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The nature vs. nurture debate is over whether an individual learns behaviors from their environment (nurture) or whether an individual is born with certain genetic traits and predispositions toward certain behaviors. Today, most developmental psychologists believe that nurture enhances nature: that while biology is important, environment probably trumps biology in most cases. One developmental process that can be explained by both genetics and environment is gender identity. Biology does affect certain aspects of gender and sexuality but environment and conditioning are very important factors in the development of an individual's gender identity.

4. How do maternal nutrition and alcohol use potentially affect the health of a
...Excess drinking by the mother can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, which may cause birth defects, mental health problems and hyperactivity in the child. Malnutrition can cause physical abnormalities as well; proper nutrition ensures the fetus will be able to acquire all the necessary nutrients for its growth and development.

5. Describe the ways which prejudice and stereotyping of individuals and groups can be reduced.

Stereotyping helps people make sense of their world but stereotyping can be harmful and can lead to prejudice. Stereotyping and prejudice can both be reduced by consciously resisting placing individuals into categories and making a conscious effort to not perpetuate stereotypes. Getting to know individuals of different racial or ethnic groups personally can be helpful in reducing stereotypes. Prejudice can be reduced when fewer people perpetuate prejudices and the media is also involved in…

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