Psalm 45 And Psalm 51: The Role Of The Psalms In The Role Of Israel Essay

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¶ … Psalms in the Life of Israel: Psalm 45 and 51

Instructions: Complete the matrices by answering the questions regarding Psalm 45 and Psalm 51. Be sure to answer in complete sentences. Cite your sources. Incorporate the information of the Superscription of the Psalm in your responses.

Psalm 45

What role did this psalm play in the life of the author and the recipient? (5)

Psalm 45 opens with the Superscription, 'To the chief musician upon Shoshannim, for the sons of Korah, Maschil; a Song of Love,' which is a clear indication that it is a song written for the Israelites in celebration of love. The term Shoshannim is Hebrew for 'lily', the beautiful flower that brings delight and happiness; in the same way, love was supposed to bring delight and happiness to God's children (Dunn & Rogerson, 2012). To the author and recipient, therefore, both of whom belonged to the chosen nation of Israel, the Psalm was an outward demonstration of God's involvement in human love. It helped to instill wisdom that would enable them to rejoice and be delightful in the love stories occurring in their own personal lives. This was the overall role of the Psalm; however, the term, Maschil, suggests that the message contained in the song was not only to be used in...


It is structured in three different parts. The first part (vv. 2-9) praises the king in relation to his role as a defender of justice, his military power, his enduring kinship, and his personal beauty (Dunn & Rogerson, 2012). The second part of the song (vv. 9-15) praises the king's bride, particularly describing her physical beauty, her costly attire, and her position as queen. The last portion is again directed at the king, promising him and his dynasty posterity and God's blessings (Dunn & Rogerson, 2012). In this portion, the poet mentions the king's sons and ancestors -- an indication of continuity in the dynasty; God would bless the king's marriage with children, who would ensure continuity in kinship and lineage.

How did it function for the people of Israel? (5)

In Israel, royal weddings were an important occasion for the monarchy as well as the people. This is particularly because kings were selected by God, and were, therefore, considered His representatives, and the instruments through which…

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