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Project Management

Customer Requirements

Being able to offer customization of tablet PCs and laptops to enterprises and small businesses, all configurable online and at low costs, will successfully differentiate Libertad from the many potential competitors it make encounter in the future. Time-to-market and the tight orchestration of the new product development and introduction (NPDI) process is also critically important to the success of Libertad's business model. CRM systems often act as the unifying catalyst across the entire value chain of a business, ensuring customer requirements are accurately captured during the quote phase and then integrated successfully into the production schedules and fulfillment instructions to deliver the final product (Limbasan, Rusu, 2011). Cloud-based CRM systems are providing to be especially adept at managing the wide variation in customer product and service needs while orchestrating internal systems to ensure customers' orders are filled and expectations met (Banerjea, 2011). Where legacy CRM systems that were often designed primarily to accelerate and streamline internal reporting with customer needs considered secondary, today cloud-based CRM systems are redefining the voice of the customer and accentuating their role in the co-creation process of complex products (Harding, Cheifetz, DeAngelo, Ziegler, 2004). This is exactly why it makes sense for Libertad to have a cloud-based CRM system that can scale globally when needed, as it will allow for the voice of the customer and their unique product requirements to stay the priority of the company through...


These include the following, as each is essential for the proposed CRM system to attain a high level of user adoption in the company:

Easily Configurable User Interface and Application Workflows. This is critically important for customizing the CRM system to the specific needs of Libertad's sales, service, pricing, product management, marketing and IT organizations. One of the most valuable aspects of a cloud-based CRM system is the agility and flexibility it provides in aligning specific screens, workflows, processes and system architectures to the specific and unique needs of a given company's information needs (Harding, Cheifetz, DeAngelo, Ziegler, 2004). This needs to be one of the key factors all potential cloud-based CRM systems are evaluated on.

Configurable Product Catalog, Pricing, And Constraint-based Product Configurator.

Each of these software components is essential for Libertad to have the flexibility of defining with of the tablets and laptop PCs are configurable, what the specific configurations of each are, and also defining the relative level of constraint flexibility a customer has online. The configurable product catalog and pricing integration is often embedded at the data model level within advanced CRM systems (Cunningham, 2010). The data used for defining the product catalog and pricing sections of the online ordering website also need to be available for defining the system of record for the product configurator as well.

The study of constraints and the role of dependences in defining a complex project plan are essential for managing expectations, resources and ensuring successful outcomes (Gido, Clements, 2012). As the Libertad product strategy is predicated on giving customers the flexibility of configuring their own custom tablets and laptop PCs, ensuring the integration of product catalog data, pricing, and constraint-based rules is essential for success of the business model. Creating and sustaining workflows throughout a CRM system to ensure all new products are accurately reflected in the product catalog and the constraints are…

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