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outsourcing clinical trials that individuals and organizations looking to do so need to consider. Many of these different facets pertain to the contracts provided for this particular process. The principle services that one will need to procure, of course, are those of the research company that will be utilized to outsource the clinical trials. In the situation presented in this assignment, there are two individuals, one of which has the patent for a potential Alzheimer's compound and another that has the research skills. The first thing that this fledgling company needs to do is outline exactly what will be tested and how it will be done. This information itself must go into the contract that the party that is going to actually conduct the clinical trials needs to see. It is pertinent for the pharmaceutical company to be very specific about what sorts of these things it is testing for and how it would like to see that testing conducted. Additionally, it is prudent to include a list of side effects that are noxious and to mandate that the contracted company report any and all effects determined conclusively -- as well as inconclusively -- by the clinical trial.

There are myriad organizations that one needs to contract with in terms of developmental activities. Many of these apply to regulatory agencies. There are both national and even international regulatory agencies associated with the pharmaceutical industry that a company such as the aforementioned…

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