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¶ … new patient self-service portal that will serve a number of purposes and functions. In the past, patients have often had to pay their bill, receive medical test results and perform other functions such as confirming appointments through manual and/or verbal means. The use of an effective online portal could serve all of those functions and in a way that allows for a lot less work and waiting for everyone involved including the patient as well as the professionals that can spend less time working on notifications, billing functions and so forth that can instead be done online and can be done much quicker than through manual and non-online means.

The target audience for this new and updated technology would literally be any patient that wishes to take advantage of it. In all likelihood, it will be the younger and more tech-savvy patients that will prefer and that will make use of it. At the same time, patients that are older and/or simply do not prefer to use technology solutions will probably eschew the technology/portal option. That is perfectly fine and the more traditional options of manual notification through phone calls and follow-up appointment scan still be done for them. However, for those that do wish to use the online version of the customer service that will be offered,...


Rather than either party having to make use of the postal service and so forth to pay bills, the entire process including the notification of the bill and the bill payment itself can all occur through online means. Patients can pay through bank account or credit card. A nominal convenience fee will be necessary for the latter so as to avoid credit card fees being assessed against what the company will receive but most patients are willing to pay those fees (Furr, 2015).

Medical results of tests such as A1C, cholesterol and so forth can be delivered online. The firm will need to be careful in that there are privacy concerns. One main way to deal with this is to make sure that an email address and/or online account is not share between multiple patients when the patients sign up. This can be handled through a simple question that confirms whether their email account is shared or…

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