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Positions such as Administrative Assistant and Front Office Manager for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International consequently strengthened my job qualifications and established me as an effective communicator.

My main goal as a Front Office Manager and Customer Representative was to establish credibility. Due to my people-orientation skills I was able to effectively measure - with maturity - those circumstances surrounding my communications, including situational and cultural context. Through hard effort, patience, and serious consideration of the multi-national environment in which I was required to operate and engage, I consequently adopted an individual style of communicating.

My daily tasks included messages conveyed through channels; verbal face-to-face meetings, telephone, written letters, e-mails, memos, and reports were but a few of the communication opportunities encountered.

Clearly recognizing the actions or reactions influenced by my message, I worked to ensure that my communication was always unambiguous and clear. Keeping in mind that people receiving my messages also entered into the communication process with feelings that would undoubtedly influence their understanding of my messages and their response, I'd considered all these factors before delivering my message and acted appropriately. Paying close attention to feedback was crucial, affording me a measure by which I could ensure that people had understood my messages.

During my working experience, I had to face parameters such as body language, recognizing and overcoming cultural and ethnic barriers, communication through companies policies, giving feedback, listening and adopting friendly and gentle questioning techniques, overcoming objections while dealing with customer satisfaction, handling conflicts, and inventing techniques for resolving conflict.

Learning Process Challenges

Here, describe what has been hard for you to lean and accomplish; they want to know how you learn and how you overcome obstacles to learning new material and experiences.

Industry Crossover

Here, take the committee through the process of following your dream and taking work outside your goal. This helps them understand how you adapt to unexpected changes and goal revisions.

Assimilation and Growth

Talk here about how your dream has helped you to grow. Discuss how you have taken your life, experiences, self-characteristics (both good and bad), and dreams and become who you are today and who you intend to be…

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