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Gran Torino Moody (2010) introduced many important concepts about aging in his textbook. The idea of aging as a subject is broached in many ways in this informative book, however there are some key aspects that suggest the most prominent and problematic concepts of aging that are highlighted when comparing this text to the film Gran Torino, directed by Clint Eastwood. This movie suggests that despite the portrayal as violence as a virtue, becoming elderly is a difficult and misunderstood time in one's life. The film depicted a man who, after a lifetime of resorting to violence, realizes he his misunderstood in a changed world that pays him no respect.

Moody wrote "the subjective experience of meaning is closely related to individual well being. The search for interpretive meaning in later life underscores the importance of cognitive functioning in old age," (p.23). Using this idea as a model for the main character of the film, Walt, it is clear that this film depicts an old man searching for meaning in his life. This problem affects the elderly more often because, many...


As the film portrays the death of his wife, and the necessary growing away from his children, Walt is left to find meaning in something in some way possible. Finding meaning is not encouraged in many aspects of society and this film documents a time in his life that he would actually be able to find meaning in his life through his stubborn and reluctant behavior. Aging is not a unique problem, it is merely the common human problem appearing at a later stage in life. Finding meaning in life appears to have some positive relationship on health and the ability to function in society. Walt's trials and tribulations, represent a violent, yet meaningful pathway to realization of his time spent living on earth. The recent death of his wife pushed Walt to become violent and hostile in an unnecessary way causing problems that did not need to exist. This self initiation into these problems is a sign that elderly people need healthy outlets to release their frustrations that accompany…

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