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Protecting Customer Rights

Compliance research paper

Compliance Research Paper: protecting customer rights

The most significant aspect of any business organization or venture is the data constituting its intelligence. Consequently, the procedure of planning the business venture and accessing required data and maintaining that data is a priority to any business or industry. A business cannot operate without customers, as the core aim of any business is to make remarkable profits. Customer satisfaction dictates the level of investment the customers commit the company; therefore, several governments across the globe notice the significance of consumers to the economy

This necessitates the creation of the consumer protection bill that regulates the operations and activities of any business providing services to consumers. Data mart is one such organization that ventured into the industry with the commission to provide data to the consumers who need credible and reliable data sources.

The company and industry

A data mart has the description of a layer of data warehouse that has the core duty to provide data to users. Therefore, the data mart is a subset of the data that are for a given team or line of business. The company Data Mart is among the leading providers of cloud infrastructure that provides data services to users across the country and the globe at large

. The company has an extensive expertise and experience in terms of its service provision infrastructure and workforce. The company runs a remarkably complex, dedicated and on-demand mixed server services. The company also prides in having the leading technologies in the industry, as well as, remarkably strong R. And D. Data Mart is among the initial companies to invest and connect into the IT industry, providing services that interconnect the fields of IT, business and cloud computing all together. It also prides in the fact that it operates one of the largest platforms for searching information globally

. This in a critical and projective view, Data Mart not only provides the essential services to the users, but it literally unlocks the ability of the coming generation cloud computing for use by businesses of all sizes and across a multitude of industries; while offering an extensively agile and scalable environment of information technology that never existed before.

The company has a mission statement that clearly illustrates the aspect of the services it is providing and achievements it already has. The statement states that it aims to become a global leader in the platform of providing technology-enabled business services and solutions. The company; therefore, through this mission, it supports the aspect of scaling the user needs in the industry of business today. It endeavors to provide web based integrated systems that have the power and ability of the initial traditional applications that the largest world companies use

. However, in providing these facilities and opportunities, the Data Mart is aware of the costs involved and; therefore, it endeavors to provide them at a fraction of the initial costs used in the traditional approaches

. The company indicates that it has the commitment to ensure that it works with the highest degree of integrity; in its initiative to provide innovative software that will transform the way consumers manage their business and information. However, this is not without challenges as the company does indicate that it runs with limitations that it aims to overcome in the near future. The limitations of the operations of the many business ventures cut across the facts that it has limitations in the number of dedicated servers available and thus the process of hosting. The process of hosting faces limitations in the form of elasticity and flexibility and the nature of the demand in the market. However, the solution lies in the operations of the company; Data Mart. Data Mart remains the only multitier company, hosting services and applications that combine the aspects of cloud computing, platforms. The cloud-computing platform in return provides the user with the ability to manage their cloud-hosting infrastructure intuitively, with respect to their demands. The company also facilitates businesses having web interface services, or other application programming interfaces.

The mission of Data Mart is to ensure that consumers have access to their data that they can rely on, to run their businesses continually even in the wake of the unexpected and unreliable occurrences of events within the economies of the world. The company states that it does deliver high-value solutions to its customers with the availability of exceptional professionals; who employ a holistic approach to the cloud-computing infrastructure and virtualization which reduce the risks involved. The services allow business to open in vast areas without having to employ large sums of capital, and grow fast and independently due to the availability of data for the venture from Data Mart

. Data Mart also has hundreds of professionals who employ thousands of combined hours to develop expert technologies that provide powerful internet hosting services to the businesses that operate on reliability, customization and speed. Therefore, the company operates the outlaid core principles that it has.

The principles upon which the company operates include the following. Like many other successful organizations, Data Mart has the practice of ensuring the satisfaction of the customer. The company states that its core priority and consideration in the process of developing the applications and providing the services it does is to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. This means that its operations have the customer needs as the central point of focus. This is the reason the company manages to earn the support and trust of the customers to whom it provides the facilities of cloud computing and information technology services. Secondly, the company states that they are a team. As it is necessary for any organization with a vast workforce as Data Mart, coordinating this vast workforce to achieve the goals of the organization can be tricky

. However, Data Mart recognizes the need for working as a team; hence the combined effort by every personnel in the company to ensure that they work toward achieving the goals of the organization to their bet levels. Additionally, the company outlines how it works in the core principles it holds dear

. This summarizes the procedure of working within the organization, which states that they prioritize, then commit and finally deliver. This shows that the company has the commitment to providing the consumer with the quality services that the consumer expect from the company. In the aspect of compliance, this principle of operation plays a key role, as the customer needs and safety are what remains prioritized

. Therefore, this principle, not only helps the company to deliver services, but also enables the company to deliver quality services to consumers. Moreover, the company also states that it does employ wise utilization of its resources. This is an integral part of success in business. The industry of data provision services faces tribulations and challenges due to the initial costs of setting and developing the service. However, with the wise application and utilization of resources by the company, it can maintain the costs of production; hence, providing the final products and services at affordable costs to the consumer. Lastly, the company also operates with integrity and engraved trust within the employees and customers. This then constitutes the relations between the leadership of the organization, the employees and customers of the organizations products. These high standards of ethics that Data Mart employs ensures that customers receive the integrity they expect, there is respect for legal affiliations and guidelines and personal development of all involved and related to the venture. They have a passion for developing the cloud computing industry for use by business ventures.

Executive summary

During the birth of the organization, Mr. James Ensley together with two other partners had a sole objective when they founded this organization. This objective was to build a business that focused on making their customers as successful. They saw the exploitation of the customers that was taking place as corporate sacrificed the quality of customer service all in the quest to achieve high profit margins. This presented the opportunity needed by these three innovative and customer-caring business people as they set the company to emancipate and free the consumer of information technology services. Today, the use of the applications of Data Mart is helping numerous customers, who are mainly other business organizations and many individuals to achieve many factors of success. Currently, the businesses and other customers who use the service of Data Mart cloud can accomplish the following tasks. They can deploy the services of online applications in a matter of minutes, unlike before where they would need weeks to deploy such applications. Secondly, the organizations can deliver assurance of continuity and security of business and its data. The customers do enjoy improved quality of software as the company provides quality guaranteed services. Organizations can also scale on demand. The application of data mart cloud also simplifies the development of a project and consequently reduces the risk the project…

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