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Performing Purchasing Agent Duties Business booming Waters, Inc.

Need Identification and Specification

Rationale for asking the questions

The Waters Inc. bases its specifications on various and different parameters of performance within the machinery system. The basic factors under consideration are designed to establish the best working environment. This environment will let the computer systems and all the software machines work with increasing performance for the company. It is necessary to consider the fact that the basic mechanisms of operation within the Waters Inc. are coordinated towards having functional tools and equipment. These tools will enable Waters Inc. To operate within its frame of productivity in the market. The basic considerations were those based on the effectiveness and productivity of the equipment, productivity of the equipment, affordability, sustainability, and affordability of the equipment and software gadgets (Feinstein & Stefanelli, 2008).

The selected equipment ought to be relevant to the general productivity of Waters Inc. In the market. The performance credentials that are supposed to be assigned to productivity should be supported by the effective and efficient approaches towards fulfilling the objectives of the company. Effectiveness will enable the company to perform and yield to the levels that were expected out from the market. The equipment should be affordable to the company. They should not be expensive since the company is developing in the market. Sustainability should be reflected in the sense of validity and accountability in production. The equipment should not be easily vulnerable to problems and challenges when it comes to making use of them in the market. Some of the basic considerations that are supposed to pave the way for sustainability arise from the materials being corrected, engineered, and improved in order to foster productivity in the market (Feinstein & Stefanelli, 2008).

Production is the central concern that drives productivity within Waters Inc. In the market. Without increasing productivity, it is difficult to have sustainability of the company in the market. The effectual needs and specifications will be directed towards increase and sustainability in the market. Without increased sustainability, it would be exceedingly difficult to have management and sustainability in production and the general growth of the company in the market (Monczka, 2010).


What are the general performances of the computer equipment and software and material for the type of business?

The general performances of the equipment should be reliable and effective to the company. The computers should have high speeds of performances when it comes to managing large pieces of information from the various departments in the company. The general performances of the system should not be a letdown to the company when it comes to managing the daily entries and logistic manipulations within the company's productivity.

In what circumstances will the results of the computer and software management yield the best benefits to the company?

The computers to be used within Waters Inc. should be from a reliable supplier in the market. For instance, it would be effective to have computers and software equipment from Dell or any other company that has a stable sustainability in production and supply of computers and computer software on the market.

What are the general specifications that touch on the general performance of the equipment on productivity?

The computers should be reliable and of high resolution. The probable computers should make use of software like windows 8, should have central processing units of more than 350 MHz, above 500MB memory of RAM, and other certain specifics that will ensure productivity and easiness of use in the market. Other specifications form the computers and software include high resolutions of above 5GB of the RAM memory, above 6GB in the hard disk chip, and have several ports that should make it possible to multitask activities while producing.

What is the capacity of computers and software equipment to be used by the company?

The Waters Inc. has numerous activities that will have to be integrated within the production processes in the company. In order to meet all the activities and make them productive, the company should invest in computers that have high speeds and capacity to hold and store all the information and materials from the company.

In what situations will the company consider the brand and make of the computer and software equipment under control?

The company considers imminent brands that have been tasted over time in production and sustainability. Moreover, it is necessary to have segmental protection that ensures that all the specifications have performed in accordance to the expectations from the company. The equipment should be able to stand security measures that have been put under consideration for safe productivity.

In order to have a general performance that increases performance within the company, what are the general characteristics expected of computers and software systems.

Increased productivity is provided by the capacity of computers and other machines used to replicate to the present states of performances and productivity. The machines and software should have an opening where they will be able to change in accordance to the fluctuating mechanisms of production in the company.

What amount of time will it take the workers to be trained within the timeline accorded by the company?

The machines should not be complicated and sophisticated beyond the level of employee operation. For instance, the nine-month will allow employees to be trained. Training makes them capable of dealing with the machines and software equipment under use.

In order to have a general perception of positive and future growth, what are some of the characteristics that are supposed to be navigated by the equipment?

The equipment should have relevant approaches of managing productivity and growth in the company. Moreover, all the production agencies should be relevant towards production efficiencies in the company. The machines should be liable to change of environments and mechanism of production in the company.

Analyse the specific outcomes of the equipment within the next nine months that are there for the company to engage the machine in the path of productivity

The company should invest in machines that are able to work well within the next nine months as the workers are trained for their new jobs in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to have all the necessary acceptances within the market.

In order to ascertain productivity within the available time, what are the specifications that will ensure equitable use of time within the company?

It is crucial to have avenues of production that are linked within the necessary production efficiencies in the market. The effective approaches that are to be used within the company are categorical productivity that should be directed at meeting the set objectives in the market.

RFP2: Request for proposal based on the needs and specifications


Waters Inc. is objected at increasing its productivity and performance in the market. In order to meet to all the specifications that have been placed in the market, it is crucial to have general measures that are rudimentary to increased and sustained performance within the market. In order to have a positive perception and undertaking in the market, it is effective to have machinery and principles that ensure a smooth transition of the set objectives and goals. The general performances of the company should be attributed to the independent contributions from the various departments and entities of productivity in the market.

The essence of having a new facet in building the new protocol of performance within the company is attributed to a long-term objectivity of increased performance. Basing on the negative influences and results that have been witnessed over the last few months, it is essential forwards Inc. To advocate for new mechanisms of operation and production. This should be done within the perspective of a natural approach and positivity within the materials that are used by the company. For instance, the company should involve new technological approaches that will enable them to dwell on exact approaches of production in the market. The capacities of production need to be reinforced within a true act of employing technical software and computer applications. The specifications outlined are directed at establishing a free and fair approach of performance within the company.

The terms and conditions within Waters Inc. need to be improved within the next nine months in order to establish a palatable ground for annual objectivity and performance. In most cases, the new approaches of performances are supposed to transcend to the general performance parameters that are directed at establishing a free and fair performance. With the current prospects of operation, numerous avenues have become of little significance to the general productivity of Waters Inc. For instance, it is import to adopt new mechanisms of production, including computers and computer software in the market. With involvement of new approaches of production within the capitalistic machines and technological approaches, it will be possible to have a resounding feeling of increasing and sustainable performance within Waters Inc.

The timeline that has been presented for inculcation of changes is enough to bring the necessary changes within…

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