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e. Steve Jobs). This created an atmosphere that encouraged employees to discuss their ideas and the impact they are having on consumers. It is at this point, that Apple was able to integrate these different ideas into their performance evaluation procedures. (Stone 38 -- 40) (Snell 143 -- 179) Conclusion

Clearly, the performance evaluation system that Apple is using is helping the firm to attract and retain the best employees. This is because there is a focus on ensuring that all candidates for a position meet: the basic educational and experience qualifications. During the next stage, is when they will be subject to: a series of interviews, a practical exam and other criteria. This allows the company to decide which individuals would be the best choice for the position.

After they are working with the firm, is when they will be offered a competitive benefits package. At the same time, they will become a part of a team...


When there is an evaluation, executives will be able to indirectly point out the mistakes of the person. Moreover, they are seeking out their ideas as a part of the process for determining how to create the most innovative products possible. The combination of these factors is what has helped the company to remain successful (despite the tremendous challenges that they are facing). Therefore, one could argue that the performance appraisal system is what allowed the firm to adjust with a host of transformations.
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