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PC Moments

The present era is characterized with rapid increase in the number of entrepreneurs; hence the competition is also increasing. PC Moments, which is a consultancy company, dealing in the computer accessories, is striving to take advantage of these two factors. Instead of focusing on the price of the products, PC Moments enjoys competitive advantage in the form of offering support services to its customers. Through this feature, it has planned to penetrate the computer industry.

As a core business strategy, PC Moments keeps its customers and their needs at a top priority. In addition to offering a satisfying solution to the customer requirements, it also has to ensure that no other competitor can beat it in any aspect. To make it possible, it keeps itself flexible and concerned with the customers' requirements and their complete details. PC Moments is situated at West Los Angeles area and San Fernando Valley.

After properly collecting the requirements of its customers, PC Moments deeply analyses them so that the best suited solution and excellently designed products can be offered to them. As PC Moments deals with both corporate and non-corporate customers so it has to be vigilant about the cost effectiveness of its devised solution.

The promotional strategy of PC Moments includes advertising through conventional medium, modern electronic media, direct marketing, public relations and personal selling etc. The details of all these types are discussed in the later section dedicated to marketing. The quality image is to be highlighted in every aspect of marketing strategy. It also ensures that its brand and services are renowned in its target market. The key point in the marketing strategy is to realize the customer what need PC Moments is fulfilling through its products, what solution will be best suited in what situation and what information is to be provided at what stage of business relations.

The technique to relate itself with the concern of client's business, gives PC Moments an opportunity to enjoy competitive advantage in its respective industry. It considers itself as a valuable intangible resource of the business. It does not limit its focus to the business needs of the customers but also extends it to their corporate commitments and culture.

In short, PC Moments is not concerned with fulfilling the requirements of customers which are related to computer services only. Being a consultancy firm, it also extends its cooperation to maximize the customer's output and achieve their corporate objectives and goals. It is an ambitious approach calling for huge investment on part of PC Moments.


Having keen focus on the delivery of quality and customized products to the target customers, PC moments needs a team of highly professional and skilled personnel who could help achieve its ambitious goals, through designing the best quality products and solutions for the customers.

Mentioned below are the objectives of PC Moments.

Enhancing customer satisfaction through the standards of continuous improvement.

Maintaining harmonious culture among all employees of the organization, so that collective efforts can lead to quick attainment of corporate objectives.

Performance evaluation through strong follow up strategy with customer.

Development of economy is the major goal of PC Moments.

Keys to Success

Effective market segmentation is the key to successful achievement of corporate goals. PC Moments carefully identifies the unattended niches in the market so that effective strategies can be implemented in this target market. Other success factors are mentioned below.

Highly skilled and trained employees, latest technology machines and software, commitment to service and quality, consideration to commitments, confidentiality, reliability, trustworthiness, and expertise to provide unmatchable quality products are paving the way to success for PC Moments.

Timeous responses to the orders of the clients: Our image will be negative if we are delaying our clients no matter for any reason. Delaying clients will impact the business negatively in future. Reputation and image of the business will be spoiled too. Communications with the client should be continued so that need-based solutions can be provided.

Depth and skill of the knowledge: Considering relative infancy of the market and the nature of services, the personnel's depth and skill of knowledge have great significance in order to determine provision of services to end users.

Clear positioning of market and product: We do not want association with various vendors on market; therefore, we have intentions to have aggressive marketing of our business. We want to offer top products and services to our clients.

Leveraging from multiple expertise: Various alliances of the company with the technological as well as the training partners could be very precious and important for company. The intellectual capacity and the skills that the partners possess include the fields of implementation and execution, system and design integration, product support, lifecycle support, training and understanding of applications of the new technology have intangible benefits for the PC Moments.


Company Values

Considering the values of the company, there is ethical and fair treatment of the employees by PC Moments. The rules that are undertaken are discussed below:

To become a corporate citizen, a responsible individual and to fulfill all the obligations being an important part of the society is what we intend to do. Suitable consideration and weight is given by the business to environmental and social impacts.

We plan to provide services and products that have high quality.

We plan to look for enduring and beneficial relationships in every commitment we make. We also ensure that these commitments are honest and straightforward. Both externally and internally, our communications are accurate and open.

We plan to uphold every value of the company and also promote our workers to do that same.

In order to work in communities competently and to provide them with all the benefits promised, we plan to leave no doubt about the efficient administration of the company's values.

Success of PC Moments lies in the fact that it provides businesses with trained professionals. Like business accounts or legal matters, information technology of a business cannot be managed by a business itself. Successful businessmen choose the best retailers available to provide software, hardware, services and technical help to their customers. If a business is on friendly terms with its retailers, it's bound to make profit.

PC Moments aims to be a solution provider for all the businesses which wish to be served by a trustworthy organization. It aims to build ties with businesses by providing them top-notch economical advisors. It also tries to assure its clients that their businesses will prosper if they approach PC Moments for their help. Professionals will be provided by the company to aid businesses in all their problems. This agenda has also been mentioned in PC Moments' mission statement which states that company aims at providing quality product and services by applying latest technologies.

Products and Services

PC Moment intends to supply computer services and products, i.e. their designing and installation, along with training, to all kinds of businesses. It also aims to provide networks and their services such as Land Area Networks (LAN) or wireless services.

Product and Service Description

PC Moments plans to supply services such as:

1. Training

2. Solutions for problematic internet connections

3. Ways to backup important data

4. Help in conducting online transactions

5. Technical help and immediate availability of help for hardware related issues

6. Help for Paperless Office Automation Software

Services and Pricing:



Package 1 (Basic setup and installation of new computer)

Help in shopping for a computer (if needed)

Data transfer

Quicklinks preferences

Setup printer & internet

Setup use and access applications

Setup email: google or yahoo

Set up anti-virus


Package 2 ( Basic + advance social media)

Type in contacts list into email account (30 max with package)

Setup video calls (google, messenger or skype)

How to manage facebook



One on One In-person Training Tutorial package

Microsoft Office





Internet Explorer


Getting around a computer 101

Digital photography taking pictures transferring files storing files backing up files

Basic Maintenance

Backing up files

"Burning" disks

Internet security

$75 for two hours then $25 per hour after

Group rates are also available.

Computer repair at cost for parts.

no fix no fee guaranteed honest opinion with choices

$30 per hour labor

We also provide a full service access for any projects you may have. We can provide the following services:

Automating your music to your computer

Recording your home videos to harddrives or DVDs

Saving your photos to digital

Restoring your photos

Create any digital projects you may have

Price is depending on scope of project.

Market Analysis Summary

There is an opportunity exists for PC Moments to play a vital role in implementing the new form of Information Technology practices, making the high quality brands accessible to the people, and transferring the knowledge. This is because of the government's steps towards the placement of industrial units and plants aside from the mineral sectors.

Market Segmentation

Those companies which align their objectives and goals with their Information Technology techniques in order…

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