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Vitamin deficiency in food can cause different health deficiencies like Pellagra, Scurvy, Rickets among others. Most of these negative health outcomes are evidenced in the staple diet of those in the developing and poor countries. We shall understand some diets that cause these deficiencies in this essay.


The characteristics of Pellagra are mental afflictions, diarrhea, and dermatitis. Inadequate quantity of nicotinic acid in the diet that causes niacin deficiency in the body causes Pellagra. Over dependence on maize is an observed cause of Pellagra. Though Maize contains Niacin, it cannot be absorbed in the body in the raw form. It has to be passed through alkaline hydrolysis to be absorbed by the body. Jowar also contains adequate quantities of Niacin. However, the presence of leucine in jowar inhibits the process of absorption of niacin. Additionally, chronic alcoholism is one known cause of lack of ability to absorb of niacin (through poor nutritional habits and thereby malabsorption) and drug-induced pellagra may be through Isoniazid (Karthikeyan & Thappa, 2002). Table1 below lists the causes leading to pellagra.

Inadequate diet

Jowar diet

Maize diet



Crohn's disease

Subtotal gastrectomy



Chronic alcoholism

Metabolic derangement

Carcinoid syndrome

Hartnup's disease


Ethionamide, azathioprine, chloroamphenicol, phenytoin, pyrazinamide, 5-fluroracil, 6-mercaptopurine, INH

Table 1. Causes of Pellagra (Adopted from Karthikeyan & Thappa, 2002)

Thus pellagra can be attributed to major reasons and hence categorized as Primary and Secondary Pellagra. Primary pellagra is caused due to insufficient niacin absorption in the body owing to dietary constraints (hence appearing in people living in impoverished conditions). Secondary Pellagra, on the other hand is the incapability of the body to process niacin in a productive way that may be caused by drug usage like azathioprine, isoniazid; Prolonged diarrhoea or Chronic alcoholism; Gastrointestinal...


This condition was initially seen in sailors who lacked adequate vitamin C foods. Lack of vitamin C in food or inability to absorb it (ascorbic acid consumption) may cause scurvy. In present times, the main causes of scurvy could be anorexia, famine, ignorance or restrictive diets driven by allergies or just food fads, or having problems ingesting food. The most dominant cause of Scurvy can be attributed to abnormal collagen synthesis caused due lack of vitamin C (Olmedo, Yiannis, Windgassen & Gornet 2006). Amongst the main causes of are habits like alcoholism or dependency on drugs or Smoking -- it reduces the body's capability to absorb Vitamin C in addition to mental issues like anorexia nervosa -- this an eating disorder characterized by over-concern about weight gain and so taking extreme measures like the smallest quantity of food possible. Some health related problems like complicated mental health problems like schizophrenia and severe depression and nausea inducing treatments like chemotherapy or conditions limiting digestion like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease or in women Pregnancy or breastfeeding might also cause vitamin C deficiency as they are in need of additional supply, and hence Scurvy (Olmedo et al., 2006).


Rickets is caused most dominantly by Vitamin D deficiency in the diet. The growing child is most affected in this disease, which is characterized by a failure of normal mineralization of the epiphyseal growth palate. Regions where the ultraviolet b radiation (required for synthesis of Vitamin D) from sunlight cannot reach the ground are the most…

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