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Several people who come into contact with troubles in their life look for counseling and therapy. The troubles that people encounter can be one or more of the following troubles: relationship troubles, school related troubles, hopelessness, nervousness, distress, and concerns from the bygone days that pessimistically influence the individuals every day performance. Though people look for therapy for numerous purposes, the majority of people go to therapy for the reason that they want assistance with particular troubles. Even after discussing with friends and family about the trouble, a lot of people are not in a position to recuperate things sufficiently on their own. In order for such people to have a discussion about their concerns and to produce some constructive elucidations, therapy could be considered as a secure method. (Counseling & Psychotherapy) In this paper, we wish to discuss on counselors working as a group and offering services to clients. Also, we wish to discuss about the benefits and disadvantages of the counselors working in a group to clients as well as to the counselors.

Psychotherapy and Counseling:

Psychotherapy is generally described as the treatment of mental and emotional turmoil or troubles. Psychotherapy engages a procedure in which a connection between a patient or client and a therapist is established. The therapist is an expert who had undergone training on paying attention intensely; responding compassionately; providing insight; offering feedback; serving the person to discover options; working as a guide or friend on the journey of investigation into the deep levels of emotions and experiences. Therapy sittings may take place once or more than once per week with each sitting taking about 45-50 minutes. The number of sittings is determined on the basis of the types of complexities experienced by the client; for instance, symptomatic relief can frequently be accomplished in a few sittings, longer and long-lasting alterations in pessimistic conduct patterns might take a year or longer and intense life issues might necessitate several years of treatment to conquer. (Psychotherapy, Relationship Help and Marriage Counseling)

Psychotherapists have identified several varied goals like: developing a deep understanding into troubles; learning to converse more successfully; learning to determine both internal and interpersonal disagreements; managing, decreasing or alleviating indications of emotional suffering; changing behaviors to get better social, relational or vocational performance; personal growth and progress; restructuring a life spoiled by defective adolescence experiences. Psychotherapy can alleviate several different types of personal and interpersonal complexities. Every county/state has diverse provisions for licensing and there are many types of support obtainable. While some licenses include the word 'therapist' some others use the word 'counselor' and others do not include any of these two words. The viewpoint of many people is that the "therapy" operates at more profundity of understanding of what is at the bottom of behavior patterns and the "counseling" works as a more restricted, direction-oriented, problem solving approach. But, in actuality, it might frequently be hard to differentiate between counseling and therapy. The theories behind each therapist's work direct that individual's style of support and more is reliant upon the person than his or her designation. (Psychotherapy, Relationship Help and Marriage Counseling)

Advantages of Group Practice of Counselors:

Counselors can work as a group in a professional association. If counselors join these associations as a member, they may receive many benefits. For example, American Psychotherapy Association offers following benefits to its members: a) Highly esteemed Diplomate Designation or DAPA to ascertain a member's commitment to professional brilliance with one of the most appreciated credentials in the psychotherapy field; b) Supervision and counsel from leadership and years of service for instance, the national board of leading psychotherapists is dedicated to aiding a member grow and expand his practice; join with other psychotherapists in the member's area with APA's widespread chapter network; c) APA's "Find a Psychotherapist" national locator service assists in getting more patient appointments for growth and practice; d) Contribution to Annals, the American Psychotherapy Association's full-color, peer-reviewed journal to stay state-of-the-art and get assistance on subjects that have an effect on a member's practice from columns on matters relating to practice management, spirituality, social work, addiction, relationships, managed care, ethics, prescription medications, and life coaching; Publish a member's articles in Annals; get long-term education credits through journal learning; e) National and regional APA conferences to achieve direct experience by taking part in panel discussions and long-term education courses on radical issues including distress and grief counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, spirituality and much more;

f) Online contact to professional resources on APA's members-only website to get genuine answers to one's queries from esteemed psychotherapy experts on the professional forums;

g) Elite inexpensive insurance rates to guard oneself with reasonable, A-rated professional legal responsibility coverage, life insurance, continuing care protection and pre-paid legal services; h) Reductions on travel, hotel, and healthcare services. (Benefits of Membership)

One more example of counselors working in a group is Networks, Family Counseling Center. This association was founded in 1992 and offers first-class treatment that is receptive to present health care requirements. 'Networks' was formulated to offer on time and gainful treatment established on a precise assessment of the requirements of the client. Additionally, 'Networks' was grown as to offer certified mental health training program, with clinical supervision by greatly experienced staff members. Since its beginning, Networks has contributed to the Bay Area community by presenting workshops, talks, free screening for anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, and eating disorders, along with ongoing education for health-care workers. (Networks Family Counseling Center)

One more institute that provides a group of counselors for psychotherapy is IPG or Institute for Personal Growth. They offer specialized and sympathetic psychotherapy that mixes together the finest of heart and mind. Heart refers to caring for a client as an equal and his life goals guide their approach and his counseling. Mind refers to using the most recent innovations in brain science and holistic medicine within this caring atmosphere. They take pleasure in keeping current with forward-looking professional psychotherapy techniques, but they also know technical skill cannot work without a lenient, sympathetic association. They are extensively known for fantastic work in the field of sex therapy. But they handle all types of people with their individual, family, and relationship psychotherapy services. They advice kids, teens, and adults and they help with problems that vary from depression to low sense of worth, obsessions to out of control life stresses, family disruptions to loss and grief. They are familiar worldwide for their knowledge on sexual minorities: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, as well as individuals in the leather, BDSM or kink, and various other communities. With psychotherapy and counseling offices in Highland Park, Jersey City, Freehold and satellites in other places, they are reachable with no trouble from most of northern and south/central New Jersey as well as from lower Manhattan. They agree to most insurance and have reasonable fees. (IPG: Institute for Personal Growth)

The Men's Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy was established as the first organization in Bay Area in 1984, having a unified dedication to offer all men with the meticulous understanding and professional therapy services that facilitate men to productively investigate and decide a wide variety of requirements, disagreements and concerns. Their varied and accomplished staff of licensed therapists, focusing in the field of men's psychology and gender issues, provides a secure and helpful atmosphere for change and healing in men's lives. By means of individual or relationship counseling, in-depth psychotherapy, and a variety of weekly men's groups inclusive of groups for sexual abuse and incest survivors, they concentrate on such areas as: "Work Stress; Communication Skills and Addictions; Pain and Depression; Relationship and Intimacy; Anger; Variations in life; Family and Fatherhood; Sexuality and Body-Related Issues." (Men's Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy)

Disadvantages of Group Practice of Counselors:

There are some disadvantages of being in a group or in an association. An article in the May/June issue of the National Psychologist "Resign from APA while you can" prompts psychologists of the authority that this charitable organization member-supported occasionally exercises. One such instance is that of Linda Hertel Dykstra. She is a Ph.D. In psychology who from time to time works with household brutality. The case she was handling referred to a couple where household brutality had been caught up, and the husband declined to be present at sessions. She kept on going with her work with the wife, and the husband filed a misconduct suit, a grievance on moral values, to the state licensing board, and a grievance to the American Psychological Association's ethics committee. (Should Psychologists resign from APA?)

As per Dykstra the misconduct suit and the licensing board complaint were rapidly rejected. The APA's ethics committee then engaged in an exploration, which necessitated her to employ an attorney, specialized in professional ethics. She was not permitted to just walk out from APA. The organization threatened her that if she leaves her job, the organization would send a notice that she had resigned while being under an ethics investigation, to all 100,000 APA…

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