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Phillip Morris Human Resources

What do you know about Phillip Morris' "international HRM" strategies?

Phillip Morris has been using international human resource strategies (HRM) to influence the views of management for newly acquired companies. What happens is they will strategically locate those corporations that are considered to be market leaders. Then, purchase them to help grow their overall bottom line results. Even though the management of the former company; may often have hostilities after the announcement of the merger. The HR department of Phillip Morris will engage in policies that will change these views. (Rea, 1998, pg. 109)

One of the most noticeable examples of this can be seen by looking no further than, with the company allowing the acquired corporation to keep their current management and brand name. The basic ideas with this approach, is to let everyone know that they will continue to be part of the new entity due to: their superior track record of delivering consistent earnings growth. Once this takes place, it means that the acquisition will smoothly occur resulting in an increase to their bottom line numbers. This is significant, because it is showing how this approach has been used by Phillip Morris to: strategically purchase and integrate a wide variety of corporations under their business model. (Rea, 1998, pg. 109)

Yet, when you look beyond this, it is clear that the HR practices that are being utilized by the company are helping them to retain key talent. This is has been an effective tool that they have been utilizing to help improve productivity. The way the company's philosophy works is to address the different needs of employees by: providing them with a competitive compensation package. You would then, go the extra mile to find out what specific issues the staff wants to see addressed that the company is overlooking. At which point, Phillip Morris will begin to implement this as a part of their employee benefits program. ("Comparison of HR Practices at Phillip Morris," 2011)…

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