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Political Issue and Tourism Over the Years

Words: 1699 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36474299

Political Issue and Tourism

Over the years, there has been concern over the fats shifting weather pattern occasioned by the global warming. Extreme and erratic weather conditions have been experienced in almost every part of the world. This essay will review the literature that is available on the definition of Global warming, the causes of global warming, effects of global warming on the community and nations, what the government is doing to stop global warming, as well as what Non-Governmental Organizations or Non-State Organizations are doing to stop global warming and finally what should be done to stop global warming.

The essay will also review the impact of global warming and community of Nations on tourism and how the changing weather patterns have impacted on the tourism trends from the human perspective as well as from the flora and fauna perspective. This will show how global warming has affected the…… [Read More]


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Culture a Political Issue People

Words: 1782 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45271692

In this way, they differ significantly from the general global tendency to have fewer children in the interest of a sustainable future for humanity. Cultural values are regarded as primarily important in the decision to have and raise children.

When the issue is thoroughly investigated, it is clear that culture is indeed a political issue. There are several and divergent reasons for this, of which the most important is that both politics and culture are inseparable from human life itself. There is no community that does not have some sort of government and some sort of culture. The ways in which culture and politics interact and manifest are as numerous as there are nations on earth. This is what makes it both a complicated and rich field of study.


Bentley, Jerry H. 1996. Cross-Cultural Interaction and Periodization in World History. The American Historical eview, Vol. 101, no. 3. June…… [Read More]


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Political Inquiry

Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34320208

Political Inquiry

Utility of Political Inquiry Models: Scientific vs. Interpretive

Scientific methods of inquiry, also called empirical, positivist, or rational approaches, are used by the vast majority of researchers in the social sciences (deLeon, 1998). The scientific approach has largely relied on a behaviorist approach, which defines human behavior as following the laws of nature and therefore inherently predicable. The logical conclusion from this is that the goal of political research is being able to predict the behavior of humans as they engage in politics. As Douglas Torgerson stated in 1986, "… knowledge would replace politics" (as cited by deLeon, 1998, p. 148).

In contrast, the interpretive school of political inquiry advocates for a more nuanced approach, one that recognizes that human behavior, whether by individuals or groups, is far too complex to render it reducible to quantitative measures (deLeon, 1998). Rather than having a goal of being able to…… [Read More]

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Political Systems and Business Politics

Words: 1014 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3571865

The citizens exercise their political rights and they have the right to make amendments on specific clauses within the laws that govern them. The suggested amendments are forwarded to the parliament or the right body for debates and approved before being enacted into law for the benefit of the citizens. The democratic political systems advocate for good governance and transparent policies in which the services are devolved to the people which eliminates the bureaucracies involved in the service delivery. The devolved system of government ensures an equal distribution of resources and a reasonable collaboration between the government and the private sector partners which attracts more investments.

Democratic political systems empower the citizens and they become vocal on issues that affect the society and their concerns are addressed. The existence of the community-based organizations and the civil society organizations advocate for the rights of the citizens and push the government among…… [Read More]


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Political Activity of Women Hilary Clinton

Words: 1271 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2958674

Political Activity of Women

Hillary Clinton

The impact of women on our society has been more and more strongly felt since the women's revolution in the 1960's in the United States. However, there are some women that history cannot pass by, that must be remembered for their intelligence and political or economic prowess. Such a woman is found in our current secretary of state: Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has been at the forefront of American politics for decades now, and this paper will discuss the beginnings of her career, as well as the hurdles and accomplishments of this remarkable woman, in the context of the political activity of women in the United States.

The history of women in American society is very complex, and this gender's history in the political arena is even more so. It is a widely known fact that for most of history, women have had fewer…… [Read More]

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Political Theory if Nothing Else

Words: 980 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90233332

For example, one can consider the following quote from Hobbes: "The right of nature... is the liberty each man hath to use his own power, as he will himself, for the preservation of his own nature; that is to say, of his own life." (Harrison, 2003, p. 67). In other words, Hobbes is saying that every person has within them certain rights, yearnings and liberties; as such, the individual is entitled, and indeed should, pursue their own interests and not be oppressed by rulers. Likewise, rulers should not attempt to force subjects into submission or to rule by intimidation or fear- for Hobbes, power must be earned and maintained through a level of fairness (ogers, et al., 2000). Within this scope, the ruler should be motivated, in Hobbes' opinion, by serving the interests of the people over whom they govern. Likewise, the citizens would be involved in the political process,…… [Read More]


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Political Parties and Interest Groups

Words: 1766 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90248907

The best that they can hope for is to influence a political party to get behind their cause and vote to have it adopted. Political parties on the other hand, have the power and ability to change laws and mandates by their voting clout.


Democratic Party (accessed 5-1-07)


Interest Groups (accessed 5-1-07)


epublican Party (accessed 5-1-07)


Walker, Jack L., Jr., Mobilizing Interest Groups in America (Univ. Of Mich. Press 1991).… [Read More]


Democratic Party (accessed 5-1-07)


Interest Groups (accessed 5-1-07)

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Political Activity and Geographic Area

Words: 1163 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64921469

4. Dr. Michael Hanchard. Political science professor at Northwestern University. Dr. Hanchard may be the most important contact in academia for any aspects of the study linked to race because Dr. Hanchard has done extensive work in both comparative politics and transnational politics. Furthermore, Dr. Hanchard may be able to provide insight into research methodology because he has done research on black political activists in various locales.

5. Dr. Wesley Skogan. Political science professor at Northwestern University. Dr. Skogan concentrates on citizens as consumers and creators of law, therefore he may have valuable insight on political involvement.

6. Dr. Dennis Chong. Political science professor at Northwestern University. Dr. Chong wrote Rational Lives: Norms and Values in Politics and Society, in which he examined the interrelationship between how people's individual choices effect their social and economic realms. Because choice of residence may be one of the most basic social choices, Dr.…… [Read More]

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Political Beliefs and the Process

Words: 1097 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51839192

My parents are epublicans, so I did not gain many political beliefs from them! My friends and significant other are a mix of parties. I have a lot of epublican friends, but I do have some Democratic friends, too. I think that I have looked at both parties, and I just felt more comfortable with the Democratic Party and its platforms, especially on women's rights, healthcare, and climate change. The Party Web site says, "That commitment is reflected in an agenda that emphasizes the strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties" (Editors). I agree with that, and it pretty much states my beliefs. I could not align with the epublicans, because I do not agree with the war in Iraq, I support gun control, and I do not like their…… [Read More]


Editors. "What we Stand for." Democratic Party. 2009. 3 March 2009. http://www.democrats.org/a/party/stand.html.

McCarthy, Kevin. "Chairman's Preamble." Republican Party. 2009. 3 March 2009. http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/Preamble.htm.
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Political Science Black Representation

Words: 3350 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3745896

political representation of African-Americans in the southern United States. The author explores many different theories as well as the ideas of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to explore the under presentation of Blacks politically. There were eight sources used to complete this paper.

African-Americans have come a long way since the nation's inception. From the days of slavery, to the present time many bridges have been crossed and many battles have been won. Gone are the days that Blacks were required to sit at the back of the bus.

No longer can Blacks be told they must eat at a certain restaurant. Black and white children go to school together daily, they grow up on the same streets and they marry into each other's race with increasing frequency. It is becoming the America that the founding fathers envisioned at the time the nation was created. One of the reasons…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Oxford University Press; Reprint edition (October 1990)

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Political Science Opinions

Words: 1201 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89067642

political opinions he or she holds?

What causes an individual to hold the political opinions he or she holds?

Political Attitudes Toward Immigration and acial Stereotypes

Immigration has been a prominent political issue heighted by legislation introduced over the last few decades. People hold various political opinions of immigrants, especially those in the U.S. illegally, which tends to be divided along racial lines. It is interesting that in a country built by immigrants that many people have negative attitudes toward immigrants that are perpetuated by stereotypes and prejudice against racial groups. Stereotypes are widely used to generalize about the characteristics of groups of people through the assignment of simple labels alleged to represent group traits which are frequently based upon perceived wrongs of one group by another (Burns and Gimpal, 2000). Some of the most prominent stereotypes that have been the subject of psychological investigation involve ethnic identity (Burns and…… [Read More]


Burns, P. And Gimpel, J. (2000). "Economic Insecurity, Prejudicial Stereotypes, and Public Opinion on Immigration Policy." Political Science Quarterly, 115, 201-225.

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Groups, and Issues: An Experimental Test of the Hot Cognition Hypothesis." Political Psychology, 26, 455-482.
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Political Technical and Legal Environment

Words: 613 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5529138


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted in November of 1993 with the objective to facilitate the free flow of goods, services and labor between the United States, Canada and Mexico. NAFTA was not only used to eliminate tariffs between the relevant countries but it also addressed issues such as transportation, border restrictions, as well as environmental issues between the participating countries Although NAFTA required some tariffs to be dropped immediately others are subject to a fifteen year grace period. NAFTA addresses many other issues than tariffs as well as acts to open protected sectors in agriculture, energy, automotive trade, and textiles. NAFTA also establishes an international agreement on intellectual property rights.

Political Issues

There are several political issues that arouse from the passing of NAFTA. One issue that constantly gains the media's attention is its effects on jobs. For example, labor in Mexico is significantly cheaper…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Political Philosophies

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98524724

Jean Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx are famous political philosophers, whose ideas in many ways had influenced the development of social formation in modern times, and what is most interesting is that ideas of both were realized in certain ways on practice. Jean Jacques Rousseau prophesied modern democratic institutions that laid into the fundamental of many modern nations; his ideas of "social contract" are the main principles of modern democracy, parliamentary political systems and relations between nation and state. On the other hand the ideas of Karl Marx, who explained an "unavoidable crash" of society with capitalist relations, into a new formation governed by the "dictatorship of proletariat" or a state with no private property, failed to be effective instrument of political and social regulation and did not meet the expectations, probably because the societies where those ideas were tested were not ready at all for radical changes. As both…… [Read More]

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Political Scandals in Canada a Political Scandal

Words: 1937 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96003351

Political Scandals in Canada

A Political Scandal Involving Fraud

During the federal election in Canada in 2011 there was an electoral fraud issue that became known as the "Robocalls Scandal." This fraudulent activity took place in Ontario, in a town called Guelph.

Robocalls are previously recorded and automated phone calls to people from a computer that is programmed to call all phone numbers in a given area; usually robocalls carry a political message asking voters to behave a certain way.

In this case in Canada, the fraud took place because the robocalls were not from the organization they claimed to be from. People receiving the phone calls believed the calls were from the official group, "Elections Canada" but they were not from Elections Canada. The robocalls told voters their polling location had changed, and urged them to go to another place to vote that turned out to be a fraud.…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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12, 2012, from  http://www.saultstar.com .

MPR News. (2009). Why should the public care about a politician's private life? Retrieved

August 12, 2012, from http://minnesota.publicradio.org.
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Political Systems in China and India Political

Words: 1357 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75025851

Political Systems in China and India

Political system in China

The political culture in China has been shaped by geographical features and the many eras of the country's history that include the dynastic rule, the previous control by imperialist nations and its aftermath the communist rule. Geographical features in China have greatly influenced and shaped Chinas political development. The political culture inherited from dynastic rules that existed from centuries centered on Confucian values like order, harmony and the strong sense of hierarchy.

The fundamental political system in China is the people's congress system. The constitution of the PC gives providence for the state power belongs to the people. The NPC and local people's congress at all levels are the basic organs that are a representation of the people in the exercising of state power. The NPC is the highest organ of the state power, it has the right to elect…… [Read More]


Competitive Master, (2012). Indian Political System. Retrieved November 24, 2012 from http://www.competitionmaster.com/ArticleDetail.aspx?ID=0d45c6ef-a89c-4f46-b715-024d895818de

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Albania. (2008). China's Political System. Retrieved November 24, 2012 from  http://al.China-embassy.org/eng/zggk/t514665.htm
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Political and Economic Prospects for

Words: 2558 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49816111

Thus, weak institutions, frequent military takeovers, and corruption in government ranks, both civilian and military has resulted in present state of affairs of Pakistan. Syria: Syria's history has been one that was dominated by family rule, foreign interventions, and inability to successfully run the affairs of the country by the ruling elite. The Assad family has held the power in Syrian since last four decades and this has caused significant deterioration in institutional and other forms of governance (Zisser 2003, 15-19).With independence from the French forces in 1946, Syria remained internally polarized and externally vulnerable to the tensions of Middle East. Her confrontation with Israel and support for Hezbollah has considerable historical background. Thus, the issues today being faced by Syria are a continuation of its acts of historical omissions and commission by ruling elites.

Influence of leadership: Influence of leadership on both Syria and Pakistan has been largely negative…… [Read More]


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Political Philosophies When We Talk

Words: 984 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62498066

Marx further included that finally the biased behavior of the working class will end this dictatorship period, and a class less society will establish. He believed that for the formation of this society people need to launch an organized movement against the dictatorship and only a successful revolution would lead to the formation of society of "Communism" (Skoble, 2007).

When we talk about the political philosophy, we can observe that both John Locke and Karl Marx are in favor of the idea that when there is a need of change then an organized revolution is compulsory. People cannot get their rights until they demand for it because it's natural thing that you need to raise your voice in order to get your right otherwise other will keep it as their own possession.

The point of differ come when we talk about the scenario in which both of them forwarded their…… [Read More]


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Political Economy of Climate Change International Conflict

Words: 2845 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4441571

Political Economy of Climate Change

International Conflict for Post-Kyoto: Which countries will benefit and lose national interests from the regulation of CO2?

Over the last several years, the issue of CO2 emissions has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because a number of studies are continuing to show how the release of these gases from cars, factories, refineries, power plants and homes are contributing to global warming. To prevent this different conventions and agreements have been signed (such as: the Kyoto Protocol). This was the first concentrated effort in directly controlling CO2 emissions through a cap and trade system. The way it worked is different nations could trade pollution credits with each other in order to remain in compliance with the treaty. The basic idea was to create a marketplace where these caps can be exchanged (in a transparent format). (United Nations Environmental Program, 2008) (Anzar, 2005)

This…… [Read More]


Breaking the Climate Deadlock. (2011). The Climate Group. Retrieved from:  http://www.theclimategroup.org/_assets/files/Cutting-the-Cost-Exec-Summ.pdf 

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Chen, G. (2009). Politics of China's Environmental Protection. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.
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Political Realignment Curse A Are We in

Words: 1833 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83983357

Political ealignment


a) Are we in the midst of a political realignment in America?

Political realignment is an aspect, which is in evitable in America. It is evident that the political scenes in America today are changing from one state to the other. It is clear across the nation that realignment is not only bringing significant changes in the political scenes, but the changes are evident and are affecting the social and economic circles too. The big picture in political circles in America is that of minority parties rising up to become the most influential across the board. On the other hand, people in the majority parties have to stir up their confidence to catch up with the completion. In this context, political realignment is one of the major features in America (Winograd & Hais, 2009).

b) What role will social capital play in fostering / hindering the realignment?…… [Read More]


Miller, A.H. (February 9. 2012). Jews, Party Identification, and Political Realignment.Daily Digest. http://pjmedia.com/blog/jews-party-identification-and-political-realignment/

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Political Risk

Words: 1296 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54598625

Political risk is one of the different elements of country risk that a company must take into consideration when operating internationally. Political risk reflects the risk posed by the government of a country, including risks that the government will take action against your company (China v. Google), up to and including the risk of nationalization (Argentina v. YPF). Governments have the capacity to, in an unpredictable and ad hoc manner, change the rules governing a company's operations in a country. In the West, where political processes tend to be transparent, it is a lot easier to understand and measure political risk. Political risk, it should be noted, reflects actions taken on existing ventures, and not something like project approval. So Keystone XL is a pending decision, not a political risk. isk would be if Keystone is approved and then after it is started the next government moves to block the…… [Read More]


Erb, C., Harvey, C. & Viskanta, T. (2003). Political risk, economic risk and financial risk. Fuque School of Business. Retrieved December 9, 2014 from https://ciber.fuqua.duke.edu/~charvey/Teaching/CDROM_BA456_2003/Other_Harvey_Papers/P38_Political_risk_economic.pdf

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Political Ideologies if We Look

Words: 524 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42905929

This includes previously mentioned measures such as increased governmental spending, directing funds towards education and health sectors etc.

Referring to Liberalism, we should first of all point out that liberalism does not necessarily limit its perceptions only to economic equality, as is the case with Socialism, but it extends its beliefs to the sector of civil and individual equality. This means that liberalism has always found itself as a promoter of human rights, as a sustainer of political freedom and the right to self - determination.

Going forth from these social and political perceptions, the social equality that liberalism promotes naturally leads to a policy of tolerance at a societal level. Liberal governances are generally know to be tolerant in terms of rights for social or religious minorities.

On the other hand, in terms of economic policies, liberalism promotes equality rather through the laissez-faire philosophy, through the capacity of the…… [Read More]

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Political Boundaries and Conflicts Boundaries

Words: 1908 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2512456

Conflicts are not regarded as the right way of solving disputes between nations or communities. As such, boundary conflicts have not been governing any chance to exist within the society. These conflicts reiterate the need for the United Nations to explore on the natural boundary existence between various nations (Tucker and Priscilla 152). Though boundary politics results in wars and conflicts, they are potent towards the existence and preservation of sovereignty between nations. Because of the recurrence of political boundary conflicts, many nations have resorted to signing treaties indicating a separation and boundaries relating to political movements.

Recommendations/possible solutions

There are a number of steps, which can be used to end political boundary wars in the world. Politics, being the higher agent of political boundary wars, should be subjected to scrutiny and study. This will help recover rightful ways of separating between politics and boundaries between nations and communities. Nations…… [Read More]

Works cited

Fleishman, Rachel, Catherine Gerard, and Rosemary O'Leary. Pushing the Boundaries: New

Frontiers in Conflict Resolution and Collaboration. Bingley: JAI Press, 2008. Print.

Harvey, Brian P. An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Issues.

Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2000. Print.
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Political and Economic Imlications of

Words: 1677 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6928414

The newly independent states were generally rated according to high level of political, economic or social risk (not entirely untrue), which meant that the levels of interest were generally extremely high. Even more, the sums paid for interest would generally surpass the actual funds that had been received. This meant that, instead of focusing the country's resources on development and internal projects, most of it had to be spent paying off debts which were not even viable and extremely costly.

On the other hand, from an international perspective, international debt is something fundamentally essential to the financial markets. Money is made to circulate and move around, which means that entities need to be connected to the financial markets, borrow on the open markets and use that money to create added value and generate more cash flow. The fact that, in many cases in the developing world, this mechanism was in…… [Read More]


1. Perkins, John (2004). Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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Political Psychology Discuss How the Politics -

Words: 968 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30132180

Political Psychology

Discuss how the politics - is - complicated that model is different from symbolic racism in terms of the outcomes these forms of racism produce. Use two examples to substantiate your arguments.

In many democracies, one of the core principals is respecting the rights of everyone. This is in spite of race, income or ethnicity in determining opportunities and how an individual is living their life. On the surface, this is the ideal of all democracies, yet underneath it all there are various challenges. This is because there are a wide variety of political forces that will have an impact on the forms of racism that are produced.

One way to understand these different views are with the politics -- is -- complicated model. This is when someone will base their beliefs about racism and equality on other political factors. The objectives with this kind of philosophy are…… [Read More]


Cashmore, E. (2001). Symbolic Racism. London: Sage.

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Political Social & Economic Reforms

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However, the act only applied to larger towns and the rural districts were still left under the administrative control of the Justices of the Peace until the establishment of elected county councils in 1888. Even though it was quite inadequate for the immediate needs of the common peoples of England, this act made it possible for main urban areas to form their own powerful authority, subject to popular control, and thus able to levy a local rate. From this simple beginning, a concentration of new functions arose and throughout the 20th century powers would continue to be added to municipal corporations. One of the best results of the Municipal Corporations Act was that it created new possibilities, such as the education of children, and supplied the public with trams, light, water and housing.

efore the years of the 19th century in England, those that worked in coal mines which furnished…… [Read More]


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Political Legal Economic Risk Analysis

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Political, Legal, Economic isk Analysis

Spain is the eighth biggest industrialized economy in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development -- OECD and the fifth biggest nation within the EU as regards population, output and production. Spain has undergone a remarkable change since the last thirty years. Progressing from a somewhat a poor agrarian economy, it has witnessed speedy economic progress and is presently a modern, fully industrialized nation. Since the past decade sincere efforts by successive governments have pushed economic reforms placing the Spanish economy on a robust structural standing with the result that since the last five years the Spanish economy has come to be amongst the front ranking European economies. The International Monetary Fund in its preliminary Conclusions on the 2001 Article IV Consultation has ranked Spain as the most dynamic economy of Europe. (Doing Business in Spain: An Introductory guide to the market)

Turkey on the…… [Read More]


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Spain: Economic Policy Analysis. The McKeever Institute of Economic Policy Analysis.
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Political Blog Effectiveness

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Political Bloggers

There are no shortage of political bloggers, most of them partisan hacks without any credentials or writing ability. There are many, however, who have lent their voices to election campaigns and daily political life in a positive way, providing arguments for different positions, and keeping their readers informed. In general, political bloggers are by their nature partisan, particularly in a nation where politics are as fractured as in the United States. But partisanship need not be stupid, and thankfully there are a few bloggers with a political bent who genuinely create meaningful content. This paper will examine three of these. The first is obert eich, the former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton and current professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who blogs at the Huffington Post. The second is Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who blogs at the New York Times, lending economic analysis to…… [Read More]


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Political Correctness the Term of

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However, a politically correct attitude can in time reduce this reality because it can ensure a neutral education of the society in the sense that the society can learn not to differentiate based on other than the individual's capacities.

Finally, another reason for which political correctness is related to aspects of more tangible conditions such as the working environment. A politically correct attitude implies offering the same job opportunities to both men and women, to all races, cultures, and religious orientation. Providing such an open poll of selection can actually improve efficiency and working conditions in the workplace. For instance, it is important that women receive maternity leave and time off to attend their newborn children. However, it should be encouraged that men as well benefit from this opportunity. Although there are cases in which men are given paternity leave for childcare, they are not a rule, nor are these…… [Read More]

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Political Theories the Ancient Athenian

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For John Locke, government "…should be limited to securing the life and property of it citizens"; and government should allow freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. He was opposed to "hereditary monarchy" and supported human rights (especially in his more mature years).

As to how these political theories connect with environmental policy in the U.S.: first, the environmental policies in the U.S. are under attack by the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Their recent bill, H.R. 1, passed in February 2011, contained 19 anti-environmental riders that would "negatively affect air, water, and environmental quality," the Sustainable Energy & Environmental Coalition explained. The right wing in Congress wants to take power away from the Environmental Protection Agency as well. Hume would likely approve of the Tea Party and GOP as to their disavowal of global climate change; he would agree that the U.S. federal government is too big and…… [Read More]

Work Cited

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Henry G. Bohn), pp. 446-8.

Hume, David. (2007). David Hume, That Politics May Be Reduced to a Science. The Founders
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Political Scientific and Social Views

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Certainly, one could tell from your presentation that your political past and present has not yet left you, but the valid ideas remain. My discourse is structured less on what we should do, but rather on how water is both a commodity and a public good.

Moderator: Excellent, but please make sure you don't get into a fight with Paul's rigorous political approach!

Karen akker: Right, will do. We can all understand why water is a public good: because the public drinks it, washes with it and uses it for water balloons. On the other hand, there are companies who see that water can also be a commodity and, as such, they stock the water in water balloons and them sell them, either to the state, in public-private partnerships, or directly to the population. France is a good example in this sense, but then, it was also them who had…… [Read More]


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Political Environmental Economics

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Political / Environmental Economics

The Gloucester Crisis: Environmentalists VS Fishermen?

Or: Depletion of Fisheries VS Fishermen Postponing Reality?

hen the spectacularly dramatic movie, "The Perfect Storm," became a box office smash a few years ago, it focused a tremendous amount of national and international attention on the hazards fishermen face far out to sea. By riveting so many moviegoers on the colossal waves that can rise up from the sea to smash down a fragile fishing boat, the film - and book - also brought attention to the New England fishing town from which the story was drawn, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Indeed, much of "The Perfect Storm" was filmed along - and offshore from - Gloucester's windswept coastline, which is the nation's oldest seaport (established in 1623), just an hour's drive from Boston. And the film has attracted wave after wave of camera-toting tourists, who roll into town to visit the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Political Economic and Social Environment

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(Committee on Public Education and Professional Practice, 1993) the conclusion of the Council states that "...it is essential that the profession act concertedly to bring about the changes that they know to be necessary for effective education in the province's classrooms. Specific recommendations of the Council are those as follows: (1) Development of a comprehensive position on public education and professional practice must take place on the foundations as follows: (a) a significant reduction in expectations placed on public education; (b) elimination of contradictory expectations; - recognition and enhancement of professionalism and of teachers' right to make choices and judgments in the light of their training, expertise, and needs and interests of their students; (d) provision of the resources to allow teachers to refine and perfect instructional techniques; (e) efficient organization of schools to recognize the constraints of group instruction and the reasonable limits to individualization; (f) a revised model…… [Read More]


Trying to Teach (1993) the Alberta Teachers' Association - Interim Report of the Committee on Public Education and Professional Practice as Approved by Provincial Executive Council for discussion at the 1993 Annual Representation Assembly. 1993 Jan.

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Barrett, Ralph and Meaghan, Diane (1998) Proletarianization, Professional Autonomy and Professional Discourse: Restructuring Educational Work in Ontario Colleges College Quarterly

Spring 1998 - Volume 5 Number 3.
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Political Advisor to the President

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Where, the inability of intelligence agencies to understand the ambitions of the Islamic Republic, are making diplomacy more difficult. This is because no one can be able to confirm the intentions of the Iranians. If more specific information could be provided, it would help to establish a foundation, as to the overall scope and nature of their nuclear program. (Podherdtz)


The most logical options should be to exercise all avenues of diplomacy. This means having direct negations with Iran, about their nuclear issue and working with them to establish some kind of relationship (outside of the international community). During these meetings, negotiators should be focused on building trust and bridging any kind of differences that may exist. For example, if Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, then the country should allow inspectors to verify these facts. At the same time, the intelligence community needs to have more concrete…… [Read More]


"2007 Iran National Intelligence Estimate." N.d. Print.

Podherdtz, Norman. "Stopping Iran." Commentary. (2008): 84 -- 109. Print.

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Political Climate of 1980's the

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Less than a year after Reagan left office after the end of his second term, the Berlin all fell, and the Cold ar essentially ended in 1991 after the Soviets experienced the Chernobyl disaster, the Baltic rebellions, and consumer demands for better quality products (Hoffman 2004).

According to David illiamson in the December 2003 issue of History Review, Berlin had become a symbol of the Cold ar. The construction of the wall had divided East and est Germany for several decades however this long period of detente in Europe was based on the status quo in German and Berlin, "which was underwritten by what was perceived to be nuclear parity between the superpowers" (illiamson 2003). Yet when it became clear that Russia was no longer strong enough to maintain this status quo, the East German state crumbled and Berlin once again became the capital of a united Germany (illiamson 2003).…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Hoffman, David E. (2004 June 06). Global Legacy: Hastening an End to the Cold War.

The Washington Post. Pp. A01. Retrieved December 27, 2006 at  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A19040-2004Jun5.html 

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Williamson, David. (2003 December 01). Berlin: the flash-point of the Cold War, 1948-
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Political Social or Cultural Issue That Has Impacted Society

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Political, Social, Or Cultural Issue That Has Impacted the Society

In this essay, I will focus on the issue of violence on television and argue how it has impacted the society. I believe that over the years, television programs have become more violent. The research indicate that the children who watch less TV are less bothered by violence and the children, who watch more violent program in general become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, turn into more fearful of the others, behave aggressively toward other people, decrease cooperation with others, and undermine the human and social values. The impact of TV violence may be evident immediately in a child's behavior or may emerge years later.

esearch also states that sixty percent of the content of TV programs is filled with violent scenes. Such programs often portray violence with success. According to Neifert (1995) the problem of…… [Read More]


Neifert, Marianne. "TV: How much is too much?" McCall's June 1995: 52.
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Political Influence Over Stem Cell

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Going back further, the same religious principals also inspired opposition to organ transplants and blood transfusions; before that, the Catholic Church strictly forbade any forensic scientific research, necessitating the need to dissect cadavers for medical education entirely in secret (Levine, 2008).

Just as the news media are partially at fault today for their failure to distinguish legitimate concerns from ludicrous fears in connection with the ongoing political debate over American healthcare, they are equally responsible for allowing unfounded fears of "human cloning" in connection with the beneficial uses of stem cell science. Specifically, the main source of secular opposition to stem cell research is attributable to unnecessary fears of rampant misuse of human cloning technology to clone human beings. While human cloning is hypothetically possible, no responsible scientific researcher would ever misuse current biomedical technology in that fashion. The complexities of cloning entire organisms have been well documented in animal…… [Read More]


Dershowitz, a. (2002). Shouting Fire: Civil Liberties in a Turbulent Age. Boston: Little

Brown & Co.

Friedrich, M. "Researchers Make the Case for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research"

The Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 292(7); August 18, 2004:
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Political and Government Assessment

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There is a definite chance that both parties could resolve the prolonged conflict successfully if they find and act on ways to be in command of their shared lack of trust. On the other hand, if the conflict is seen in terms of a neoliberal point-of-view, Israel's military efficiency and powerfulness is a great threat for Israelis. To cut a long story short, the main goal on which all the main five parties agree is the achievement of peace between Israelis and Palestinians but it is only possible if they give up their most preferred results; Israel giving up its favorite result of unrestricted occupation of Palestinian land and Palestine holding back its preferred outcome of unconditional withdrawal. The conflict could be resolved if both parties could also find some common solutions for complex and convoluted detachable issues including "the degree of sovereignty of a Palestinian state, the distribution of…… [Read More]


Adler, E, ed. Israel in the World: Legitimacy and Exceptionalism. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon.: Routledge, 2013.

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Bard, M.G. & Schwartz, M. One Thousand and One Facts Everyone Should Know About Israel. Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2005.
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Political Risk Models the Recent

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N.D. PP. 1). Yet with the recent wave of anti-American protests can these statements be integrated into a compelling narrative for long-term investment? Specifically, the answer is derived from qualifying the political risk variables associated with respective nation-states.

Risk Variables

While a plethora of political risk models exist, there are definitive items which comprise their ability to predict relative political turbulence. These factors include:

The threat of war, social unrest, disorderly transfers of power, political violence, international disputes, regime changes, institutional ineffectiveness, quality of the bureaucracy, the transparency and fairness of the political system, and levels of corruption and crime. (Economist Intelligence Unit. N.D. PP. 1)

Returning to the Middle East and the unrest of the last 24 months, nation-states in the region have experienced these factors to some degree and have developed scenarios to provide some measure of political certainty. Yet the issue remains whether the dynamism of the…… [Read More]

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Political Ideas in Conflict One

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In his book, Government and Politics: A Documentary History of Kong, Steve Tsang (1995), discussed the pre-transitional government and history of that government in Hong Kong. For all intents and purposes, the government in China's influence over Hong Kong was virtually non-existent since the UK's presence on the island (271). In fact, the political environment in Hong Kong was one that made it safe for the island to receive political refuges (Ash et al. 199). There was concern that those individuals would be very much at risk in a post hand over environment.

In a study conducted by Lee-In Chen Chiu, Ding Yi, Si Joong Kim, on Bae Kim, Reginald Yin-ang Kwok, Hong Yung Lee, Karen Eggleston Lee, Li uwei, Shelley M. Mark, Manuel F. Montes, Richard Pomfret, Alvin Y. So, Shi Min, Sung Shou ei, Yibo Xu, Zhang Zhongli, Lishui Zhu, Sumner J. La Croix, Michael Plummer, Keun Lee;…… [Read More]

Works Cited


Ash, Robert, Peter Ferdinand, Brian Hook, and Robin Porter, eds. Hong Kong in Transition: The Handover Years. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2000. Questia. 11 Dec. 2007 http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=98000084.

A www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=91896558

Chiu, Lee-In Chen, et al. Emerging Patterns of East Asian Investment in China: From Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Ed. Sumner J. La Croix, Michael Plummer, and Keun Lee. Armonk, NY M.E. Sharpe, 1995. Questia. 11 Dec. 2007 http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=91896560.
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Political Science Annotated Bibliography

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olitical Science

Annotated Bibliography

The urpose of a olitical Court

In the view of Henry J. Abraham (Abraham 1998, 55), "theoretically," just about any qualified law school graduate with ambitions for an important judicial appointment would appear to have a fair chance at being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. That is providing, of course, the candidate is politically "available" and is, in Abraham's words, "acceptable to the executive, legislative, and private forces that, in the order enumerated, constitute the powers-that-be underlying the paths of selection, nomination, and appointment in the judicial process." key phrase in Abraham's criteria is "acceptable to the...legislative" body; as has been witnessed in the past few days and weeks, some of the conservative judicial nominees - not for the High Court but put forward by resident George W. Bush for federal appeals courts slots - have not been "acceptable" to a sufficient number of U.S.…… [Read More]

Peter W. Sperlich. "...And then there were six: the decline of the American Jury," in Judicial Politics: Readings from Judicature, ed. Elliot E. Slotnick (Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1992), 244.

Michael C. Munger, "Comment on Ferejohn's 'Judicializing Politics, Politicizing Law'," Law and Contemporary Problems 65 (Summer 2002): 87.

Jonathan Harr, A Civil Action (New York: Random House, 1995), 488.
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Political Ideologies Paul Krugman the

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However, he steers relatively clear of muscular economic writing in Conscience of a Liberal, preferring the position the book as something of a call to arms for the liberal movement. While this approach allows him to cover a wide range of ground and be fairly convincing in doing so, it also hampers his arguments by removing what should be the key to his credibility. His economic arguments strike more as a recitation of facts and figures rather than the heavy lifting he of which he is obviously capable. As his credibility stems from his work as a prize-winning economist, and this book lacks that to some extent, it seems as though the book is a long-form blog or other such opinion piece.

There is an element of urgency in his work, however, best evidenced in the chapter about health care. Krugman ties the demise of conservatism to universal health care…… [Read More]

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Political the Amount of Political Influence Varies

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The amount of political influence varies depending on the type of company. In the case of an industry needing a great deal of capital invested, they may be more susceptible to political risk. In the case of strapak the investment is moderate and does not require heavy foreign direct investment strategies. Though there is a need to export plastic products outside the country of South frica, the amount of required for manufacturing companies is far less than say for example an energy product industry. The amount of risk rises when the government makes changes based on politically correct moves to garner favor with global strategies such as environmental issues (Bothma, 2011). The regulations that the government can impose on a company can quickly affect its bottom line. The highest level of political risk comes from civil issues between domestic people groups. nother is war that can affect the ability…… [Read More]

At Astrapak there is only the competition to become better than the previous year. The focus is on quality improvement and an ever higher level of service. Instead of divisions competing against each other, they are poised to continuously improve. In fact the level of improvement in manufacturing due to numerous adjustments to techniques has put the firm at the front of the industry. So much so that foreign competitors are not outsourcing their packaging to Astrapak's affiliated companies rather than compete (Astrapak, 2004).

The BCG product life cycle puts products in four basic categories within the company portfolio. The first is the star or high growth product with the largest portion of the market. This is where the most revenue is invested and the highest return is expected.

The second is the cash cow that is equal to low growth due to stability in the market. This product is well-known and received it is a standard in the industry and
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Political Ecology of the World Food System

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Political Ecology of the World Food System

In the readings examined for this paper, the one central theme is the way politics affects how the environment is treated and how that treatment of the environment then correlates to the food and clean water supply of people all over the world. Nitrogen in fertilizer is one of the big problems, because it does more than just get into the crops which it is designed to assist. Fertilizer, according to Little (2009), is "yet another by-product of fossil fuels" (p. 148). Those fossils fuels are affecting the environment in a very negative way, but fertilizer is important to the growth of crops that people need in order to have enough to eat. It becomes a conundrum when there is a "bad" product that many people do not want used, but that product is basically required to create what is needed to sustain…… [Read More]


Holt-Gimenetz, E. (2007). The great biofuel hoax. Indypendent. Global Policy Forum.

Little, A. (2005). Cooking Oil. Power Trip, Chapter Five, p. 147-177.

Vidal, J. (2010). How food and water are driving a 21st century land grab. The Observer. Global Policy Forum.
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Political Ecology of the World Food System

Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77989485

Political Ecology

One of the biggest challenges facing the world is controlling the natural resources of the planet. This is because population growth has been leading to increases in demand on available land (in an effort to produce food). The problem is that the world is using more of these resources at an alarming rate and global warming has been impacting weather patterns. In many cases, there are different nitrogen and ammonia substitutes that are designed to reduce this effect. This was utilized as an alternative source in fertilizing the soil and controlling pests.

However, after embracing this strategy for several years, it is obvious that some kind of changes need to take place in dealing with these challenges. As a result, new reforms must be introduced that will transform how the government is working with farmers to control agricultural resources. The best way that this can be achieved is…… [Read More]


Jackson, W. (n.d.). Tackling the Oldest Environmental Problem.

Litfin, K. (2009). Principles of Gaian Governance.
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Political Ecology of the World Food System

Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66993164

Political Ecology of the orld Food System

One of the common challenges that have been impacting the world is the automation of various food systems. This is in response to less people living in the country and more residing in urban areas. Moreover, changes in technology and the commercialization of the food industry are making it difficult for individual farmers to survive. As a result, the food system has become commercialized with less people understanding where their food comes from or how it is grown. Two questions that will be focused on to address these issues include:

How the food system is transforming itself?

hat consumers will do in the future, to deal with possible transformations?

Once this takes place, is when it will be clear as to how the food system is continually evolving. (Bomford 119-127) (Berry 148-152) (Allen 140-150)

hen analyzing the changes that are occurring in the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Allen, Ericka. Growing Community Food System. N.d, Print.

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Political Science the Constitutional Convention

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93699075

An early draft of the Constitution initially did not permit Congress to rule on the issue of slavery at all, but later versions gave Congress the ability to ban or regulate the practice after 1808.

There was also the issue of the Presidency. The Congress created the idea of the Electoral College as a way to help elect the President in a country where communication was still difficult at best. It took nearly four months to agree on the College, and only then, could the term, the powers, and the re-election of the President be discussed and agreed on.

There were also issues regarding the powers of Congress, and how much power the states would retain. The Committee of Detail created the division of powers between the federal and state governments, as well as the separation of power between the President, the Congress, and the Courts. This was vital to…… [Read More]


Lloyd, Gordon. "Introduction to the Constitutional Convention." Teaching American History.org. 2006. 6 Dec. 2006. http://teachingamericanhistory.org/convention/intro.html

Eddlem, Thomas R. "Sherman's Great Compromise: Roger Sherman's Brilliant Proposal Saved the 1787 Constitutional Convention from a Hopeless Deadlock and Safeguarded against Centralization of Power at the Federal Level." The New American 28 June 2004: 37+.

Jillson, Calvin C. Constitution Making Conflict and Consensus in the Federal Convention of 1787. New York: Agathon Press, 1988.

Potter, Lee Ann. "Resolution and Letter to Congress from the Constitutional Convention." Social Education 69.5 (2005): 232+.
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Political Analysis in His Lamp

Words: 688 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78301983

Step 3 particularly lacks the depth of analysis required by the LAMP method. It requires an in-depth study of the views of each actor regarding the issue. While Mr. Gadd does discuss each issue at some length, he does not do this from the viewpoint of the countries he mentions. In fact, his study reads like a history from the viewpoint of an American author. Mr. Gadd only briefly addresses the issues as seen by the countries themselves. In this, he also focuses only on the similarities in the views of these countries, with the main point being that Iraq, Iran and Israel see themselves as isolated from their neighboring countries, and as being surrounded by enemies.

A better approach to this might have been demonstrating in greater depth the complexity of each country's views. I would for example have focused on both the similarities and differences of the countries…… [Read More]

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Political Science Politics of Food

Words: 1706 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50976700

There is some hope within some countries but maybe no hope between countries. As long as there are disparities within the economic balances of different countries there will always be food being used as a political weapon. Those countries that do have adequate supplies of food though, have a hope to balance their food politics out within themselves. There is the possibility of providing more food for the poor within countries in order to better balance the accessibility across the nation.


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Beat Web site: http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/article-18861-michael-pollan-makes-food-political.html

Williams,…… [Read More]


Food Security and Political Stability in the Asia-Pacific. (n.d.). Retrieved July 29, 2010, from Web site: http://www.apcss.org/Publications/Report_Food_Security_98.html

Kassem, Yara. (2005). Food: A Political or Nutritional Tool? Retrieved July 29, 2010, from Panorama Web site:


Political Economy of Food. (2010). Retrieved July 29, 2010, from Answers Web site:
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Political Science Proposition 227 in

Words: 915 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19590173

This new law became part of California's Education Code in August, just before the beginning of the 1998-99 academic years. Since this time there has been no empirical evidence indicating there has been any benefit to language minority students from passage of Proposition 227 (Mora, 2002).

The political battle over bilingual education has only served to confuse the academic issues that are involved in educating language minority children. In California 25% of the total student population is made up of students classified as limited English proficient, or English language learners (ELL). A full 37% of the state's K-12 students speak a language other than English as their native language. Only 8% of the teaching force holds a bilingual (BCLAD) credential, however. Not all teachers that are teaching in classrooms with language minority students have the proper credentials. "In fact, 30% of teachers of limited English proficient students are not credentialed…… [Read More]


Mora, Jill K. (2002). Proposition 227's Second Anniversary: Triumph or Travesty? Retrieved

April 29, 2009, from Web site:


Proposition 227:English Language in Public Schools. (1998). Retrieved April 29, 2009, from Smart Voter Web site:  http://www.smartvoter.org/1998jun/ca/state/prop/227/
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Political Science Iraqi President Saddam

Words: 2492 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68598460

But the opportunity for a broader, regional conflict was still decades away in the Yom Kippur War and Six Day War.

Today, the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction makes the region in a more significant condition for war. With Syria and Iran attempting to build nuclear facilities capable of enriching uranium, and receiving support from North Korea in this endeavor, the opportunity for devastating warfare is made all too clear. Not only nuclear, but chemical and biological agents, perhaps carried by Iranian Shahab missiles, pose a grave security threat to not only Israel, but also to the Lebanese government, and moderate rab states such as Turkey. lso, the possibility of Pakistani nuclear weapons being controlled by Islamic hardliners, or falling into (intentionally or not) the hands of terrorist entities makes the possibility of war in this period more compelling. While stability in Iraq and Lebanon is in question,…… [Read More]

Also, although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is worthy of considerable attention, it is important to remember that most other Arab nations in the Middle East actively discriminate against Palestinians. Although the Arab politicians often cite Palestinian mistreatment as a key reason for resentment against Israel, the real motivation underlying Arab militancy is concealed. It is simply a window-dressing for militant propaganda. The reality of the matter is that Palestinians in Israel are guaranteed the broadest freedoms, both religiously and politically, when compared to every other nation in the region. And although Palestinians' economic status is often lower than average Israelis, the same is true of Arab nations, which specifically target Palestinians for discrimination because of their status as a separate ethnic group. When it joined several other Arab states in expelling 400,000 Palestinian refugees since 1991, because of PLO support for the Iraq invasion, Kuwait became a good example of this discrimination. Egypt has also curtailed Palestinian settlement to the Gaza strip, where Palestinian militants continue to launch attacks on Israel,

Most revealing of all, however, is the Arab League's policy of refusing to grant Palestinians citizenship in any of its member states. Instead, Palestinians become international refugees in the region, living in camps by the thousands and growing more resentful all the time -- which is probably League's goal, as the displaced Palestinians then serve as proxy warriors against Israel.

The most effective appraoch is to pursue more aggressive action in preventing the Iranian state from acquiring WMDs, and in isolating Iran from its influential position as terrorist and militant financier and supporter. President Ahmedinejad has expressed very harshly and openly the intentions of the Iranian government to eliminate Israel and to pursue radical Islamic hegemony. This provides the international community with a dramatic glimpse of Iranian goals. In assessing the threat posed by Iran, the international community must realize that Iran will not easily be deterred by threats of sanction or isolation. Instead, it must be made absolutely clear to the Iranian regime that its current course will result in consequences. Also, the Iranian dissident movement must be supported and encouraged in order to undermine the support of the hard-line Iranian regime.
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Political Science Themes Issues and

Words: 2469 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49839970

He commonly regales his backers with strong, repetitive phrases that carry a sermon-like quality of affirmation: "Yes we can." Obama's catchphrase has helped to attract even greater media support in the form of entertainment industry backing of the kind that appeals to the candidate's often young, white base. The musical group, the lack Eyed Peas recorded as song entitled "Yes We Can," that contains words from Obama's speeches as lyrics, and provides a powerful musical beat to his campaign while giving it the cachet of popular culture.

The media's love affair with arack Obama recently became a theme of the Clinton campaign when, beginning at the Texas debate, Hillary Clinton drew attention to a Saturday Night Live skit in which, during a simulated debate, arack Obama was offered a pillow to make him comfortable rather than asked the hardball questions that were hurled at his opponent.

The televised lampoon of…… [Read More]


Colmes, Alan and Hannity, Sean.

Discussion of the Media's Treatment of Sen. Hillary Clinton." Hannity & Colmes, 27 February 2008.

Espo, David.

Clinton, Obama Trade Jabs on Health Care." Associated Press, 28 February 2008.
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Political Science the Supreme Court

Words: 448 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33744867

he appellate court applied the precedent of Saucier v. Katz (2001), which states the application of the qualified immunity test. According to Saucier, an officer can be stripped of qualified immunity protection only if their conduct violates a constitutional right and every reasonable law enforcement officer would have known that, at the time of the incident, their actions were in violation of the law. Because the road Harris was traveling down was empty, the court found the Scott's action unreasonable and thus outside his immunity.

On appeal to the Supreme Court, the Court reversed, finding that Scott had acted reasonably in accordance with the Fourth Amendment. he Court stated, "A police officer's attempt to terminate a dangerous high-speed car chase that threatens the lives of innocent bystanders does not violate the Fourth Amendment, even when it places the fleeing motorist at risk of serious injury or death."

Clearly this case…… [Read More]

The U.S. District Court ruled in favor of Harris, finding that Scott had violated Harris' Fourth Amendment Rights. This decision was upheld on appeal. The appellate court applied the precedent of Saucier v. Katz (2001), which states the application of the qualified immunity test. According to Saucier, an officer can be stripped of qualified immunity protection only if their conduct violates a constitutional right and every reasonable law enforcement officer would have known that, at the time of the incident, their actions were in violation of the law. Because the road Harris was traveling down was empty, the court found the Scott's action unreasonable and thus outside his immunity.

On appeal to the Supreme Court, the Court reversed, finding that Scott had acted reasonably in accordance with the Fourth Amendment. The Court stated, "A police officer's attempt to terminate a dangerous high-speed car chase that threatens the lives of innocent bystanders does not violate the Fourth Amendment, even when it places the fleeing motorist at risk of serious injury or death."

Clearly this case will affect future situations in that it gives police greater power to use force to stop potentially dangerous situations, even if the perpetrator's safety is put at risk. However, I agree with the Supreme Court's decision because a police officer is a trained professional and such actions as that taken by Scott are done not out of malice but out of a concern for the general safety of the public.
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Political Science Blogs and the

Words: 2253 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86987264

What will that lead to in future politicians? Will they conduct their entire campaigns online, with no need to reach out to real people on the campaign trail? That remains to be seen, but the technology of the Internet, and all it implies, is changing how we view political news and reporting, and it certainly could change the face of actual campaigns in the future, and that has implications for our society in general. Change is not always bad, and it can bring about necessary reform and legislation, and it is quite clear blogging is bringing about great change in how we get our political information. How that affects our society and us in the future remains to be seen, but it is certain that blogging, political campaigns, and the importance of valid information will all continue to be issues in the future.

How can candidates use blogs effectively in…… [Read More]


Cornfield, Michael. "Buzz, Blogs, and Beyond: The Internet and the National Discourse in the Fall of 2004." Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2005. 17 Oct. 2007. http://www.nielsenbuzzmetrics.com/files/uploaded/whitepapers/BMwp_BZMPew_BlogsBuzzBynd.pdf

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Political Science Government in Canada

Words: 3059 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10763007

" The bill then goes on a calendar, so it can be debated, discussed, or amended. The bill then goes to the floor of the house where it is read, discussed, and voted on. If it passes by a two-thirds margin, it goes on to the Senate, where it goes through the same process. If it makes it this far, it is "enrolled," signed by the Speaker of the House and the Vice-President, and then it goes to the president for signature ("Ben's Guide"). Both legislative branches seem to have similar means of passing bills, Canada's follows about the same procedure in a different order.

In Canada, Canadians elect a Parliament, and the most the members can sit on Parliament is five years. The Parliament is made up of the House of Commons and the Senate. The leaders of the two bodies are the Speaker of the House and the…… [Read More]


Andres, Gary J. "Left, Right Left; Liberals, Lobbyists and Laws in Lock Step." The Washington Times 2 Feb. 2006: A19.

Editors. "Ben's Guide to Government." Ben'sGuide.gpo.gov. 2007. 21 Sept. 2007.  http://bensguide.gpo.gov/9-12/index.html 

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Editors. "Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists." ORL-BDL.gc.ca. 2007. 21 Sept. 2007. http://www.orl-bdl.gc.ca/epic/site/lobbyist-lobbyiste.nsf/en/h_nx00162e.html
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Political Science Comparison of Leadership

Words: 3091 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3700418

(Ng, 1994, p. 93)

The philosophy of Confucius was based essentially on that of human relationships expanded to the sphere of the state, and even beyond into the cosmos. ight conduct and proper action among individuals and groups would result in an ordered universe, one that operated according to the proper laws. By cultivating these believes and following these rules one could hope to produce a society that was perfectly ordered and self-perpetuating. The Confucian ideal of leadership has endured today among many, not only in China, but in many parts of East Asia, and has even attracted followers in the West, for it addresses the issue of responsibility as a metaphor for virtue and harmony.

Far less idealistic were the ideas of the enaissance thinker, Niccolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli lived in Italy at a time when its various princes were contending for power. The region was riven by war and…… [Read More]



Bassnett, S. (1988). Elizabeth I: A Feminist Perspective. Oxford: Berg Publishers.

A www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=37111890

Hanh, T.N. (2000). Three Zen Buddhist Ethics. In Striking a Balance: A Primer in Traditional Asian Values (pp. 98-140). New York: Seven Bridges Press.
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Political Science Defense Acquisitions Management

Words: 1128 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50273692

There is little or no public bidding on contracts, and contract arrangements are poorly spelled out, or not described at all. Furthermore, additional cost overruns are caused by the reliance on interagency contracts that actually demand an additional fee on the part of the Department of Defense. (GAO, 2007, p.9)

There is little difference in performance either before or after the awarding of contracts. Companies that were not checked into prior to contracting are barely supervised once they begin to perform the required work. Officials at the Department of Defense, and also those at the Department of the Interior acting for DOD, issue task orders that go "beyond the scope of underlying contracts;" commonly failing to justify non-compliance with regular procedures that ensure best value for the government. (GAO, 2007, p.10) it is as if Department of Defense officials see outside contractors as but members of the usual military command…… [Read More]


United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). (17 January 2007). DOD Needs to Exert Management and Oversight to Better Control Acquisition of Services (Defense Acquisitions GAO-07-359T). Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Defense Acquisitions
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Political Science Homeland Security and

Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58308721

The Homeland Security Appropriations Act supplies a total of four billion for state and local assistance agendas. State-based formula grants are financed at one and half billion, including four hundred million for law enforcement, with necessities directing the utilization of the per capita formula. The all hazards Emergency Management Performance Grant program is financed at one hundred and eighty million. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grants are also made available. The bill provides a total of three hundred and fifteen million in transportation security grants. Firefighter assistance grants are financed at seven hundred and fifteen million, including sixty five million for hiring (Fact Sheet: Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2005, 2004). All of these regulations have placed increased burden on both state and local governments to carry out the tasks that have been placed on them by the approval of these acts.


Fact Sheet: Department of Homeland…… [Read More]


Fact Sheet: Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2005. (2004). Retrieved

from http://www.dhs.gov/xnews/releases/press_release_0541.shtm

Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. (2011). Retrieved from  http://www.policeemployment.com/resources/articles/homeland-security-law 

Moss, Mitchell, Schellhamer, Charles and Berman, David A. (2009). The Stafford Act and Priorities for Reform. Retrieved from http://www.nyu.edu/ccpr/pubs/Moss_03.09.09.pdf
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China Water Political Ecology in

Words: 1864 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80257996

Yeh (2009) argues that ecological projects in China must be examined form a political ecology perspective, in which certain state-sponsored projects are seen to be damaging to many of the citizens immediately affected by the ecological pursuits. While this author certainly has a political point to make, it is hardly an ecological one, and ultimately seems to argue for continuing ecological harm out of a sense of political fairness that would ultimately lead to much greater inequalities for the disadvantaged who will, out of sheer political reality, always reap the worst of any situation. That is, of the projects sponsored by the Chinese government were not allowed to go forth in order to provide short-term economic and political benefit to the populous, the resulting ecological damage would impact these people in far worse ways within a generation.


The political ecology perspective is a political perspective on ecological issues, and…… [Read More]


Ho, K.; Chow, Y. & Yau, J. (2003). "Chemical and microbiological qualities of the East River (Dongjiang) water, with particular reference to drinking water supply in Hong Kong." Chemosphere 52, pp. 1441-50.

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Qin, B.; Zhu, G.; Gao, G.; Zhang, Y.; Li, W.; Pearl, H. & Carmichael, W. (2010). "A Drinking Water Crisis in Lake Taihu, China: Linkage to Climatic Variability and Lake Management." Environmental management 45, pp. 105-12.

Tilt, B. (2007). "The political ecology of pollution enforcement in China." China quarterly 192, pp. 915-32.
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Business -- Political Science the

Words: 6973 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39808881

Today the outbound telephone marketing industry has given political campaigns the ability to reach out to a large group of targeted voters in a quick and quiet way, just below the radar. This notion went way beyond the small volunteer call centers that have existed for over forty years. It was essential for the technology to be in place and widely utilized. Political campaigns could not have put into production a complete industry of dissimilar companies, large and small, with many thousands of telephones in call centers. This was a revolution as one could target using any criteria from gender, age, vote propensity, income, level of education, to presence of children. One could shape the message even within a single calling agenda, so that they may be calling all women, but the script may be different for younger women in comparison to older women. And maybe most importantly, one can…… [Read More]


Bimber, B., and Davis, R. 2003. Campaigning Online: TheInternet in U.S. Elections, New

York: Oxford University Press.

Cornfield, M. 2005. Commentary on the Impact of the Internet onthe 2004 Election,

Washington, DC: Pew Internet and American Life Project, March 3.
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Bible Influence Political Thought and Action in

Words: 1382 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64918317

Bible Influence Political Thought and Action in Our Culture?

The Bible is a unique book that is different from others because it contains sacred text that has continued to influence societies from generation to generation. Generally, the impact of this sacred book is worldwide since it has affected every department of human activity. The influence of the Bible on society is derived from the fact that it contains various themes that are used to shape the moral progress of the world. In addition, the influence of this book is not restricted to Christians and Jews because it impacts more than 50% of the world population. One of the major ways that the Bible has influenced society is through its effects on politics, especially political thought and action. In most cases, the Bible is used as the basis for formation of laws and rules that govern society.

The Bible and Politics:…… [Read More]


Abramson, P.R. (2011). Politics in the Bible. Piscataway, NJ: Transaction Publishers, Rutgers.

"Biblical Principles of Politics." (n.d.). Developing a Worldview. Retrieved February 18, 2014,

from http://www.bbcmorehead.org/index.php?id=428

Palmquist, S. (n.d.). The Bible's Political Vision. Retrieved February 18, 2014, from  http://staffweb.hkbu.edu.hk/ppp/bth/bth3.html
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Jones North Carolina Top Political

Words: 1637 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67384967

In the end, North Carolina seems to suffer from many of the ills experienced by the country at large. Although it is, without doubt, a state blessed with a high level of natural beauty as well as economic prosperity, it is also seriously affected by political and environmental issues that impact the lives of its citizens in very negative ways. hether the state will become increasingly mired in dollar-driven industrial and budgetary problems, or whether the state will eventually pull ahead of its neighbors in dealing with those issues will remain to be seen. One can only hope that a state with as rich a history, and blessed with such potential, will eventually triumph over the problems it currently faces, and arise clean and efficient in the years ahead.

orks Cited

Citizen Times. Staff. "Budget foot-dragging costly and inexcusable." Citizen Times Online Edition. 31 July, 2005. Retrieved on August 1,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Citizen Times. Staff. "Budget foot-dragging costly and inexcusable." Citizen Times Online Edition. 31 July, 2005. Retrieved on August 1, 2005 http://www.citizen-times.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050731/OPINION01/50729022/1039

Citizen Times. Staff. "TVA should clean up its act, clear up our skies." Citizen Times Online Edition. 01 August, 2005. Retrieved on August 1, 2005 http://www.citizen-times.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050801/OPINION01/50729017/1039

Hamed, Mubarak, Thomas Johnson and Kathleen Miller, The Impacts of Animal Feeding Operations on Rural land Values, Community Policy Analysis Center, University of Missouri - Columbia. May, 1999.

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1890's Depression and Political Tensions

Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14742812

With this kind of reality, political antagonism began to heighten towards railroads and this just worsened the situation. For instance, the iron and steel industries felt the impact of falling railroads investment which was imperative in creating new markets for suppliers (Whitten 2010).

Strengthened the farmers' alliance; the farmers' alliance had its roots from the economic depression and turmoil of 1870s. Its main aim was to discuss grievances and needs affecting rural population involved in agricultural activities. The alliance debated on political issues such monetary policies, education and reforms. By 1890, the alliance gained much higher popularity as many families joined the alliance to air out their views and assert some political influence. During this year, the alliance became political demanding slackening of the rigid monetary policies that exploited and burdened them with high debts. The alliance men guided by the William A. Peffer formed the Kansas People's Party which…… [Read More]


David O. Whitten.(2010).The Depression of 1893.Retrieved on June 18, 2012 from http:/ / the.net/encyclopedia/article/whitten.panic.1893

Wiki Answers. (2012). Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. History: Farmers'Alliance. Retrieved on June 18, 2012 from  http://www.answers.com/topic/farmers-alliance
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Abortion Issue in the United

Words: 984 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9079536

Instead, considering the more empirical medical and social considerations at hand, the Supreme Court established the position that stands today.

In spite of this precedent, pro-life groups have mounted powerful, ongoing and determined opposition to this constitutional position. Indeed, the political relevance of abortion can mostly be attributed to this determination, which reflects a belief on the part of the conservative population of the United States that abortion is wrong, that it should be regarded as murder and that the failure of the nation to intervene on the behalf of its unborn children is a fundamental sin. This is a view which has resonated with many Republican office-holders and Christian community leaders in recent years, who have battled aggressively to shift the public perspective to a place of rejection of these values.

However, most of the evidence available to us suggests that abortion is a critical right which must be…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

California Medical Association (CMA). (1973). Where We Stand -- CMA Position Papers: • Abortion. Western Journal of Medicine, 116(6), 42-59.

Dreaper, J. (2007). Divisions Deep Over Abortion Ban. BBC News. Online at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7041048.stmCalifronia Mecianl
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Wage Issues and Economic Supplements the Interview

Words: 2490 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85263773

Wage Issues and Economic Supplements

The interview for this assignment was conducted with the human resources manager of Ford Motor Company. The company has prolonged its partnership with the United Automobile Workers union. The interview questions and their answers are listed below.

How do you rate the wage level in your company in relation to the minim wage?

Ford Motor is a company that attributes its success on the quality of its manufactured vehicles. These high quality standards can only be achieved with the quality input of our workers. Therefore, their performance becomes connected with their job satisfaction, which relies on the wages they receive for their work. We want high quality work, and we pay higher than average wages.

Q2: Are there any types of jobs within your company where you pay minimum wages?

A2: There most certainly are. We have positions where unskilled workers are required. For such…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Masterfano, M. (2013). Unions: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. The Huffington Post. Retrieved October 6, 2013 from   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michele-masterfano/unions-the-good-the-bad-t_b_3880878.html  .

2. Budd, J. (2012). Union Bargaining. Retrieved October 7, 2013 from http://answers.mheducation.com/business/management/labor-relations/union-bargaining.

3. Budd, J.W. (2012). Labor Unions: Good or Bad? Retrieved October 7, 2013 from http://answers.mheducation.com/business/management/labor-relations/labor-unions-good-or-bad.
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Market Watch The Political Economy

Words: 624 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99231074

Another example of policy approach is given by the editors' arguments that, in order to successfully implement the 10x Program and restore the balance between the primary and specialty care within the United States, a new policy approach is necessary. Its aim would be that of restoring the role and importance of a strong primary health care, as the basis of the entire American health care system. "To achieve U.S. health policy goals of accessibility, affordability, quality, safety and equity, a robust primary care sector must become the foundation of U.S. health care" (italics in the original text). But not only that this recommendation is linked to policy, it demands new regulatory measures to be taken. These regulatory measures will enhance the capabilities and role of the primary health care sector.

The focus placed by the four authors on the shortages of the contemporaneous medical sector within the United States…… [Read More]


Sandy, L.G., Bodenhelmer, T., Pawlson, L.G. Starfield, B., the Political Economy of U.S. Primary Care, Health Affairs, July / August 2009, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp.1136-1144
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Mccain Obama Comparison One Ethical Issue

Words: 1003 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4973482

An example of a powerful group that supports abortion is the National Organization of omen. They do not see a fetus as a life and do not define it as such. Conservatives have many supporters that respect life and believe that it begins at conception. Many religious organizations support those that are pro-life. Pro-life supporters often come to this conclusion because of their moral convictions. They cannot justify taking a life and many believe that life begins at conception. Many would only believe that abortion is acceptable only if the mother's life is in danger or in severe cases of rape.

The issue of choice could be radically changed if McCain wins the presidency and is successful in overturning Roe v. ade. Both sides of the political fence can look into the future and see something very good happening or something very bad happening. This is why the presidential candidate…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Barack Obama: Change We Can Believe in." Barack Obama Online. Site Accessed September 14, 2008.   http://www.johnmccain.com  

Bardes, Barbara. American Government and Politics Today. Belmot: Thomson/Wadsworth. 2004.

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McCain for President." John McCain Online. Site Accessed September 14, 2008.
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Bob Herbert Believes America Social Economic Political

Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19456050

Bob Herbert believes America social, economic political issues require discussion change. Select issues Herbert discusses, essay 500 words, explain issue discuss agree diagree Herbert America handle issue.

In his essay "A Fire in the Basement," Bob Herbert talks about his frustrations with the state of the country today. He illuminates particularly that "public schools [are] swarming with students but starved of books and supplies" (qtd. In Graff, Birkenstein, and Durst 396). Herbert's assertion that public education in America is in trouble is correct: The resources are too taxed, the school systems too apathetic, and the students lack motivation. The best way to solve this problem is to take a closer look at how schooling is structured and make drastic reforms both on a commercial and philosophical level.

As it stands now, public education, with all of its downfalls, is still prized by Americans. In a 1999 poll, "more than 70%…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Freeman, Robert. "Competing Models for Public Education: Which Model Is

Best?" Our Schools, Our Selves Summer 2005: 38. Questia. Web. 22 Mar. 2011.

Graff, Gerald, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel K. Durst. "They Say/I Say": The

Moves that Matter in Academic Writing: with Readings. New York: W.W. Norton, 2009.
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Equal Treatment Is Real Issue Not Marriage and Gay Marriage

Words: 1933 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19923713

added for a few specific points. Otherwise it can be assumed that I have added my thoughts about what the authors have said. In Part Two, I have included other sources and cited them properly.

Equal Treatment the eal Issue

In this piece the author assumes a basic fact: that because something is essentially a fundamental right at least at some point it becomes necessary for our social institutions (including government and possibly religious ones) to protect the use of the activities the rights allow for. This is what the U.S.A. Today article meant in paragraphs 4, 5, and 6, for example. ights, after all, would be useless if there were all type of obstacles put in their way of their actually being exercised. History and the law have placed themselves on the administrative side of this argument by allowing for the creation of a number of their own institutions…… [Read More]


Frank, N. (2010). What Does the Empirical Research Say about the Impact of Openly Gay Service on the Military? Palm Center. Retrievable from http://www.palmcenter.org/publications/dadt/what_does_empirical_research_say_about_impact_openly_gay_service_military.

Hunter, P. (1994). Homosexuality: The paradox of evolution. Retrievable at  http://www.adherents.com/misc/paradoxEvolution.html .

Random History (2011). Same-Sex Unions throughout Time: A History of Gay Marriage. RandomHistory.com. Retrievable at  http://www.randomhistory.com/history-of-gay-marriage.html .
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Illegal Immigrant Issue Is Age

Words: 1128 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70584844

Illegal aliens do not pay taxes but loopholes allow them to get benefits on taxpayers' expense. esides, the Republicans might have started the immigration reform, but it was the House Democrats that allowed a provision in the bill passed in December 2005. House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner tried to pass an amendment that would reduce illegal immigration to a misdemeanor, but although two thirds of the House Republicans sustained him, the amendment was defeated. 191 of the 254 votes against it came from Democrats.

As we speak, sanctuary laws ban police officers from initiating police action where the objective is to discover the alien status of a person" (LAPD Policy, 1979). They may not inform the ICE (formerly INS) about an undocumented immigrant" detained for minor violations. The police may only accost a deportee if the latter has given them another reason except for the immigration felony (such…… [Read More]


Kiely, Kathy. GOP leaders oppose immigration felony." USA Today, 12 April 2006. http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2006-04-12-immigration-congress_x.htm

Mac Donald, Heather. The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave." City Journal, December 2004 http://www.city-journal.org/html/14_1_the_illegal_alien.html

Wimpf, Peter, and Jennifer Wimpf. Major Immigration Issues. Both Sides of Each Hot Button Political Issue." http://immigration.about.com/od/ussocialeconomicissues/i/EduIllegalIss_2.htm

US Code Collection. Original Jurisdiction," Title 28, part IV, Chapter 81, 1251
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Race Social and Political Contexts

Words: 1431 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 796053

Whites generally were associated with roles including plantation overseers and supervisors or small proprietors; free non-whites generally suffered from circumscribed social and political abilities prior to the revolution (Knight, 2005). While their wealth and education may place them about smaller merchants and proprietors in the white class, they were still not held to the highest castes or ranks. Slaves were often distinguished as property and subject to coercion and much control (Knight, 2005).

The presence of a slave society resulted in an extremely turbulent and volatile environment where tensions among whites and members of other races were constantly raised (Knight, 2005). Lacking among all races and groups was solidarity among classes with respect to humanity and civil rights or political rights (Knight, 2005). In each of these instances race served as the impetus for revolts and revolution. With lack of solidarity and a general in acceptance of legal and social…… [Read More]


Dominguez, Virginia R. White by Definition, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick:

Knight, F.W. "Haitian Revolution." Today in Black History. (2005). Available:


Oliver-Velez. "Color, Caste and class in the Americas." AfriGeneas World Research
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Cultural Impact on Politics Political

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4). This idea has since been abandoned. The mythology of the Amazons, a matriarchy of warrior women, has been discounted as no more than a myth, one deriving from the deep-seated fear on the part of males that they might lose their power and authority. In matrilineal societies, men tend still to monopolize the rights of power. Some Chinese anthropologists believe the stories of true matriarchal societies in some regions of China in the past, but this is uncertain. A matriarchy would be presumed to be less warlike and more nurturing as a social order and would not subordinate men in the way men have done to women in the patriarchal society.

The formulation and operation of power in the largely patriarchal social order in the world today divides along other line than gender, with political action influenced most by ideology, religion, divisions of power, and other aspects of group…… [Read More]


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