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Presidio La Bahia was built in 1721 where LaSalle's doomed Fort St. Louis was originally situated towards the western shore of Garcitas Creek, just short distance from the present day Port Lavaca. Due to trouble with the Karankawa Indians this location did not seem to be suitable leading to its abandonment in 1726 and was relocated inland along the Guadalupe River around Mission Valley and Aranama Indians.

The new Presidio La Bahia became built again using quarried stone at a place that formed a section of Fernando De Leon's Rancho Escondido. After then for about twenty six years the mission and Presidio La Bahia prospered

The presence of successful farming as well as ranching made the mission and presidio to be able to supply themselves together with the rest of Texas missions with ample food. However, in 1749 the presidio and mission fell again and thereafter became situated in the present site after Jose De Escandon, who was authorized by the Spanish government in 1747 recommended the site: he was to explore ways of preventing additional encroachment of the English and French.

After the Presidios at Los Adaes and Los Orcoquisac were abandoned, Presidio La Bahia remains the only fort that was responsible for the defense of the eastern province and coastal area of Texas. While assisted by solders from Presidio La Bahia, Spanish army fought the British along the Gulf Coast during the American Revolution

. As a result, the community of La Bahia has the distinction of becoming the only communities that was in the west of the Mississippi River that was involved in the 1776 American Revolution. Moreover, among the fort west of the Mississippi, the Presidio La Bahia is the oldest. Originally, it was meant to guard the interests of the Spanish Crown against French and Native American attackers

The religious need of the solders that were stationed here was served by the chapel of Our Lady of Loreto. Spanish settlers who lived within the La Bahia town that surrounded the fort also used this quadrangle chapel for their sole use. Citizens of La Bahia depended on Mission Espiritu Santo for their religious needs which was situated northwest and across the San Antonio River from the presidio.

Philip Nolan Invasion -- 1801

Among the most recognized early expeditions into Texas was in 1801 by Philip Nolan. Though he never succeeded in penetrating till La Bahia, his expedition became known of and La Bahia became aware of it. Using this raid of Nolan and his band the Spanish government realized the danger of aggression that come from the United States. Activities of General Wilkinson brought uneasiness to the Spanish government as well as breeding distrust towards the entire Anglo-Americans, more so to the southern states.

Population of Towns in 1806 -- 1834

According to Juan Amonte regarding description of the departments or districts of government into which separation was done to Texas based on the Mexican system, San Antonio harbors seat of government, within the Bexar Department, while the principal municipalities include: Victoria, San Patricio, Goliad or Bahia del Espiritu Santo, Bexar; where political chief resides. Again, he describes four missions within the vicinity of Bexar; however two of them were the one occupied, while the others were abandoned. These were Nuestra Senora del Refugio and Espiritu Santo

. The town of La Bahia also harbors school buildings.

Gutierrez - Magee Occupation of Presidio La Bahia 1812 -- 1813

In 1812 -- 1813, during the Gutierrez-Magee occupation, which was the first republic of Texas, there was the longest siege within the Texas military history in Presidio La Bahia. Having been a revolutionary leader of the Mexican Republican uprising, Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara lost in his revolt that was in the country thereby transferring his activities to Texas as well as the United States

. After Louisiana, Natchitoches appeared he started his activities aiming at liberating Texas from Mexico and establishing Republic that he could be the leader. He commanded a big follower of liberals among the adventurers from the United States and Mexicans.

Jose Bernardo Gutierrez came across groups of adventures who came from the United States in hotbed of intrigues and treason, he included them in his scheme. One of them was Augustus W. Magee, who was a native of Massachusetts as well as a graduate of West Point. When he was serving as a U.S. Army in the 1812 within the Neutral Strip, he also became convinced…

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