would you describe the current balance of social media vs. traditional advertising and marketing?

2. Are the types of consumers targeted with online vs. traditional advertising different and if so in what way?

3. Have you considered using social media for advertised your business and if so what do you see as some of the benefits?

4. Do you think social…


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Advergaming and Mobile Advertising of
Words: 939 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82309488
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The following is a sceen captue of the game.


Mobile Advetising at Disney

At the initial Mickey and Minnie Block Blast game sceens thee is the potential to also use this on a tablet o smatphone by setting paametes. Disney is one of the leades is using HTML5 and auto-sense technologies that allow games to immediately be configued on the fly fo a given device they ae going to be used on (Edwads, Gove, 2011). Fo this game, when accessible on an Apple iPad fo example, the configuation and sceen esolution completely changes and suppots the device it is being viewed on. This suppots the technology leadeship position Disney has in these gaming aeas. The full configuation of the game fo Mobile is so tanspaency the playe doesn't have to do anything on the most popula devices.

Disney has also ceated the ability to give paents contol ove…

references, and requests. Journal of Advertising, 36(2), 87-100.

Rocks, D. (2007, Apr 30). Disney's mobile nanny. Business Week (Online),, 1.

Social Advertisement Social Advertising This
Words: 3998 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80726298
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Effects of social advertising on the American society

Having seen that the society at large is highly dependent on the social media, and it is on these social networks that the social advertising has turned to, it is necessary to look at the extent to which the society today has been affected by the medium of transmission and the content of the social advertising.

The underlying fact about the social advertising is that they want to make a positive impact on the society in general, it is the drive to see a better society that makes the foundation and core business of the organizations involved in social advertisements.

It has been seen that the same techniques used in promoting profitable goods and services can as well be used for information purpose, educate and motivational aspect to the public about the non-profitable issues like HIV / AIDS, the energy conservation, politics…


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New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. Publishers.

P& G Branding Strategy and Advertising Recently Installed
Words: 1311 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55272649
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P&G Branding Strategy and Advertising

ecently installed Proctor & Gamble (P&G) CEO Bob McDonald spoke to shareholders recently and articulated the vision of the company, "to touch and improve lives" (Leader's Interviews. N.D.). In this context the indefatigable CEO has set out a bold initiative of adding one billion consumers of its products within five years, adding to the existing four billion customers who already are P&G customers (Sewell, D. March 6, 2010). Accomplishing this goal however, requires a carefully crafted mix of marketing strategy which allows for reaching a differential of customers across demographic variances including: socioeconomic, age, technological awareness, and geography. McDonald, points to the "hundreds of millions of people who have yet to buy their first bottle of Tide, their first Pampers diaper or a Gillette shaver" (Sewell, D. March 6, 2010). In implementing this global strategy of reaching existing and new consumers, P&G utilizes a diverse…


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Interview with Bob McDonald. Leaders Magazine. Retrieved December 29, 2010 from 

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P&G Case Study.

Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 6921 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 21104912
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, et al., 2011). Individuals most often use social media to create and strengthen relationships and increase communication within those relationships, rather than explicitly wanting to shop for products. Those individuals are using social media sites to: a) "construct a profile within a bounded system"; b) maintain "lists of other users with whom they share connections"; and c) view and "browse" those lists of connections with others they have interacted with online (Taylor et al., et al., 2011, 259). Many users of social media do not intend to use viral platforms to think about buying products, but end up doing so subliminally. ather, most are using such platforms to create and maintain relationships; "typical social networking sites allow a user to build and maintain a network of friends for social or professional interaction" (Marks 2009 p 5). Jim Tobin's concept of "Cocktail Party" is the analogy for social media that…


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Finance F X Digital -- Extreme
Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18190771
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To remind viewers of the many unique action films offered by the channel, handing out bumper stickers at places where F/X watchers are likely to buy products is one possibility. These stickers could read "F/X Digital -- My Other Car is a Stunt Car." This would offer a humorous, ironic message to draw the attention not just of the driver displaying the sticker, but everyone who saw the sticker. Creating idents, or short video promotions showing very ordinary-looking actors portraying viewers of the F/X channel turning on the channel in digital and suddenly becoming part of one of the shows or the films featured on the channel in the upcoming month would underline the message of: "F/X digital -- watch if you dare." This would show how watching in digital creates a new risky, and thrilling dimension to the television-watching experience.

Advertisements regarding the new dimension digital viewing will bring…

Personal Digital Assistant the Sonic
Words: 1866 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15264427
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com and 50 U.S. top distributors) has been properly covered. If there is a discrepancy between expectancies and results, the organization will identify the causes and try to eliminate them.

Still, even if final control is compulsory, the marketing department should periodically check the accomplishment of tasks. Therefore, the plan should prescribe deadlines, budgets, and activities that must be closely obeyed in order to timely detect and remediate potential causes of failure.

A b) for an accurate evaluation of its marketing efforts, Sonic should assess the customers' attitude towards its products before, during and after implementing the plan. Thus, by using questionnaires, the company can find out what changes have occurred as a result of their communication initiatives. Secondly, the success of the marketing efforts could be inferred after calculating several indicators related to the objectives stated in the plan (market shares, sales volume, awareness etc.).

A c) the most…


Kotler, P., & Keller, P. (2003). Marketing Management (12th Ed.). Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

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Warp Analysis the Personal Digital
Words: 1173 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 25823493
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Figure 1 provides a graphical representation of the effects of consistently high levels of &D investments spread evenly across all product lines.

Figure 1: Outcome of Initial &D and Pricing Analysis

For the implications to Total Income based on these decision points, see Table 2. Note that consistently high &D spending, not price declines, are what is fueling the overall sales growth. At the end of the second iteration, Sales Volume is up 36% and evenue Volume is up 40%. The lesson learned is that when there is a rapidly expanding market, investments in &D and more powerful than price in driving sales (Chwelos, Berndt, Cockburn, 2008)

Table 2:

Total Income Based on Second Iteration Assumptions

Throughout the simulation, market data is periodically provided in addition to market lifecycle stage of each of the products in the company. By the third iteration it is apparent that the X5 is maturing…


Bayus, Barry L, Jain, Sanjay, & Rao, Ambar G. (1997). Too little, too early: Introduction timing and new product performance in the personal digital assistant industry. JMR, Journal of Marketing Research, 34(1), 50-63.

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Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 79306528
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Creating, sustaining and growing trust is predicated on creating a very high level of authenticity and transparency with prospects and customers alike. The greatest potential of social media in advertising and marketing is in creating a foundation of trust by engaging in open communication with prospects and customers. The reliance on advertising as a one-way communications mechanism is quickly coming to a close; prospects and customers alike today expect and require a more interactive, responsive experience when evaluating companies and products of interest. And this transcends across Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplaces as well. The role of marketing must be that of relationship builder with the customer, not just the department that mechanically generates more and more advertising without first hearing what customers want as well. Social media is the catalyst that can fuel these types of highly communicative, collaborative and open relationships over time. Each of these social…

Google's Promotional Mix and Advertising
Words: 952 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6957499
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Marketing Communication Process

Google Inc.

Google Inc. is an U.S. based multinational public corporation that operates primarily in the internet search function, cloud computing, as well as a range of different advertising solutions. The company is large and extremely multifaceted. Google develops a large number of services and products that are part of a larger suite of Google products. These products are offered for free to the end users and Google primarily generates the company's revenue stream from advertising. Although Google sells advertising through AdWords and other platforms, it must also promote itself with a marketing communication strategy.

Google has grown from modest roots to become one of the most admired companies in the world today. The company's official mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." However, the company is also known for something of an unofficial slogan which is "Don't be…


Davis, B. (2014, January 27). 12 inspiring marketing campaigns from Google. Retrieved from Econsultancy: 

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Itunes the Downloadable Digital Content
Words: 2294 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95854603
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A iTunes expansion in the digital video space seems to be a no-brainer from a business perspective. The digital music market developed first, aided by peer-sharing sites such as Napster and Kazaa, and it is understandable that much of Apple's current focus through the iTunes store has been on selling digital music tracks and albums. However, the digital video market is growing significantly, and we can expect iTunes to provide even more robust video offerings in the future. According to the iTunes eb site, users already can download thousands of music videos and more than 350 television shows. In a sign that Apple is serious about growing its video services, the company recently launched a movie service that allows users to download feature films for $9.99 a movie. iTunes video services will only grow more as Apple faces growing competition from online music and video providers. As was discussed, Apple…

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Marketing Plan for Digital Camera
Words: 4433 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 55292708
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The approach Sony continues to take is one of concentrating on continual process improvement to become more agile and resilient in the face of environmental factors (Olenick, 2010) while at the same time seeking to comply with national requirements for sustainability and green initiatives including supply chain compliance (Svensson, 2009).

Legal Factors -- Sony has a culture that embraces learning as a virtue, and continually strives to gain insights from the experiences of other Japanese companies and their legal and regulatory lessons learned. The case mentioned earlier of Toshiba Machinery Company and their sales of unauthorized milling machines to the ussians decades ago still is a foundational element of Japanese ethical training for managers (Ohishi, Naoto, 1993). As the United States and other western nations have continually seen the level of compliance and reporting escalate up through government edict, Sony has continually had to increase its focus on contract management…


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Does Media Misrepresent Women Social Media Changing Methods Advertising
Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40897826
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Media Misrepresent omen?

For a long period of time, hundreds of commercials, movies, as well as TV shows have in one way or another misrepresented women by either objectifying them or presenting them as the weaker sex. It is important to note from the onset that the media plays a significant role in our lives. In addition to shaping our politics, the media also influences the way we think and relate with one another. In the final analysis therefore, how women are represented in the media matters a lot with regard to how they are viewed and/or treated in the real world.

There are numerous instances of women misrepresentation in the media. This is particularly the case in advertising. It is important to note that people are shaped by not only the culture but also the environment in which they are brought up. Today's advertisements bombard our kids with images…

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Marketing Digital Tools and Technology
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In an online setting, owley suggests that marketers do not need to "speculate about customer needs" because they can use the Internet to download customer's buying profiles and enhance their customer service and product development strategies based on the information they receive from online reports. Further, the author suggests advertising can be more targeted because it is more easily tracked in an online setting vs. An offline setting. owley (2004) goes on to assert that the combination of online and offline services allows for more customization, and enables "mutual dependence" which in turn creates complex and diversified communities inclusive of customers and businesses. Organizations that utilize the Internet wholly, rather than partially, are more likely to become targets for innovation, research and development, which will only advance their goals in the short- and long-term (owley, 2004, p. 39).

There are theorists that study certain aspects of marketing, like advertising, but…


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Marketing Intelligence & Planning, vol. 22 no.3, pp.297-309. DOI: 10.1108/02634500410536885, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. ISSN: 0263-4503

Traditional and Digital Copyright Evolution
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Inability of Analogous Copyright Laws to Work Well in the Classroom and Society of the Digital Age

Traditional copyright protection laws have for sometime now been unable to give complete protection to the rights of those who 'own' various types of media, ranging from books and articles to photographs and music. In the opinion of some, this change has mostly been as a result of the absence of strict laws needed to improve such rights. As a consequence, a key matter of interest emerges from "Overwrought copyright: The inability of Analogous copyright laws to work well in the classroom and society of the Digital Age" One hugely unexamined area that is a central and important question, is the role the doctrine of 'first sale law' will play in the future of digital copyright laws. The requirement that those who hold copyright transfer the control power of many applications of a…


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Gay Advertising and Television and Its Effect on America
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Courting the ainbow Through Advertising and Television

In today's high tech digital virtual world understanding America's diverse cultural matrix has never been more difficult. On a daily basis individuals are continually bombarded by stimuli, real and commercial, that can and do affect their educational, moral, and cultural development goals. The diversity continuum is, therefore, an ongoing process through out life. It is the process of diversity that shapes our identity as to which we are, collectively and individually, and how we function in the world around us. The primary purpose of this paper is to take an identity voyage (Tatum, 1997) with one of American's subcultures with respect to its influence on advertising and television (stimuli), namely, homosexuality (subculture).

Not unlike any subculture that of the gay environment has its own prescribed needs, goals, and expectations. The need for acceptance is as strong for those who are gay as for…


Dryer, R. (1995). The Matter of Images: Essays on Representation. London: Routledge Press.

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What is Influencer Marketing
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US Digital Advertising Industry Analysis
Digital advertising in the U.S. has come a long way, with many companies now focusing a great deal of their marketing on the kind of targeted marketing that digital advertising allows. In the retail industry, digital marketing has increased from $15.83 billion spent in 2016 to a projected $27.58 billion spent in 2019. The automotive industry has nearly doubled its expenditure on digital advertising since 2016, when it spent $9.14 billion as compared to a projected $15.65 billion for 2019. The same goes for financial services, which spent $8.78 in 2016 and is expected to spend $15.25 billion on digital marketing in 2019. The entertainment industry spent $3.45 billion on digital marketing in 2016 and for 2019, it is expected to spend $6.64 billion. In the Appendix are more figures by industry for digital ad spending in the U.S. What the statistics show, however, is…

Programmatic Marketing Is as Some Will Say
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Programmatic marketing is as some will say the next best way to advertise. In digital marketing, new techniques are being developed to effectively and efficiently target a broader audience through online and the web. The amount of smartphone and tablet users are growing by the day which means companies and organizations need a more cost-effective and faster way to advertise to them. Any types of events can trigger programmatic marketing. Accordingly, it can also be deployed through the use of a set of rules applied by algorithms and software. Human skills are not needed to deploy the marketing aspect of this innovative technique, however human skills are still necessary for software and algorithm development as well as programmatic campaigns since the rules necessary to start the automated process require pre-planning beforehand and proven by marketers. This means that although human labor will be to some extent lessened, it still requires…

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Relationship Marketing Program Relationship Marketing the Idea
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elationship Marketing Program

elationship Marketing

The idea of relationship marketing has been the .prime focus of many businesses and the trade oriented organizations of late. There has been an upsurge in competition with more players getting into the various fields of operation that there before had not been flooded by the same kind of businesses. This then called for the relationship marketing into play.

elationship marketing is promotions and selling engagements whose prime aim is to inculcate trust and a long-term relationship between the company and the big clientele. In this endeavor, the customers' profile, purchase history, contact and any other pertinent information is stored in the database and an account executive to a number of major clients to follow up on their needs and maintain the relationship as well (Web Finance, 2011).

From this precedence, any value-adding policy or approach must of necessity take into account the ultimate aim…


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Ethical and Societal Issues of
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The concentration on action and violence draws larger audiences, yet is not effective in selling products Pechmann, Levine, Loughlin, Leslie, 2005).

esearchers have also found that the brains of pre-adolescents and adolescents have low levels of inhibitory control and therefore pursue reckless and risky activities due to their judgment not being fully developed (Cauffman, Steinberg, 2000). Adolescents who have seen reckless and risky behavior online or on television advertising are 80% more likely to engage in the behavior (Trimpop, udiger, Kerr, Kirkcaldy, 1999). The lack of inhibitory controls when combined with the an abundance of violent content leads quickly to replication of viewed acts of violence, especially in pre-adolescents, as verified through research completed (Trimpop, udiger, Kerr, Kirkcaldy, 1999).

Ethically this raises the question of whether the advertisers are more adept at the selling of violent acts than products, as the brains of the audience members they are selling products…


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Yoox Group
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YOOX Group has developed a niche in the online luxury good from a time in which many people thought this was a contradiction. For generations the luxury market focused on the brick and motor experience with world-class service. However, as technology has evolved and economic growth has generated more and more luxury consumers, the ecommerce luxury goods industry is exploding. Consumers expect the same service standards as they have become used to in the luxury goods market; however they expect these standards to be applied to new platforms. This requires significant effort from operations to uphold these standards as well as marketing because consumers have learned to block promotional messages and demand unique content.

Company Background

YOOX Group is one of the industry leaders in global Internet retailing that has formed strategic partnerships with many of the leading fashion & design brands to provide the company's online and ecommerce presence.…

Works Cited

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Available at: 

[Accessed 12 June 2014].

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Southwest Airlines Marketing
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Southwest Airlines

How does Southwest's customer service affect its bottom line?

Any airline is by nature a services business, which by the structure of its business model is centered on creating accurate expectations of customers and then exceeding them. By continually surpassing the expectations of customers, companies build exceptional brand equity and loyalty. This is what Southwest has done such an exceptional job of in one of the toughest services businesses to excel in. They have continually set expectations with customers and then deliberately designed a myriad of processes to ensure everyone has a good flight and at a competitive price.

The ability to continually exceed expectations and deliver excellent customer experience is a large part of why Southwest Airlines continues to be profitable and has the honor of being the only American-based airline to never file for bankruptcy. By delivering excellent customer experiences on a consistent basis, business and…

Digest Strategic Management a Condensed
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The ubiquity of online media has prompted the magazine to reduce its rate of print publications to 10 from 12 publications a year, and cut its print subscriptions in favor of digital advertising. This will also allow for greater segmentation, as it can more easily create "digital single topic editions, mobile applications, e-reader products and videos" of specific interest to segments of its core consumer base, and hopefully draw more advertisers who wish to target their publications online (Bell 2009). It can also feature general articles and condensed stories to suit the desire of readers still seeking the Reader's Digest compressed form that tells them 'everything they need to know.' Through the online website, searchers can select what stories interest them the most.

Industry environment (Porter's Five Forces)

Reader's Digest is currently in a medium with very low barriers to entry -- virtually anyone can start a blog about…

Works Cited

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11, 2009 at

How to Market to Generation Z
Words: 1981 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 20887425
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Gen Z's and Marketing

The upcoming Gen Z generation (born mid-1990s to 2007) consists mainly of youths who have grown up with the Internet, with cell phones, computers, and are technologically sophisticated, savvy, and dependent. They have come to age alongside the rise of smart phones. They possess financial concerns as a result of student loan doubt and a souring economy (the tech bubble of the late 90s, early 2000s and the recession of 2008 due to the home mortgage meltdown), 9/11, and the War on Terror. They are also part of the PC culture that has inundated colleges. They are diverse and many of them still live at home with their parents, participating in what has come to be known as a share economy, with share space platforms like AirBnB, Uber, and other web-based concepts helping to define their socio-economic outlook. They use the Internet for everything -- from…


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Marketing Dangerously Christopher Meyer Argues
Words: 2394 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56498218
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CEOs, however, would most likely argue that they are invaluable to their companies, and are adequately compensated for the work they do. hile the authors of this article conclude that they are not attempting to persuade readers to one position or the other, they do suggest that they are attempting to allow readers to understand the double-sided argument of CEO pay. In accomplishing this goal, they have done well. Both employees who are frustrated at the lifestyle that their CEOs are able to live while they struggle to get by and CEOs who are making hundreds of dollars an hour would be able to understand the rational for each side in this argument. By presenting the argument in this non-biased formula, the authors invite discussion on the topic, a discussion that most likely would not have happened if this type of presentation has been achieved. In allowing for an open…

Works Cited

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Female CEOs make more gains in 2007. Retrieved October 11, 2008, from USA Today. Web Site:

Understanding Nikes Marketing Channels
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Nike is a world known company which deals and supplies footwear, accessories clothes and equipment to different clients. The company also offers services and marketing to many countries around the globe. It has more than 1400 opened stores in different countries (Kreng & Wang, 2013). Nike is also the biggest distributor of sports garments to many athletes. The National Basketball Association has signed a contract with Nike to be providing basketball jerseys to more than thirty teams.

Basic configurations, Flow of Products and Typical Participants

As a retailer, Nike’s management ensures that it has established a successful basic configuration of the firm. The basic arrangement of the company ensures that it has defined its goals and targets. In this case, it is important for every company to define their codes that can help improve the organization’s performance. Besides, Nike usually has a basic configuration on each of its stores…

Ecosystem Hub for Starbucks
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Proposed Ecosystem Hub for Starbucks
Each day, technologists working at Starbucks, in collaboration with other stakeholders, work on innovations that could only be described as groundbreaking. This is the team responsible for the unique Starbucks experience. However, without this level of dedication and inventiveness, Starbucks technology-centeredness would not have been possible. Thanks to these efforts, Starbucks now boasts of superior customer connection with the enterprise and continues to further promote customer experience. In line with Starbuck’s digital business transformation strategy, there is need for the development of a robust and effective Ecosystem Hub solution comprising of the software tools listed below:
a) Asana (Collaboration Portal)
b) Dropbox (Enterprise Content Management)
c) Board (Platform combining business intelligence tools with predictive analytics, simulation, as well as corporate performance management capabilities)
d) Mailchimp (Digital Content Marketing Management)
In an attempt to underline its commitment to digital business transformation, the company continues to…

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Facebook Management Team
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Facebook Inc’s Organization


The organization of Facebook consists of the company’s top managers and its Board of Directors. Its tope managers are Mark Zuckerberg (CEO), Sheryl Sandberg (COO), Dave Wehner (CFO), Mike Schroepfer (CTO), and Chris Cox (CPO). On the Board are Zuckerberg (as Chairman), Sandberg, Marc Andreessen, Erskine B. Bowles, Kenneth I. Chenault, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Reed Hastings, Jan Koum, and Peter A. Thiel (Facebook Management, 2018). This paper will identify the role of these key organizational leaders at Facebook and show how their responsibilities tie to the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Mission, Vision and Values

Facebook’s mission statement is: “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” (Smithson, 2017). This mission was recently updated to include the goal of giving people “the power to build community and bring the world closer together” (Moscaritolo, 2017).

Facebook’s vision statement is for “people…

Computer Contracting Opportunities for a Computer Component
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Computer Contracting

Contracting Opportunities for a Computer Component Manufacturer: Trends in Federal Spending

The pace of technological development is now faster than it ever has been at any other time in human history, and this pace has been steadily increasing for several decades. The emergence of the computer in the first half of the twentieth century could not have foretold the power and mobility that these devices would provide a few short generations later, nor the opportunities that continuing advancement and technological growth would supply to businesses. For Vigilant Technology, a manufacturer of computer components, the opportunities are virtually endless. Selecting the most profitable route forward can be made more difficult by the abundance of choices, yet an examination of the current contracts being offered by the federal government can help indicate the large-scale trends needed for long-term profits, not to mention providing immediate short-term gains in terms of the…

Reference (2011). Accessed 23 April 2011.

Budgeting Project
Words: 933 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40343940
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Advertising Budget

The product being promoted by this particular budget is a new ladies razor, and the name that has been decided upon is the "Eternal Ladies azor." The razor's value is that it lasts longer and is priced lower than the competitor's leading razor. Now it's time to get the word out to the targeted audience of single, hairy women between the ages of 20 -- 34. With our new razor they will be hairy no more!

The budget for this particular product is $50,000 for the initial campaign, with additional dollars being allocated to the campaign based on sales of the razor. The advertising budget objective is to provide an initial pop for the product with continuing sales throughout the year to establish a niche in the marketplace, culminating in a rise in brand awareness by 15 -- 20% within the year.

In order to accomplish that objective…


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Coca Cola Company Use Full
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CRM strategy should analyze customer segments and make the appropriate determinations on whether each segment is profitable for their business and how to affect the purchase patterns of the segment so the business can experience the profitable attributes of CRM; loyalty purchasing, cross selling, up selling, etc. Direct Mail fits perfectly into the customer communication strategy for customer segmentation. ith variable printing and data rich files a company can use their intelligence and print relevant Direct Mail that will move customers toward the purchase decision. Additionally customer communications should also enable the company to learn more about the customer over time so that it acts upon that information to better meet customer needs in the future. This is building "learning relationships" with customers, a fundamental CRM concept. A feedback loop must be built into the process so that the company can continually learn more about customers and their needs in…

With that, from full house advertising, the board, stock holders, senior management team, and the union are the main groups have been engaged with the current situation.

CRM strategy should analyze customer segments and make the appropriate determinations on whether each segment is profitable for their business and how to affect the purchase patterns of the segment so the business can experience the profitable attributes of CRM; loyalty purchasing, cross selling, up selling, etc. Direct Mail fits perfectly into the customer communication strategy for customer segmentation. With variable printing and data rich files a company can use their intelligence and print relevant Direct Mail that will move customers toward the purchase decision. Additionally customer communications should also enable the company to learn more about the customer over time so that it acts upon that information to better meet customer needs in the future. This is building "learning relationships" with customers, a fundamental CRM concept. A feedback loop must be built into the process so that the company can continually learn more about customers and their needs in order to improve the relevancy of its communications and offering in the future. Mail can provide the channel for this feedback, both in direct correspondence and by sending customers to web site, 800 #s or whatever channel they prefer"(CRM 2007).

From there, the board and senior management team have been trying to relocate the company into a better position so that the future of the company will be secured. This promising future will be able to support jobs that are available at the present time and create others.

Marketing Dollar Scan Triad Dollar
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Standad maketing follow-up pocesses will be used to detemine whethe each taget maket undestood the specific content and context of the maketing communications initiatives diected to them. Suveys will addess the extent to which the intended messages managed to communicate the intended messages effectively and whethe those audiences made puchasing decisions based on the claity and effectiveness of those messages.


Standad maketing follow-up pocesses will be used to detemine how well customes believe the sevice met thei specific needs and expectations pospectively. Suveys will addess the extent to which the sevices they puchased met thei expectations and povided the benefits pomised and desied. Those mechanisms will also be used to collect infomation petaining to any desied changes o pefeences of customes in connection with thei futue patonage. Sevice packages, picing, and maketing changes will eflect the analysis of those data.


Standad maketing follow-up pocesses will be used…

references of customers in connection with their future patronage. Service packages, pricing, and marketing changes will reflect the analysis of those data.


Standard marketing follow-up processes will be used to determine how well customers remembered the specific messages in marketing campaigns and how those messages may have contributed to their decisions. The same technique will be used to collect data from prospective customers who initially expressed interest or who requested information about the service but ultimately decided not to purchase the product. Those surveys will address the extent to which those decisions may have been functions of the failure of marketing initiatives to achieve the necessary retention to generate sales of services.


Standard marketing follow-up processes will be used to determine the extent to which specific elements of messages in marketing campaigns motivated their eventual decision to purchase the product and how those messages may have contributed to their decisions. The same technique will be used to collect data from prospective customers who initially expressed interest or who requested information about the service but ultimately decided not to purchase the product. Those surveys will address the extent to which those decisions may have been functions of the failure of marketing initiatives to inspire prospective customers to make follow-up inquiries or further consider purchasing the service.

Reebok and Nike
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eebok and Nike are athletic apparel companies with differing promotional strategies and marketing. They sell similar products, particularly sneakers and are known globally as companies that promote athletic lifestyles through their sporting goods. The footwear industry, for which Nike and eebok have their niche is a tough industry to not only market in, but also sustain profits. Both companies although different in their approach, have managed to create a brand that appeals to a wide and broad market. esearching their promotional strategies and company profiles, the differences and similarities become visible lending to possible analysis of both of the companies' strong and weak points.

eebok's promotional campaigns are different from Nike's. A good example of this is eebok's 2002 promotional campaign using a well-known Irish footballer as the central focus. The company timed its advertisements with the footballer before the beginning of the World Cup of that same year. His…


Chu, S., & Huang, S. (2010). College-Educated Youths' Attitudes toward Global Brands: Implications for Global Marketing Strategies. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 22(2), 129-145. Doi: 10.1080/08961530903476188

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Components of IMC Components of
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Evaluating the Effectiveness of an IMC Strategy

Given the complexities of IMC strategies and programs and their highly integrative nature, the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) used for evaluating them often align to every stage of the selling cycle. As the sales cycles for consumer products are often significantly faster and more focused on transaction speed than on long-term selling relationships, the metrics and KPIs of IMC strategies in these markets tend to focus on trial and repeat purchasing in addition to brand awareness (Caemmerer, 2009). In Business-to-Business (B2B) selling scenarios, the IMC strategies often have short, intermediate and long-term objectives that seek to attain a very high level of trust with potential and future prospects (Kliatchko, 2005). The truest measure of an effective IMC strategy in B2B markets is the company becoming a trusted advisor to potential and present customers (Caemmerer, 2009). Measuring the performance of IMC strategies…


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Marketing Internet TV -- Present and Future
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Internet TV -- Present and Future

The future of how will people watch television is far from clear. The rapid advancements in technology have provided an increased number of options for different kinds of program viewing. Customers now have the ability to view only the programs they want without having commercial interruptions. Although this can be effectively accomplished now with devices such as the digital video recorders (DRV), when internet derived programing becomes more ubiquitous this will act to further accelerate the consumers control over their media. Advertisers will have to evolve to be able to deliver a marketing message through this medium. Although there will continue to be opportunities for traditional advertising, such as the thirty second ad, it is likely that marketers will begin to further integrate their messages into the content of the program even further through product placement.

Internet TV Overview

The combination of the…

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Web Advertisement
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Future of Internet Advertising

The whole history of Internet advertising started in the middle of 1990s when the Internet was first functioning and commercially launched as the part of technological contribution to worldwide communication.

In a very short time, this issue had changed everything in the world, and made a big revolution to the traditional media-based marketing approaches. ig capital companies soon turned their heads to examine this newly born marketing trend, along with giant fund allocation for market researches and the future growth.

In fact, the Internet has proved its tremendous appeal for the market that offers a lot of options for speed and reliability of online shopping and e-commerce reaching for international market. The movement of web advertising heightened since then.

How Advertisers Turned to Web Advertisement

This Internet booming is really tempting. McInerney (2000) told about a survey that said, about "seven new people go online every…


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Commercials and the Media
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Selling (to) Kids: Advertising, Children, Youth and Commercial Culture
Advertising for children and youth has always had a special appeal. Gen X’ers remember the Toys ‘R’ Us song, “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid,” and link it to their childhood—even if they never went to a single Toys ‘R’ Us store. They invariably saw the commercials multiple times if they had a TV in their home. The commercials showed children blissfully happy because they had toys galore—and the aim of the ad campaign was to get kids interested in consumerism. On the surface, it seems like a harmless engagement. However, from the standpoint of critical theory, turning kids into consumers perpetuates the power structure of the capitalist system in the U.S.—that is how the Frankfurt School would argue it. This paper will use critical theory—the idea of the Frankfurt School that media can be…

Marketing Life Stage Segmentation the Generational Cohort
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Life Stage Segmentation

The generational cohort segmentation shows how segmentation divides a population into smaller distinct groups. The different and unique characteristics of each group formed during segmentation allow advertisers to get an important guidance for communications planning. There are generally five ways of using this information once advertisers have divided a certain group.

First, segmentation permits advertisers to consider differences within the potential consumer audience for a particular product or service. As the segment characteristics in the generational cohort segmentation illustrate, it is unlikely that all individuals in the broader adult population will see all brands within a product category as equally acceptable or all advertising messages for brands within a category as equally relevant or persuasive. Different segments are likely to respond differently to the same product or advertising message. Thus, segmentation provides the information required for the planning and presentation of an advertising campaign that exactly…

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Media Television Industry Narrowcasting Is
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Government officials and elected officers become unwilling to provide limited public funds to broadcasters whose audiences are becoming smaller, forcing public service programmers to reach for larger audiences with different types of program content. "While multiple program sources -- cable, home video -- make it unlikely that these systems will move toward "mass audience programming" it is the case that the face of broadcasting is changing in these contexts" (Narrowcasting, 2012).

Digital signage networks for narrowcast advertising are becoming part of the mainstream and not some sort of on the edge experimental medium reserved for the daring and advanced. ather than being seen as a risk in the eyes of media buyers, they are becoming a vital communications path for marketers and advertisers wishing to sway consumer spending decisions at the point of purchase. It isn't particularly surprising that narrowcast digital signage networks are entering the mainstream. Advertising buyers and…


Little, D. (2007). Digital signage -- InfoTrends sees significant growth for narrowcasting.

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Smart Marketing Effects of Databases
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Depending on the way a person looks at calculating advertisers is often how the advertising affects the consumer. Yet there are many tools which help the marketer create better algorithmic advertisements for the consumer; through using the tool of '"under development [. . .] [n]egative screen data bases" will help the niche marketer better understand marketing effectiveness through capturing an entire universe of prospects with marketing history attached, not only the responders to promotion"

(Johnson G. 1992, no page number).


If the advertiser and the consumer begin to have a mutually positive relationship, could the marketing still have negative consequences? "At the heart of any communication is the creative philosophy or approach and thus, philosophies play an important role in the agency-client relationship"

(est no page number). Databases and algorithmic marketing now has ties not only in politics, but also in philosophy: the question of the meaning…

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Marketing Space and Place the
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The greater the level of support and information a customer needs to make a decision on which product to buy, the more likely a retail channel will be the best approach. Conversely if a product is by nature highly commoditized or is so popular it has strong customer trust, digital channels are the best approach, as they will drop the cost per transaction (Edelman, 2010).

Companies who are excelling at bridging both strategies include Apple and BestBuy. Apple has both their walk-in stores for managing the demonstration of their latest products and also delivering excellent personalized service at their Genius Bars. They also have one of the best websites and digital channels for selling their products online as well. The balance of digital and retail or space and place, is excellent, and supports the Apple brand overall. BestBuy is another company who has successfully defined a strong mix of space…


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Marketing Plan First of All
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His income level is reasonable enough to allow him to afford to buy a product that is at least average priced.

Another threat that needs to be dealt with is the fact that the age category we are addressing is most predisposed to change. People in this age group have a tendency to change their car once every a couple of years, change the electronics around the house, change the computer, etc. Compared with the over 55 category, much more conservatory, the consumers we are targeting have lower customer retention indicators and consistent additional effort needs to be made in this sense.

The third threat from the market that needs to be mentioned is related to technological obsoleteness and the implications deriving here from. One of the causes of the customer retention indicator I have previously mentioned is related to the fact that new technological features constantly appear in short…

Business Organizational Studies Benefits From Interaction With
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Organizational studies benefits from interaction with other areas of study. The articles and research questions in the paper reflect a curiosity of the connection among media, technology, and behavior. Each article and set of authors approaches this question from a different perspective and in conjunction with another school of thought to help problem solve and with which to cooperate. The paper selects and uses three heuristics as way to explore research questions and hypotheses further and better. The paper substantiates the validity of the proposed research question. The paper also describes the context within which the proposed research would fit.

Generating Research Questions & Hypotheses

Part 1 - DeLorme, D.E., Huh, J., Reid, L.N., & An, S. (2010) The state of public research on over-the-counter drug advertising. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, (3), 208 -- 231.

DeLorme et al. propose several key research questions and hypotheses. One…

4. Orlikowski, W.J., & Barley, S.R. (2001) Technology and Institutions: What can Research on Information Technology and Research on Organizations Learn from Each Other? MIS Quarterly, 25(2), 145 -- 165.


We argue that because of the important epistemological differences between the fields of information technology and organization studies, much can be gained from greater interaction between them. In particular, we argue that information technology research can benefit from incorporation institutional analysis from organization studies, while organization studies can benefit even more by following the lead of information technology research in taking the material properties of technologies into account. We further suggest that the transformations currently occurring in the nature of work and organizing cannot be understood without considering both the technological changes and the institutional contexts that are reshaping economic and organizational activity. Thus, greater interaction between field of information technology and organization studies should be viewed as more than a matter of enrichment. In the intellectual engagement of these two fields lies the potential for an important fusion of perspectives, a fusion more carefully attuned to explaining the nature consequences of the techno-social phenomena that increasingly pervade our lives.

Marketing Implications Aanalyze the Marketing Implications for
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Marketing Implications

Aanalyze the marketing implications for reaching markets segments using both "space" (digital) and a "place" (physical) mediums. How can customers move effortlessly from one to another?

The use of digital (i.e. The Internet) and traditional media (newspaper / TV) are allowing customers to be able to learn more about different products as well as services that businesses are selling. They can be used to: create more interest in the merchandise and drive sales for the organization. The way customer can easily go from one medium to the next is when they will see or hear about a particular product in traditional forms. Once this takes place, they will then visit their web site later on. (Stokes, 2010, pp. 257 -- 279)

A good example of this took place recently between Cadillac and Apple. What happened was Apple was in the final stage of preparing to launch the I…


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Business From the Largest Enterprise
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Social media forces those who use traditional marketing and advertising to re-evaluate their business models and techniques.

Despite such rave reviews regarding the use of social networking as a marketing platform, many companies have not readjusted their strategies to incorporate such elements into their execution of marketing techniques. his means missed opportunities and cost savings. Even worse, many SMEs are continuing to spend too much money on the execution of traditional advertising, which is essentially limiting their ability to compete with larger businesses. his creates a situation where marketentry barriers are high, as are the potential failure rates for many new start-ups and small businesses around the country.

Viral marketing affects customers' brand consciousness, information purchase behavior, purchase actions, postpurchase conversations, and assessments (Mangold & Faulds, 2009; Palka, Pousttchi, & Wiedemann, 2009). he use of social media is not devoid of issues, not least of which is that it allows…

The AMA defines traditional marketing, " as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large (Pride & Ferrell, 2011, p.4) Limitation and Delimitation

The primary limitation of this study concerns its strict reliance on secondary resources. In this regard, Dennis & Harris (20o2) pointed out, "Finding the information needed to answer a particular research question from secondary data avoids the need to spend time and money on primary research, but the likelihood of an ideal match is remote" (p. 39). Notwithstanding this sole limitation, the study's design and research question were deemed viable.

The advantages of social networking are located in the capability of companies to communicate with clients as observed by the anticipation of the drive in the direction of consumer value or relationship marketing (Ravald & Gronroos, 1996; Woodruff, 1997). To increase their capability of understanding the advantages that come from social networking, organizations will have to plan ways to create connections that strengthen consumer commitment (Ravald & Gronroos, 1996). This involves an awareness of the difficulties and outcomes of utilizing cellular social networking to guide as well as to inform strategic planning. As the growth and development of e-business has motivated more managerial competence in SMEs' planning as well as in the implementation of it, the actual strategizing capabilities of SMEs continue to be proportionally lower in comparison with that of bigger companies (Dyerson, Harindranath, & Barnes, 2009). E-business endeavors are not usually viewed as strategically practical or desirable in spite of their effective utilization of the Internet for elementary tasks such as e-mail

Marketing Issues Associated With Online Data Collection
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Issues Associated with Online Data Collection by Advertisers;

There is an increased interest and use of information which can be collected from a person's digital footprint. Individually, the single pieces of information may not provide any great insight to a behavior patterns, but with firms able to collect and aggregate data, they are able to create profiles which will be used for commercial purposes. This may be seen as good sense, when considered from a commercial perspective, as much of the information collected is not personal, as the information may be seen as non-intrusive, such as occupation, home value, There is also data collected that is more personal, such as the type and amount of spending on different products, from luxury goods through to cat food (Singer np). The digital footprint information, when aggregated, can provide a great deal of insight into the profile of a potential customer, especially…

IMC Marketing
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IMC Strategy

Exploring the Aspects of An

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Given the proliferation of marketing, selling and service channels, the need for orchestrating all of them together for a common strategic marketing goal is critical. The coordination of advertising, direct marketing, online advertising, social networks and media, sales promotion, publicity, public relations and personal selling all need to have a common platform to execute from. The emergence of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategies is specifically for the purpose of bringing together online and offline channels to ensure the attainment of marketing and selling goals (Anantachart, 2004). The intent of this analysis is to compare the pros and cons of each of these individual elements of an IMC.

Analysis of an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Of the elements within an IMC, the most visible and often the most costly is the advertising. The pros of using advertising in the context…


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