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Therefore, one should be mindful not to adopt even the superficial or apparently innocuous habits of non-Believers because they are dangerous in that respect. The second passage refers to the fact that relishing the inherent beauty and perfection of the Lord's laws provide a consolation and a safe refuge from sinful temptations.

The third and fourth passages go together and suggest that Believers must remember that any apparent benefits, advantages, or joys that come with sinful behavior or non-belief are illusory and transitory at best. They have no real value and do not last because they are like the chaff that cannot withstand the slightest breeze. Conversely, the benefits and value of true Belief in the Lord's laws and teachings are long-lasting, substantial, and fully capable of withstanding the strongest challenges, let alone mere winds that are sufficient to reveal the sinfulness of non-belief.

The fifth passage provides reassurance to Believers that they will ultimately be judged by an entirely different standard than their non-believing counterparts
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and that their choice to adhere to the Lord's teachings will entitle them to favorable judgment by that standard. It is another important reminder of the reason that one should never be tempted to follow the lead of non-believers that could take the Believer off the Path to Eternal Salvation. Similarly, the sixth passage reminds Believers that the Lord will always watch over them and protect them on earth and that the Lord will ultimately reward them in Eternity.

Statement of Personal Impact

Psalm 1 is important to me because I am often surrounded by non-believers. Admittedly, at times, the superficial apparent benefits of a less righteous lifestyle can appear seductive. It is precisely at those times that Psalm 1 helps me stay true to my Christian Faith and to resist any temptation to stray from what I know in my heart is the Path to Eternal happiness and Salvation. In that regard, the third and fourth passages taken together as one and the fifth and sixth passages taken together as…

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