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They should also ensure that the activities picked match with the goal intended by the event. The last bit involves acquiring all the needed items and set up the venue. The follow up activities will involve getting responses from the participants and the targeted group to evaluate the success of the event this may be helpful in planning a similar event in future (Essortment, 2002).

A short speech by the CEO

Recent statistics indicate that up to eighty percent of the citizens of this nation are uninsured; more than twenty five percent of these uninsured populations are in working families. More than 9 million of them are children. More than eight out of 10 are in working families. They are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues who are forced to speculate every day that they won't get sick or injured. A health insurance cover is a necessity for all of us and no one should take a risk of living without it. The new health care insurance product offered by our organization is an effort to try to reach to the uninsured who can afford to pay for it and comes as a solution to the middle income earners of this nation. We know that reaching the goal of affordable and stable health care will require changes in a number of insurance policies and we have started by doing exactly that, this includes raising awareness and coming up with affordable insurance plans. Our work is making a difference and the time for change, from insuring the rich and ignoring the poor to die, is now. This is the period to build upon this momentum to amplify diverse voices on behalf of the uninsured and get everyone covered.

Use of internet

The internet can be used to exchange messages, deliver information, persuade potential clients, and to extensively access audiences for strategic research opportunities. To create awareness about a new product, the first step would be using the World Wide Web sites and then use electronic mail to spread the same message. The other important step would be reaching the media through the internet to get them help in spreading the message about the new product; this offers the fastest way to reach the media. Additionally, tools such as blogs, podcasts, and social networking are very important in public relations when appropriately applied (Mitchell, 2007).

Questions concerning the tools

There are government regulations through agencies that with regard to commercial speech in the interest of


This affects both the press conferences and community events with regard to the contents presented during such events. Other laws that may affect press conference are invasion of privacy, copyright law, and defamation. A community event can directly affected by law on trademark and that on liability for sponsored events. Press conference would need the use of internet and satellite transmission which will assist in communication with media houses. Computers would also be necessary in organizing for community events as they are good personal organizers and information storage tools, the internet can as well assist in carrying research about a place.

When applying these tools, it is advisable to desist from taking any political positions as this may cause some potential clients to shy away from becoming part of the organization due to their difference in political affiliation. Both of these tools would help create a healthy relationship between the organization and the society, press conferences will ensure that necessary information is passed to the society while community events help the organization extend their help and get closer to the society. Both tools are cost effective, press conferences are free thus the organization only spends in the planning process, additionally community events meet the targeted group directly thus much resources are not wasted in trying to reach a wide unnecessary population.


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