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Each individual can then begin his or her own study process with a summary understanding of the topic, which can save time and promote greater effectiveness in studying. I also find that teaching others is one of the most effective ways in which I can master a topic, and this is an important element of group work.

Question 3

Effective use of a team-based learning environment requires excellent communication skills, leadership skills and openness to the viewpoints of others. I believe that I possess all three of these skills. I communicate my needs and desires effectively in a manner that is neither intrusive nor offensive to others. Good communication involves active listening, synthesizing of information, and being able to present information concisely and clearly. Leadership skills can also be very useful in a group learning environment. Although not every individual in a group can be the leader, possessing leadership skills can be useful to ensure that the group has clear goals and develops a plan of action to meet the stated goals. I believe that groups work best when the leadership role can be passed along throughout a semester, such that one individual may take the lead on one project, while another takes the lead on the next project. Sometimes this is not possible, but I believe that when it is, it creates the most cohesive and content type of study group. Finally, success in a group working situation absolutely requires an openness to the viewpoints of others and a willingness to examine topics from multiple perspectives. Although there are often topics in which there are right and wrong answers, there are also many topics where the issue is not quite as black and white and where examining multiple perspectives can lead to a greater understanding of the topic at hand. In order for one to be able to benefit from this advantage of group work it is necessary to be open to the viewpoints of others and to create an atmosphere in which each group member feels comfortable sharing his or her opinions freely with the other members of…

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