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Pastors of Promise by Jack Hayford

In Pastors of Promise, Jack Hayford, the founding pastor of The Church on the Way and chancellor of The King's College and Seminary, discusses the unique role that the pastor plays in the spiritual life of his followers. The book talks about the pastor, not only as a shepherd, but as a man. In it, Hayford talks about the importance of living with integrity, so that one can lead with hope. Furthermore, it outlines the type of character Hayford believes is necessary for one to take a position of leadership in the church. Hayford's goal in the book seems to be to inspire Christian men, in general, to live with more integrity and take a more active role in the spiritual lives and in their communities. His purpose in writing the book is to spread "passion,


He talks about inspiring Christian men to take up roles as leaders. Moreover, in this book, where Hayford describes his personal challenges, he talks about reconciling the roles of husband and father with the role of pastor. It would be easy to assume that Hayford has embraced some of the male chauvinist attitudes that have plagued the church since its creation, but which do not seem to have been the same type of problem during Jesus's lifetime. After all, Jesus' most loyal and devout followers were women. Moreover, it is reaching to suggest that Jesus ever said anything preventing women from taking an active leadership role in the church. Hayford does not suggest male superiority, but he does seem comfortable with the idea that women and men should, at least ideally, play different, complimentary roles within the church. While some have suggested that Hayford tries to avoid issues about which Christians disagree, the role of women in the church is a developing one, with significant disagreement. For Hayford to say that he is dealing with the issue of chauvinism without specifically addressing the inherent sexism in the notion of split roles, and even the inherent sexism in writing a book for shepherds that is geared only towards men, seems as if he is making some unwarranted assumptions about universal tenets of modern Christianity.…

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Hayford, J. 1998. Pastors of promise: pointing to character and hope as the keys to fruitful shepherding. Ventura: Regal Books.

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