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For John Locke, government "…should be limited to securing the life and property of it citizens"; and government should allow freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. He was opposed to "hereditary monarchy" and supported human rights (especially in his more mature years).

As to how these political theories connect with environmental policy in the U.S.: first, the environmental policies in the U.S. are under attack by the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Their recent bill, H.R. 1, passed in February 2011, contained 19 anti-environmental riders that would "negatively affect air, water, and environmental quality," the Sustainable Energy & Environmental Coalition explained. The right wing in Congress wants to take power away from the Environmental Protection Agency as well. Hume would likely approve of the Tea Party and GOP as to their disavowal of global climate change; he would agree that the U.S. federal government is too big and powerful. Those...


Locke would (in his later years) would be intolerant of those who "threaten or undermine government through their intolerance…" (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy). Edmund Burke would be conflicted; he didn't trust the masses (in this case he wouldn't trust the agitating Tea Party types), but on the other hand he believed those in government know best what should be done. The fact is that Republicans generally think government has gone too far in regulating the air, water, land, and Republicans do not accept the facts of climate change, so in this country right now there is no widely accepted environmental policy albeit the Obama Administration is working hard to convince the nation to adopt a clean energy economy and to do what is necessary to reduce carbon releases into the atmosphere.

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