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However, a politically correct attitude can in time reduce this reality because it can ensure a neutral education of the society in the sense that the society can learn not to differentiate based on other than the individual's capacities.

Finally, another reason for which political correctness is related to aspects of more tangible conditions such as the working environment. A politically correct attitude implies offering the same job opportunities to both men and women, to all races, cultures, and religious orientation. Providing such an open poll of selection can actually improve efficiency and working conditions in the workplace. For instance, it is important that women receive maternity leave and time off to attend their newborn children. However, it should be encouraged that men as well benefit from this opportunity. Although there are cases in which men are given paternity leave for childcare, they are not a rule, nor are these cases in equal percentages as in the case of women.

In connection to the above, it should be underlined that political correctness in most of the cases leads to affirmative action. More precisely, action is taken in order to balance unequal situations such as a significantly larger number of women than men in an office. In order to reduce this gender inequality often affirmative action is taken that can, in some cases, influence the selection process. This is even so a sensitive issue that should be considered well in advance.

Overall, the issue of political correctness is crucial for today's society especially in the United States. Its applicability ensures a better understanding of the cultural, religious, national, gender, racial background. At the same time, it is a sensitive issue that needs particular attention…

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