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The cultural practices are evolved and based on the financial, social and moral understanding and capabilities of the local population, and it has been observed that Americans, Asians and Africans share extremely different perspectives and understanding on these issues, therefore the cultural adoption has been intense in countries where the technological revolution has been of the same intensity as in North America (Zelli, 1993). In some of the cases, the Americans companies has attempted to nullify the concerns and shortcomings of the American culture, by incorporating the cultural values of the local region, and has therefore evolve a different taste for the customers to avail, this has further delighted and fascinated the local population of different regions towards the American culture, for example the American culture has major differences with the Islamic culture adopted in Arab countries, therefore to compensate for such difference the American companies introduced the concept of Halal food, the food which is preferred by the Muslims, the food companies including McDonalds and Pizza Hut have tried to evolve taste as per the expectations of the masses in the case of South Asia, where the masses prefer spicy and crispy taste. The cultural adoption is not purely the matter of interests and fascination, the culture is evolved not by interests but by the circumstance, the Americans live in an extremely different system, therefore the adoption by the Asians and African should not be based on the interests and fascination, rather it should be based on the element of need, requirement and significance. The Asian countries which have developed strong social, economic, trade and political collaboration with United States include China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and India. Therefore a large number of Americans have shifted and located to such Asian regions for business purpose, and their relocation has been further responsible for the promotion, popularity and the success of the cultural elements associated with Americans. According to the research conducted, it has been observed that Asians in particular the Japanese and Indians have appreciated the cultural values associated with the American culture, and most admired part of the American culture has been its continuous evolution the cultural development in case of American culture is continuous, where as the other local cultures of Asian regions are stagnant, the evolving American culture is due to the ongoing technological rise of the America. The Asians have expressed their likeness towards the American food, American casual fashion, American English language, and American technology, only because it offers comfort and pleasure which the local culture has failed to offer. As mentioned before that the American culture is evolving, therefore the evolving features of the American culture incorporates the features associated with the requirement of the present, which is in lieu with the aspirations of the Asian population. The American culture has always ignored the religious essence, whereas the Chinese, Japanese, Indian cultures, and cultures of other Asian and African regions have strong reference and the influence of the religious teachings and sentiments, therefore it is difficult rather impossible to expect evolution of different Asian cultures, resultantly the Asians welcomed and accepted the American culture. Culture is considered to be broad terminology which has different interpretations; the cultural interpretation is with reference to the rights of civil societies, the moral ethics, entertainment, language, and constitutional injunctions. Unfortunately, the Asians have so far adopted, preferred and appreciated the entertainment and glamorous version of the American culture, which is not the real essence of the American culture. The culture itself is a system, and the system has to be exercised in its true form and spirit, the Asians have ignored the system and have only limited themselves to the adoption of the sub-system within the American cultural system, which has been cause of social, cultural and moral implications for the Asian population. The Americans fast food restaurants are widely common in different Asian countries, which although enjoy a vast cultural demarcation with the Americans, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Taiwan, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore etc., only because Americans have incorporated technology into their foods, which has been strange and new development for the local Asians. The cultural inspiration...


In the case of Europe, in particular Spain, the American influence has been overwhelming. It is interesting to observe that American culture has been adopted and active in those countries that share political and social understanding with the Americans, the Spanish have always enjoyed cordial nature of social and political association with the Americans, therefore the American influence on the country has been continuous for decades, whereas in the case of France and Germany, the influence has not been overwhelming, much because of the difference in the political and social ideologies of these countries, therefore the French, Germans are mostly not exactly supportive of the American culture, and in some of the cases the citizens of the such countries have reflected offensive attitude towards the American culture, and has attempted to suppressed the values of the American culture. Referring back to the case of Spain, the Spanish population has adopted American lifestyle. It has been observed that the cultural influence of the Americans is surging, 'Spanish people drink coca cola, wear blue jeans, watch Hollywood movies, listen to American music, and eat fast food, and they do all these things daily', and have tried to evolve their lifestyle in lieu with the cultural aspects associated with the American lifestyle. It has been observed that Hollywood, the major icon of American entertainment has been successful to produce such movies which have strongly captivated the locals of Europe, Asia and Africa towards American culture. The local population of these regions have reflected their extreme affinity towards the American culture, the Americans have been successful to evolve the fictitious and fantasies into realities, and have further adopted such fictitious features into their culture, and this adoption has further popularized and glamorized their culture, and therefore the locals of other regions have been staunch admirer of Americans and their culture. A detail study of the world culture and history reflect that, it is not the might and supremacy that is responsible for the cultural dominance of America, before the rapid advancement and development of the America, the Soviets and the Russians dominated the world politics, have tried to influence the cultural system of their respective colonies, but never succeeded. Surprisingly, the Americans were able to influence the local population of African, Asian and European region, although the country never ruled any foreign territories, this was because the American cultural has proved itself to be extremely effective and efficient, it is not be considered a costly culture, which does not require extreme finances or economic well-being, even a simple person can adopt and follow the American culture. The American culture has kept aside all the formalities, previously associated with other local cultures, and therefore the local population of these regions welcomed a change, and appreciated the introduction of informalities into the American culture (Ross, 1998). According to research, the Americans has kept aside all the formal and legal barriers which were the dominant feature of the British culture, which was based on extreme form of mannerism, which was difficult to be adopted by the common people, therefore the majority of the people considered the British cultural system to be obsolete, meaningless, and lethargic, and therefore the British culture in particular, and the other local cultures in general failed to dominate. It has been reported that people all around the world prefer to watch the American television channels, and movies, in the case of Spain, it was reported that, 'most of the entertainment programs and documentaries Spanish watch on the television are from America, and most of the movies that Spanish prefer to watch are made in Hollywood'. The best part of the American culture has been that it has incorporated the fundamental values of all the cultural values of the international community, therefore the local population of different region find American culture more compatible…

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