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Pre Paid Legal Services

"Why won't sharks attack lawyers?" asserted the comedian- the answering is obvious, "professional courtesy." The stigma attached to lawyers has been vastly negative for as long as most can remember but what if that all changed? People have long feared the doctor but pay for medical insurance, people fear the dentist but continue to get dental coverage- these professionals protect people from pain and further bodily distress. Lawyers have the ability to provide the same safety net that doctors and dentists provide. In a society where the legal system has so many nuances and complexities that may overwhelm someone, a lawyer can provide the protection that a person might
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need to navigate the murky waters that they might find themselves in.

Pre-paid legal services, or a legal insurance plan, so to speak would provide the comprehensive legal care that someone would need- to protect a worker's assets that they worked so hard for, to protect their interests and ultimately, to protect their families and themselves. A pre-paid legal service would provide protection against some of the most common legal troubles that an individual may find themselves in- often times; people hesitate to call a lawyer because they think it will incur significant costs. Examples of these issues are: (i) buying or selling a home, (ii) being handed over a speeding ticket, (iii) conflicts with entities that do not return a security…

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