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Personal Memoir

"the Move"

Anyone who has ever travelled outside the country they were born in can understand exactly what I felt when I moved from Vietnam to the U.S.A. anyone who has lived in their country of origin since they were born and not travelled anywhere cannot be in a position of understanding me. A friend of mine had travelled to the U.S. For a year and we kept constant communication. She spoke highly of the country and really encouraged me to apply for a visa to travel to the U.S.A. At first I was a bit reluctant but when she continually talked of the opportunities that exist for me there I was more than sure that I wanted to take a shot.

At the back of my mind I still had reservations. I asked myself several questions how will my life be there? Will I be able to adapt to the lifestyle there? Is the country so different from Vietnam? Will the people there we welcoming and warm as people are here at home? I could not find the answer to all these questions not unless I go there and find out on my own.

I had not told anyone about my intentions of travelling to the U.S. I secretly applied for a Visa and passport. It is only my friend who knew about my...


They called to inform me that my application was successful and I was meant to travel in a month's time. Honestly speaking I received this news with mixed feelings. I was excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time but scared since I did not know what to expect when I travel there .I was also disturbed by the fact that I did not know how I would break this news to my family. I did not know what my parents would say about my decision since I had not involved them in my plans.

I had to break this news to my parents; they were upset that I had not informed them of my plans. However there was nothing they could do since I had already made up my mind to travel to the U.S.A. when the day I was to travel came we were all so emotional. My parents were really worried; they could not seem to find a way of expressing how worried they were. My mum really cried a lot, she was so afraid that I was no longer going to be near her so that she could protect me from anything. I hate goodbyes and all this took a toll on me when I boarded the plane.

It was my first time on a flight and I was so worried was a feeling I had never felt before. It was not like the usual bus trips that I made within Vietnam and the fact that I was going to a new country did not make the flight any easier. When I finally got to the airport in New York city I felt more scared saw completely new faces and so many of them. All this people were strangers and that is when it…

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