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This is because, the various goals and the costs of providing these services are directly tied to this protocol. Once this takes place, it means that there are greater amounts of accountability. This is the point, that an agency can be able to improve communication and corroboration in achieving their different objectives. These elements are significant, because they are illustrating how the current approach that is being utilized, can improve their ability to address a wide variety of issues. However, in order for this kind of approach to be able to deal with a host of challenges it must be fully implemented. Otherwise, this will not change the environment of the agency and it will lead to similar kinds of problems in the future. (Heinrich, 1999, pp. 363 -- 378)

Clearly, performance management systems are helping and hurting the way various levels of governments are delivering various services. The reason why, is because it depends upon how much of this protocol is utilized by a particular government. As, those entities that are able to fully implement this approach in every aspect of their budgetary process will be able to: improve accountability, the way different services are delivered,...


This is important, because it is highlighting how this can be an effective tool. That can allow governments to efficiently address the needs of citizens in a cost effective manner.

However, the use of performance management systems can also serve as a hindrance on many of these entities. This is because these various provisions are only implemented in half measures. Where, everyone will claim that they are focused on addressing the needs of general public by introducing this system. Yet, underneath the surface this does not improve the way they are able to deal with a host of challenges that they are facing. At which point, this will provide certain amounts of information and select aspects of the budgetary process. This is problematic, because it means that these kinds of programs are ineffective in: controlling costs, changing the environment or improving communication. Over the course of time, this will have an adverse impact on the types of services that are being delivered to the general public. Therefore, the most effective way to use performance management systems is to have a program in place that is all encompassing. This means that every aspect of the government must utilize these tools on a regular basis. If this kind of approach can be taken, it will improve their ability to deal with a host of different challenges. While at the same time, it is allowing them to control waste surrounding the kinds of services that are being delivered.


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