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Pam Thibeaux

These are my answers

Career Instrument Results

What were your scores/results from the Interest Profiler?

In taking the Interest Profiler my score was 13 for social, 8 for investigative and 6 for conventional. Since Social and Investigative are not more than 5 apart they can be tied, but I feel social most closely matches me. My current job zone is 2 on the job I hold now. My future job zone is 4 because I will be completing my Masters in Counseling. The jobs I matched were under Social in zone 4 and were Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health and Substance abuse Social Worker, and Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors.

This is what the guide says about achievement.


If Achievement is your highest work value, look for jobs that let you use your best abilities. Look for work where you can see the results of your efforts. Explore jobs where you can get the feeling of accomplishment.

My Holland vocational personality type is Social this is the social type

The social personality type prefers activities that entail the manipulation of others to inform, train, develop, cure, or enlighten. They have an aversion to explicit, ordered, and systematic activities involving materials, tools, or machines. These tendencies lead to an acquisition of human relations competencies such as interpersonal and educational competencies and to a deficit in mechanical and scientific ability. Social types like jobs such as teacher, religious worker, counselor,, clinical psychologist, psychiatric caseworker, or speech therapist. Social persons are often described as

Convincing, idealistic, social, cooperative, kind

Sympathetic, friendly, patient, tactful, generous,

Responsible, understanding, helpful, and warm.

Describe/define your work values

A. The work could give me a feeling of accomplishment. Facts like going to work on a daily basis knowing that I am doing what I love and that I am provided with the opportunity to be as effective as I can possibly be enable me to feel a general feeling of satisfaction. As most people, I have a clear set of goals and by accomplishing one at a time I know that I am going to have more resources to deal with the others and even to set new goals that are going to represent a different, more complex level that I need to reach.

b. I could do things for other people. I personally consider that the contemporary society is experiencing significant problems as a result of people failing to acknowledge each other and the importance that other people, in general, play in their lives. Interacting with people to a greater level and providing them with the opportunity to understand that they are facing cooperative individuals is more likely to trigger positive results in making these respective people get actively involved in trying to cooperate themselves.

c. I have supervisors who train their workers well. Dealing with efficient supervisors has made it possible for me to rapidly improve my abilities and by observing my supervisors I became able to understand the importance of training one's subordinates well. Doing so can remove a series of potential problems and can improve conditions within a community much more rapidly than ignoring subordinates or than letting them struggle in order to comprehend their exact role. Supervisors are generally meant to be able to see the bigger picture and do everything in their power in order to improve conditions within the community, as this is more likely to secure their position and to guarantee that subordinates are perfectly able to understand the actions they can perform in order to generate positive results.

d. I could plan my work with little supervision. Consequent to receiving instructions for supervisors I am provided with the chance to play an active role by taking care of my tasks individually and in accordance with the levels of work that I am accustomed with. This means that I can be more efficient and that I typically come across lesser limitations in comparison to someone who is constantly reprimanded by his or her supervisors. Working in a positive environment is better and healthier than working in a stressful environment. As a person who is happy with their job I can say that satisfaction is extremely important within a company, considering that satisfied employees are normally more probable to understand the exact actions they can take on in order to improve conditions in the respective company.

II. Personal Reactions

Explore your reactions to and feelings about the results of Each instrument.

I was surprised how accurate the instruments are according to my personality. I could not find a job in the Work importance Locator in each of the instruments, but I did find jobs in the Occupations Master List of each instrument. Even with my surprise, I acknowledge the efficiency with which the instruments identified my personal interests and abilities with the purpose of generating results that are in agreement with many of my current goals.

Does each result fit, or not fit, your self-perception?



They are both compatible with my personality and my job interest, my job desires for the future matched. When considering my self-assessment, I could have provided ideas that were partially similar with these results and this was actually one of the actual reasons why I was surprised with regard to their accuracy. The fact that these results fit my self-perception works as incentive for me to look further into them and to concentrate on finding strategies I can employ with the purpose of actually achieving my current goals.

III. External Influences

Examine whether intrinsic factors such as race, age, gender, or disabling conditions could have influenced the assessment results.

I don't see any way. There are no such factors that hold great importance with regard to the assessment and it would thus be very unlikely for either of these concepts to have altered the results.

Consider if external factors such as feeling tired, being rushed, technology, etc., could have influenced the assessment results.

If a person were tired or rushed they could put just any answer which may change the outcome. Thus, such external factors are significant in this situation and can make it difficult for an assessment to be successful in generating results that are in agreement with a person's thinking and background. It is important for one to avoid having to deal with all of these factors when completing the assessment or, at least, to acknowledge errors likely to appear because of them and focus on avoiding being influenced.

IV. Conclusions

Consider how the results of each of the assessments appear to relate to each other. For each the client has to answer questions and add up scores.

The scores are totaled to come up with the final answer.

Does your vocational personality type put you in an environment where you can easily express your work values?

Yes, I believe that it does just that and that my abilities would be exploited best in circumstances that my vocational personality can be associated with. I enjoy coming across situations that actually require my experience and that provide me with the opportunity to get actively involved in cooperating with my colleagues in any way that I can.

Consider how the results of the assessments relate to any career themes or patterns you have noticed in your own life.

My primary type for the Interest profiler was Social and I like working at church with people and my lives passion is to be a counselor. It is actually intriguing to observe how I can find a series of parallels between my vocational personality type and my behavior and thinking in general. The frequency with which I am faced with the task of helping other people and providing them with help in accordance with my experience is directly proving that…

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