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Motorcycle riders believe they should be responsible for their own safety and well-being, and should not be forced to wear a helmet if they do not want to. This argument seems self-centered and unrealistic. Helmets save lives, it is proven, and anyone who does not want to save their own life seems to be living in a dream world where accidents do not occur. However, they do, and people die as a result of making poor choices. On bicycles, children have even more chances of injury, because children tend to take more chances, not understanding the risks, and they are still growing, so they can be even more severely injured in accidents, especially with head injuries. Helmets should be required for all children riding bicycles, because children have not developed the facilities to understand all the dangers that face them.
...They also restrict what a rider can hear, such as emergency vehicles and other road noises that can warn of danger or problems. Some helmets are designed to counteract these problems by cutting them higher over the ears, so they do not cut off road noise or vision. Reliance on rear-view mirrors can also help reduce the problem of restricted vision, as well. On bicycles, children have to be aware of the traffic around them, and wearing a helmet may force them to be more aware and in tune with the traffic around them. In addition, most bicycle helmets cover the top of the head, and so do not reduce vision or hearing for most riders.

In conclusion, wearing a helmet is still a personal choice for many bicycle and motorcycle riders. However, wearing helmets saves lives and cuts down on injuries. That seems like a real no-brainer for any rider, no matter their…

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